A green thumb is certainly something to be admired. I spent years barely being able to keep a succulent alive. Air plants – that don’t really need water – gonners. But spring is a great time to give houseplants another go! While cut flowers are always a yes, having a living thing around literally breathes fresh life into your space. I’ve now kept two fiddle fig leaf plants kickin’ for over two years {hallelujah!}, but I think I’ve found a new secret weapon for keeping plants happy – give them a gorgeous spot to hang out!

I’m officially obsessed with these seriously stylish plant stands from IVY MUSE.

TDC.Nightshade20 apartment34_plants5

Rather than having your snake plant tucked in a corner or your rubber plant just sitting on a shelf, these beautfiul powder-coated metal stands will make your house plants the star of your living space! I love the line’s geometric shapes, poppy colors ranging from electric blue to a gorgeous gray {copper is my fave obvi}, varying heights – perfect for creating a little living vignette!

Ivy-Muse-Feline-TNIvyandMuse-1-600x800apartment34_plants2  apartment34_plants1

These pieces are design and made entirely in Melbourne, AUS by a killer design duo Jacqui Vidal who sells unique art at Signed & Numbered, and Alana Langan whose online boutique Hunt & Bow is equally chic. IVY MUSE just released their second plant stand collection, Nightshade which adds more styles and colors to their mix of stands and offers a limited edition series beautiful wheelthrown pots to accompany them. I only hope these collections keep coming!

Sadly, it does not appear that IVY MUSE ships to the States. Anyone in Australia feel like sending us a little care package?!

Photography by Annette O’Brien and styling by Alana Langan 

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  1. Man, we have the worst black thumbs…. Hopefully our cactus and aloe survive this time.

    xo Ashley

  2. These stands are really cool…With a fern they would look like a work of art.. Congrats on your Fiddle Leaf plants… The stand with the cut flowers looks amazing

  3. oooh, i most definitely don’t have a green thumb, but those are beautiful stands!!! Too bad they don’t ship to the US…

  4. Thanks so much for your article… and I’m pleased to say we do ship to the US! We’ve just begun to ship internationally. Ax