Confession, I have am a jeans addict. They are my uniform. This has been well documented around here over the years. I can count on one hand the number of days per month I wear something other than denim (and those are the days I typically stay in yoga pants!). And at 18-months old, my little guy is also already living in jeans, because let’s be honest, baby denim is the cutest thing ever.

But jeans are a finicky clothing item. Finding a favorite pair is the ultimate fashion treasure hunt. And let me tell you, post-baby with an ever changing body, jeans shopping is even more difficult. And it’s all made more frustrating by the fact that a good pair is not cheap these days. I don’t like to think about the small nation I could probably finance with the denim collection I’ve amassed over the years.


That’s why I’ve slowed way down on adding to my denim wardrobe and am instead intentionally making a point of properly caring for the ones already in my closet.


A sneak peek of my denim collection. Whenever I try to edit down I just can’t seem to let them go. There might be a pair I bought in college still lurking in that stack. But I digress.

Making your jeans last – especially your prized pair that just make you feel sooooo good when you wear them – is very important. Because there’s nothing worse then when they fade, stretch or the worst of the worst, shrink so they’re no longer that perfect length to snugness ratio. But we do have to wash our jeans, particularly the pairs with a bit of stretch because they can get the dreaded sag at the waist, butt or knee. You know the one I’m talking about. Washing your denim can help it get its shape back. And even raw denim, especially lighter washes start to show dirt after awhile and will benefit from a good cleaning.

Thankfully, if you take just a little time and a little extra care, you can keep your jeans looking like new for a long long time. Below are the five steps I take to keep my denim in tip top shape.

1. Wash on cold. Always always wash your jeans on cold and turned inside out. That’ll help keep the color lasting longer.

2. Use a color safe detergent. There are even some great denim washes out there.

3. Color Boost. Jeans do fade, which is particularly sad when you’ve got a black or indigo pair that you really love. That’s why something like Clorox 2 Darks & Denim Color Protector and Stain Remover is genius. You add it directly to your washing machine along with your favorite detergent to protect and brighten your colors 2x more than using detergent alone. It will literally add years to your denim.

4. Pretreat. If you do have stains, pour the Clorox 2 Darks & Denim directly onto your jeans. Let them sit (but not dry) for 5-10 minutes before you put them in the wash with your regular detergent and more Clorox 2 Darks & Denim.

5. Hang Dry. Yes your jeans will be stiff the first wear, even the ones with a ton of stretch, but a little discomfort is worth it in the long run! Never ever dry your jeans in the dryer. They will shrink. They will fade. It will degrade the fabric leading to holes and worn spots faster.

I’ve been using this denim care regime for the past year and I’ve actually only purchased one (well maybe two) new pairs of jeans since then. Now I satisfy my shopping habit by buying cute denim for my kid! I’m making sure to keep his jeans looking good with the same care technique.

Any more laundry care tips out there?? I’m also trying to add to my domestic-goddess abilities.

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