Friends, the terrazzo trend. Can we talk about it? I am very (very) on the fence about this design choice. I’m actually leaning over into the “what are they thinking” camp. Because terrazzo is a state.ment. And one I suspect will feel very 2018 in about 2019. Terrazzo is on airport floors. I don’t think it should be in kitchens or bathrooms or anything built after 1974. But… then I spied this kitchen that features a creamy, soft, super neutral terrazzo. And now the terrazzo jury is out.

idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34

This version of terrazzo feels elegant. I realize I’m drawn to describe this kitchen as elegant because of all the other elegant elements in this space. The warm oak cabinetry is very stately and grounding. I love the joinery – it feels very architectural. The beautiful brass hardware elevates the cabinets to feel more urban and modern. And even the accessories dotted throughout the space – in black, white oak or silky cream tones all have sultry curved lines and sculptural shapes. Each element plays really well with the counters. The entire look feels very modern but organic at the same time.

idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34

While I love the soft grays, blues and even hints of blush pink mixed in these counters, the look is still not for the faint of heart. I mean that island is a very dramatic moment in this room. Even with the toned-down color palette, it is still a very bold choice.

idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34

So I remain undecided. Well, correction. I can decisively say I really like the look of this kitchen. And yet could I ever actually live with terrazzo? I’m not 100% sold yet.

How about you? Are you into this look? Are down with this trend – even the bold styles – in general?

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kitchen design and images by nordiskakok

What do you think?

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  1. A fascinating post. My first reaction, like yours, is N.O. to terrazzo. But looking at your example-to-the-contrary kitchen, I’m gobsmacked to realize that my own kitchen backsplash is exactly this: a modified, toned-down terrazzo. I fell in love with the tile, and love it still, and I never made the connection. Huh!

  2. Like you, I’m ambivalent. I’m actually loving the terrazzo trend; and yet, I would never install it in my own home. It’ll be too dated to quickly (as you pointed out). So, it’s tough to justify the investment. Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it others’ homes. I’m still completely smitten with how Sawyer/Berson used it in the 2016 Kips Bay Showhouse, which is a rather bold employment of it. (You can see it here: But I have to say that this kitchen you found–while much more subdued–is just gorgeous!

  3. I grew up with terrazzo, which is all over the Mediterranean,and at one point, it was considered vulgar and outdated. Now that it’s back in softer forms, I find it much improved and, in my eyes, it’s a classic of warmer climates.