In cities like San Francisco where you’re rather short on space {or worse, New York where you live in a closet for an apartment!}, you’re forced to creatively redefine furniture and household objects into space saving, multi-functional machines. As San Franciscans, we’re constantly looking for ways to make our homes feel more spacious which is why we can’t get enough of this Idea to Steal!

The rung ladder has become a universally loved and creative storage solution that continues to get major reincarnation upgrades as people’s spaces, apparently, get smaller and smaller. Bringing things from the ground up, it’s been known to act as an alternative towel bar in the bathroom, clothing rack to hang shirts from, a space to store linens or drape blankets. We’ve even seen it in the kitchen, hung from the ceiling as a pot rack!

idea to steal apartment 34

But our absolute favorite use of a ladder showcases a fully multi-functioning magazine rack. In this case, put a clamp lamp on it and this modern magazine rack turns into an equally amazing floor lamp! Two space saving solutions in one? Now there’s an idea to steal!

Head right here if you’re hunting for even more steal-worthy inspiration {I smell a weekend project comin’ on!}

image via Stil Inspiration

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  1. Love your creative and modern solutions to small spaces. Designing with unexpected decor adds character to a room. Its a point of reference that I discuss often on my blog.

    Thank you for the inspiration!

    Brett//…there is always grey