When we finally move into our new/old house (mere weeks people, weeks!) we’re going to have a very paired down existence. You see, I want to design this home, not just furnish them. And I’m a firm believer in living without placeholders – why buy a chair because you need a chair right this second – why not wait until you can get the one you truly love and can afford? Placeholders often end up living with you for 10 years.

So let’s just say a big purge is underway (more details on that to come soon!) and we’ll be making due without things for a while. Things like bedside tables. But there are ways to get creative, like this brilliant Idea to Steal: books as side tables!

bedside-table-idea-to-steal bedside - table - idea-to-stealswedish-apartment-photo-anders-bergstedt-1


I love all three of the looks above. The first option gives me a great way make use of all my design & decor books (and maybe an extra issue of Kinfolk or Cereal). Ensuring all your book covers are in a monochromatic palette or turning the spines so you only see the pages, keeps the look a little more structured and refined. A bit like the appearance of intentional furniture, without it actually being furniture obviously. But a hodgepodge can also be appealing. The third room looks homey, inviting – like a collector lives there. I’m loving that relaxed vibe.

Regardless, now I have lots of ideas about how to use our book collection while I wait until we find the perfect bookshelves. I might be moving stacks of books all over the house!

What do you think? Are you into the impromptu idea of stacking books to be used as pseudo-furniture?

images via decordots, here & dustjacket in the attic

What do you think?

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  1. Perfect idea until Carter is walking/pulling himself up… and then he’ll love pulling them down!

  2. I dig it. And I completely agree, never buy place holders! We have been remodeling/decorating our home for 5 years and I am not done with a single room yet because I refuse to buy something I don’t love.