If you’re looking for a coffee table that will stand the test of time, look no further than the plinth coffee table trend. These tables have literal lasting power given that they’re solid blocks of stone!

Idea to Steal: Plinth Coffee TablesIdea to Steal: Plinth Coffee Tables

Low profile yet sculptural, the plinth table can certainly stand (or should I say sit) on its own. I’m particularly fond of styling these bad boys to maximize the negative space. That really lets the beauty of the stone stand out.

Idea to Steal: Plinth Coffee Tables

But if you are more of a maximalist there is plenty of surface area to play with. The table’s low profile allows you to  have more fun with with objects of varying heights. You can creating stacks or books for favorite objet, or use a tall dramatic flower arrangement. The plinth table is kind of the perfect blank canvas.

Idea to Steal: Plinth Coffee Tables

I am particularly obsessed with the the plinth table by Menu in the Rose Calcutta marble. The stone for these tables is selected and assembled by hand to ensure the edges line up perfectly. The movement is just gorgeous. Additional adornment is hardly necessary.

Idea to Steal: Plinth Coffee Tables

While you can search around and find a few other plinth-like coffee table options from big box retailers, I do think the Menu design is the most classic, elegant and timeless. Thankfully, if you do a little digging you can find them at discounted prices (ahem, here!)

Idea to Steal: Plinth Coffee Tables

I am very tempted to take my own advice and add one of these beauties to This Old Victorian. Very very tempted.

How about you??

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