My current love affair with nontraditional holiday decor shows no sign of slowing. Today, I’ve got a holiday Idea to Steal – Christmas trees for your table top. Whether you live in a space too tiny for a traditional tree, or you simply want to add a little more holiday greenery around your home, a pine branch or two is all you need for mini trees.

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Simply grab a branch of your favorite pine (I’m partial to Butte) and put it in your favorite vase. This tiny tree look can work with any style. Add one (or two) for eclectic shelfie perfection. Embrace the nordic influence and go black and white with your color palette. A pine bough in a black vase is rather striking. Mixed in with warm amber tones like in the pic above creates a cozy vibe. You could even add a little bauble to your branch. Or maybe a string of mini lights. But even naked, they lend a festive air. I think one might need to show up on my desk before my holiday decorating is done.

What do you think? Do you like this mini tree idea?

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What do you think?

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  1. Love this idea. Might use this as we have a toddler…. haha!

    1. It’s a perfect solution for littles. We did last year when our guy was crawling everywhere and i was afraid he’d pull a tree down on himself!

  2. We love mini trees! So simple and you can’t help but relate them to Christmas with the way they look 🙂

  3. I love the idea! We have an artificial tree and it’s the rare year that I am able to convince my family into buying a real one. With a few minis around, maybe I’ll be able catch at least a little whiff of pine in the air.