We all know about the marvels of Washi Tape. The once cult-followed and nearly impossible to find Japanese tape is now ubiquitous in the blogging world. It is the DIYer’s dream.

And while it’s been well-documented that I am not DIY friendly, this is an idea that I might actually steal: Washi Tape frames! We’ve all probably seen a version of washi tape frames floating around the blogosphere. But there are three specific things I love about this one.

First – the mix of colors. The peach is the perfect pop against the black & white photos. The second is the various sizes of the prints. It creates a perfectly balanced vignette.

That balance is further enhanced by the use of the washi tape to create geometric patterns. That’s way more interesting and fun than a regular old square! I’ve got those unframed pieces hanging in the Apartment 34 office. 

Maybe I need to try to flex my mini-DIY muscle!

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    1. Right Jessica?? I think it’d be perfect for even on a bathroom mirror or next to your bed!