I have a little fashion story to share with you today. Back in the 2000’s (in another life it seems) I worked in politics in Washington, DC. I commuted daily on the Metro, packed in like sardines with my fellow suit-clad commuters. Many of the woman wore sneakers. Bright white, mom sneakers. This wasn’t a choice motivated by fashion – quite the opposite – it was pure utility. And it looked pretty terrible (sorry ladies).

As an early 20-something I looked at these women and scoffed. I swore I would never forgo my heals. You would never catch me trudging down the sidewalk in sneakers before swapping in my heels at the office.

a modern way to wear a suit on apartment 34 a modern way to wear a suit on apartment 34 a modern way to wear a suit on apartment 34

Fast forward. I’ve long since left politics, or any kind of office for that matter, but I’ve recently noticed a fresh suit trend sweeping across street style. But this time the wearers don’t seem to be headed to stuffy, traditional offices, though perhaps they could be. Instead, it appears the suit is being worn simply as a killer ensemble.

But here’s the kicker (pun intended). You can rock these suits with sneakers! This time, the footwear isn’t meant to ease commuting – though it certainly would. Instead, many a very cool lady are rocking the suit + sneakers just for the swagger and I’m loving it.

a modern way to wear a suit on apartment 34

There are a few keys to this trend. The look of these suits definitely has a 80’s vibe. They tend to be double breasted and a little slouchy. A little oversized. Makes me think of Murphy Brown (dating myself! can you believe it’s coming back??). If you’re feeling sassy you can rock your jacket sans shirt beneath. The pants are usually cropped to show off that ankle.

a modern way to wear a suit on apartment 34a modern way to wear a suit on apartment 34

The key with the shoe is to kick your runners to the curb (thought the ugly sneaker is also making a comeback). Instead, a slim white sneaker creates a streamlined look.

While I can go weeks without actually departing my house for any substantial human contact, there’s no reason not to at least look like I might be headed to a meeting. I think I kept one of my suits from my DC days. Maybe it’s time I finally pull it back out of my closet. There’s a chance a 20-something might scoff at this mix of fashion and practicality. I’m completely ok with that.

What do you think??

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What do you think?

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