the apt34 shop is now open!

Hi friend! If you were celebrating, I hope you enjoyed a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving at home last week. As the holiday season now kicks into high gear, I have some very fun news for you today. Instead of bombarding you with an avalanche of gift guides that only live for this little moment in time, I’ve decided to do one better.

Today is a very exciting day around these parts! After only 13 years of blogging, I thrilled to announce I have finally launched an APT34 Shop!

I know I’m very late to this having a shop game, but hey, here we are.

I spend so much time treasuring hunting – for my own home, for stories for you, for my kid – I realized I should finally compile everything I find into one easy-to-shop spot! I’ve spent the last few months amassing hundreds of pieces that I either already do have in my home, or that I desperately want.

I’ve found literally hundreds of pieces, be they furniture, decor, lighting, my favorite kitchen items, even all my best finds for your littles.

To help out with the holiday shopping, I have created a Gifts Section, but I’ve only included things I’d happily give or receive year round!

The APT34 Shop is live right NOW – you can find it up in the Main Menu at the top of the site – but more finds are continually being added, literally by the hour.

I’m doing my very best to avoid the big box chains in the shop and instead focus on unearthing unique finds and special things from small shops, makers, artists and particularly women and POC-owned businesses. With the huge amount of online shopping happening during the surging pandemic, if you are shopping online (it-me) I strongly recommend you shop early to ensure ontime arrival for the holidays.

Do be sure to check back daily to see the Shop updates. Just click on the What’s New section!

I hope you are as excited about this as I am. Happy holiday hunting.


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  1. I love everything… however I can’t seem to actually shop ….not sure if it’s a glitch but so t let me move past this point

    1. You do have to click out to the merchants to purchase items. I’m essentially curating a collection of favorites from around the web, from trusted designers, shops or retailers. In some cases Apt34 will earn a commission if you purchase something, in some cases not. I do hope you find a few things you love!