Do you have a cocktail that you just can’t quit? A fave that that if you’re running late, your girls know exactly what to order for you??

Well, we leap at any excuse to spend time outside of the office {and errr, at a bar!} that I have Team Apartment 34’s orders down: Jessica wants to feel fancy, Ashley wants to the mixologist to the test and Bianca wants to feel like she’s in Hawaii! It’s great fun chatting {and let’s be real, Instagramming!} with a beautifully mixed drink in hand, but when work is coming in hard and fast, we need to whip up our own happy hour specials at home.

We’ve been working our signature recipes for awhile now and they’re finally ready for sharing! So without further ado, the first cocktail in our new series is Jessica’s Pomegranate and Blackberry Lemondrop! It’s the perfect dark and moody drink to serve up this Halloween.


As Jessica explains, “I have to start with vodka- my go-to choice of alcohol- and then add a burst of tang to it. The obvious is lemon balanced with my favorite sweet n’ tart fruit: pomegranate {fresh juice is time consuming and messy, but so much fun!}. Serve the drink in a fancy stemless martini glass with beautiful blackberries on a pick and I’m in the building!”


Pomegranate + Blackberry Lemondrop 

6 blackberries
1/3 cup pomegranate juice
1 oz. lemon juice
1 oz. vodka

First, muddle blackberries and place in shaker with juices and ice. Shake for 20 seconds, strain into glass and garnish with blackberries on a pick.

This drink makes you pucker, in a good way! It’s perfectly sweet at first with a punch of sour towards the end. We love the idea of blackberries as a garnish, making the dark, berry drink even more moody and monochromatic. Not to mention, they’re the easiest and yet beautiful garnish. The deep purple hue of this lemondrop almost looks black and is a perfectly sophisticated and spooky choice for a Halloween soiree, don’t you think?

I know I said I’m skipping Halloween this year, but you better believe I’m going to enjoy one of these while I lay low on the couch.

Like what you see? We have more yummy cocktails to get you ready for the holiday season. You definitely won’t want to miss raising your glass with us!

original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick // original drink recipe by team apartment 34 // art direction and styling by erin hiemstra

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  1. I love what I see. Great styling and the drink looks super delish. I am also skipping Halloween but definitely not skipping out on candy and drinks. Xx Alecia

  2. Oh my, these look amazing!! My idea of a fab Halloween is some good food (okay, usually along the line of sweet treats), a good drink in hand, and a good scary movie! So I think this will be my drink!! Thanks for the recipe!

    1. What’s your favorite scary movie? This year I’m going with the classic Hocus Pocus!

  3. I love a good lemon drop martini. This version looks simply amazing. So beautiful.

  4. Stunning photos! I’ll definitely be giving this a try, thanks for sharing!