I’ve also had a thing for white clothes. Practical? No. Fabulous? Absolutely. And now that summer is officially here (woot!), it is the perfect time to break out your  summer whites. When I spied the White Collection by Elizabeth Suzann I immediately wanted all the things!


Jumpsuits, dresses, crop-tops – oh my! The collection is actually intended to be bridal. I can totally see how a modern bride might rock any one of these looks. They’d even be great for a rehearsal dinner, the reception or as a getaway outfit, but I also want every single piece in my wardrobe. There’s nothing more classic, or easy to wear. You just have to carry a tide stick with you at all times.

What do you think? Is white a staple of your summer wardrobe too?

Here’s a few more summer style ideas!

What do you think?

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  1. So minimal. Just wearing these clothes should turn a person into an artist. Or maybe an architect. Or something cool. Photographer? Anyway….
    I wear my whites at night. (That’s almost a pun–in French a white night is an all-nighter.) I am religious about sun block, and it tends to stain or yellow so many fabrics, so I opt for what won’t suffer–black and some fabrics that have been proven to resist sun lotion. If you have a 50+ sunblock that won’t stain my white clothes, I am all ears and ready to stock up.