I often dream of traveling to France, immersing myself in Paris’ antique markets, strolling through booth after both, leisurely treasure hunting and unearthing that perfect home decor gem that has long alluded me. Then I remember I have a pre-schooler, a puppy, this site, parent-teacher conferences, 4,000 unanswered emails, a mile long to-do list and oh yeah, I don’t speak French.

Thankfully, I can turn to experts instead. Enter Elsie Green and Victoria from SFGIRLBYBAY. The two have a similar dream and many resources with which to actualize it. Elsie Green is an amazing Bay Area-based purveyor of all things vintage French country which you may have seen here. And Victoria has created Super Marché, her own highly curated collection of French vintage finds. Last weekend San Francisco was lucky to play host to Le Petit Appartement – a pop-up combining both Elsie Green & Super Marché as well as additional friends. The pop-up was like stepping into a perfectly curated other world and I really didn’t want to leave. Scroll and you’ll understand why.

The blank canvas of a studio space was brilliantly transformed into a boudoir, dining room, kitchen and living area, replete with collections of ceramics, brass candle holders, vintage portraits. Louis Philippe mirrors and one of a kind curiosities. You could browse dressers and rompers from Encourage Vintage and accessorize with a perfect pair of Freda Salvador shoes. I truly appreciate the feeling of being transported to the middle of the French country side.

Vintage books as placemats – genius.

Yes indeed, the dramatic oversized Prix Ribbons are everything.

Le Petit Appartement was a rather magical moment. It’s only downside is that existed for just one day. But fear not. I’ve already heard rumors that Le Petit Appartement might pop up again sometime. Maybe near you!


photography by ashley keleman

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  1. thank you so much for this beautiful post, erin! we so appreciate it and are so glad you could come say hello!! xoxo, victoria