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So today is an interesting day in Apt34 history. Today this little ole’ site turns 10 YEARS OLD. Yup. That’s right. I’ve spent an entire decade talkin’ about design ideas, fashion inspirations, travel hotspots, recipes, weddings, trends and more random musings than I care to count. (But if I were to count turns out it is 3,255 posts!) And it appears at least one or two of you have stuck around for most of them. I am forever humbled by that. I’ve been ruminating on these last 10 years and what this milestone means. While I’ll save you that diatribe for another day (coming soon), Apt34 is really three key things – a place to share the amazing work of people I admire from around the world, an occasional personal outlet and most importantly, a community of folks who appreciate an intentional approach to modern living.

Whether you found this corner of the internet due to its aesthetic, or perhaps a cocktail recipe you pinned or maybe just via google, I’m hoping you went away with an idea, inspiration, new info or simply good vibes. That’s the most I can hope for. Well that, and that you come back to check in now and again.

It’s never really certain what the future holds, but for now, I’ll be holding down the Apt34 fort, desperately trying to finish my house and occasionally remembering to shower (TMI??).

And now I give you Friday Finds:

Spring is here – regardless of what the weather is doing. At least this playlist by Glitter Guide is getting me in a spring mood.

I’m finally feeling ready to invest in art for our house, but these crazy cool portraits of her kids cost Liz only $4!! Sold.

Am I the only one who did not realize Easter is in a week?! Whoops. At least I have lots of easter egg ideas here.

If you followed my trips to NYFW back in the day, then you’re likely to know about Bill Cunningham. Did you hear he wrote a secret memoir?! I cannot wait to read it.

Are you into astrology? I’m a Scorpio through and through and super interested to know what Saturn’s return means for me.

Apparently social posts going viral is still very much a thing and two caught my eye this week. The first is my friend Brian Patrick Flynn. You might know him cuz he’s TV famous and the designer of the HGTV dream house. Well, he recently wed his partner Hollis IN ANTARCTICA and the photos are ah-mazing and everyone from HGTV to Harpers Bazaar to People Magazine shared the stunning story and the backlash has been – disturbing, to say the least. It’s 2018 people. Why must we continue to insist on denying people their right to joy and love. Anywho – give Brian a follow – @bpatrickflynn on Instagram – not because of the controversy but because he is hilarious (seriously, you’ll laugh SO hard) and because he’s an extremely talented designer. Who had the coolest wedding of all time.

And then there’s Jenna Kutcher who I only just started following a few months ago. She’s one of those motivational Instagrammers and social media experts, but she gained over 100,000 new followers this week because she posted a pic of herself with her husband. You’d think no biggie right? Well her husband happens to be a personal trainer crossfit fanatic fitness coach guy and Jenna happens to weigh more than 100lbs so the internet went nuts asking how she, a curvy girl, could bag a “hot guy.” The fact that these stereotypes still exist is SO GROSS you guys. Anyway, follow her too – @jennakkutcher – because she’s pretty rad and deserves followers who will check out what she has to say – not follow because of what she looks like.

Enough personal diatribes for you?? Thought so. Well here’s what you might have missed around here this week:

My style ethos for spring.

A spicy spring cocktail to wake up your senses.

My new favorite home tour, maybe ever.

I pin a lot. Like a lot a lot. Do you pin too? Let’s pin together!

A couple of Easter recipes here and here (if you’re a procrastinator like me – eek!)

A favorite spring-inspired interior.

And finally, did you know Apt34 has a newsletter?! That’s right! It’s not spammy or anything. I send it out seasonally (although I’m thinking about going to 1x a month cadence to round up the best posts, blasts from the past and maybe some exclusive content too). You can sneak peek the new edition and subscribe RIGHT HERE.

happy weekend my friends. I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

image via justynaniko

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