I’ve noticed women tend to pick up a variety of fairly nasty habits. Feeling guilt about what we eat, comparing ourselves to others and too often berating ourselves for any variety of perceived sins are just a few off the top of my head. I’m the first to admit I often fall prey to these mental traps too.

Another frequent lament I hear is about what we wear. Too often I hear a friend say “oh I could never wear that” or “I just can’t figure out how to wear this” and make themselves feel badly about it! I’ve fallen victim to this problem too, regularly calling my own style unadventurous because I wear jeans pretty much every.single.day. But I say no more! Instead of beating ourselves up for our natural likes, dislikes or style comfort-zones, why not simply embrace! I look good in jeans dammit. They make me feel comfortable, confident and you by no means have to look “boring” while wearing them!Apt34-WHBM-13what I’m wearing: White House Black Market Essential Slim Jean // Maison Martin Margiela for H&M blazer (similar)  // Celine heels (similar) // Zara Shopper (similar) // BR sunnies


The secret to good jeans is how you make them your own! I for one am going to officially start championing a return to the clean denim look. Yes, I rocked my ripped boyfriends all summer long, but enough is enough! When I step into an elevator I don’t really want to be wearing the same pair of jeans as everyone else packed in around me!

Crisp classic denim like the WHBM Essential Slim Fits let you walk into an important business meeting feeling put together, but also modern. You make them your own by how you accessorize them!


When it comes to rocking denim as work wear, I tend to steal ideas from the boys while adding a feminine twist. In this case, a menswear-inspired button-down and blazer give a nod to a traditional suit, without looking at all stuffy! Putting a dramatic cuff on the jeans and adding a statement-making heel is the perfect way to add some additional personality.

So, instead of feeling badly about our wardrobe comfort zones and knocking ourselves down for not feeling confident in the latest “It” trend, why don’t we try standing tall, being confident and feeling proud about rocking something we know makes us look, but most importantly, makes us feel good.

I’m going to give a go. How about you??


original photography for Apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick // wardrobe styling by Erin Hiemstra


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  1. My god – those shoes are to die for – forget about the jeans!

  2. So true! Great jeans and great shoes! Where are the shoes from?

  3. Reading the credits helps 🙂 Please ignore my question above

  4. I don’t want to come off impolite, only give what I hope will be taken as constructive criticism, but it feels that 80% of your posts are sponsored. I understand the need for sponsored posts but so many feels a bit dishonest.

    1. We appreciate the feedback Oliver. We actually really enjoy working with brands to tell stories that we think are interesting and worthwhile. Doing so is also how we’re able to bring you great original content, stunning photography and awesome series like our original cocktail recipes, Retail Therapy or travel stories. We always try to strike the right balance, but we enjoy the opportunity to work collaboratively with brands we feel passionate about!

  5. Good for you for saying this! I get so annoyed when I see a good workout that has a name like “fat-blasting workout” or “bikini body workout” – I think it adds to the negative self-image the female world perpetuates. Thank you for your healthy post and your super stylish outfit. I LOVE those shoes 🙂

    1. Thank you for the kind comment Sabrina! I totally feel the same way!!

  6. A great “simple & elegant” outfit…..classy and chic!