Since school is out and we’re officially in the heart of travel season, I thought today would be the perfect time for my second installment of our Mykonos, Greece recap! Who doesn’t love a little wanderlust on a Monday?!

The Greek islands, particularly Mykonos, are plenty famous for their spectacular landscapes. As you may have spied while I was instagramming the trip, the island certainly did not disappoint. Many of you requested that I share my favorite finds, so as we explored the island I made sure to take copious notes about our discoveries!


Obviously, I can’t recommend staying at the San Giorgio enough, but there’s a number of things I highly recommend you check out!




Rent a car and drive all around the island. You can get from one end to the other in 30 minutes! We decided on a car over a scooter both because of strong winds and the fear for our lives. Zipping around by Vespa would certainly be fun, but Mykonos roads are small, windy and often taken up by a giant bus or truck! It wasn’t worth the risk in my book. Renting a car was inexpensive and easy – the San Giorgio simply had it delivered directly to us at the hotel!

Weather permitting, you can also take water taxis to get from beach to beach! I wish we could have seen the island from that vantage point but sadly high winds made it impossible. If you have better luck, definitely check that option out!



When in Mykonos, life’s a beach! Driving from beach to beach is probably the easiest thing to do but there are buses that take you most places as well. Again, many beaches are only 10 minutes apart!

> Psarou Beach

> Agios Sostis Beach

> Panormos Beach

> Paradise Beach

> Super Paradise Beach

> Ornos Beach



When visiting Mykonos I wouldn’t necessarily prioritize shopping. Mostly targeted to the cruise ship crowd, you’re probably going to overpay for things that you can find pretty much everywhere in the world. There are a few high end boutiques in Mykonos Town that are fun to window shop and of course I did pick up a hat {see below!}! I did love the looks of the home goods store Chora and the clothing boutiques like Oskeln and Jory. Simply take a few hours to wander around the narrow alleyways, grab a bite to eat in Little Venice, maybe a enjoy drink by the harbor and keep your eyes peeled for Pelicos, the resident pelican!



Tasos – Located on Paranga beach only steps from the San Giorgio, this local taverna has the best Greek salad and super friendly service.

Nikolaus Taverna – Tucked away, on a small beach about a 10 minutes walk from the San Giorgio Nikolaus was the one restaurant we returned to more than once. Family owned and operated with simple delicious dishes, fabulously fresh seafood and generous pours of wine made me a very happy girl! I’m still dreaming of their

Kiki’s – this little taverna tucked away on the north end of the island doesn’t have any electricity so everything is made to order on the outdoor grill. The best octopus I’ve ever had!

Restaurant Mamlouka – the beautiful open air restaurant in Mykonos Town serves classic Grecian fare in a lovely setting.

Kuzina – a very posh beach side restaurant on Ornos beach

Jackie O Beach Bar – a place to see and be scene – would be a fantastic place to enjoy a fancy drink (or three!)

> Oregano Taverna – Super local and super delish. Just outside of Mykonos Town at the top of the hill from the bus depot, you’ll likely miss it if you don’t know what you’re looking for. But if you ask around, you’ll soon find out it’s where everyone else goes when they get off work. And it’s cheap. And awesome. If you’re into good food without any fluff, this is your spot.

But really, the best thing you can do in Mykonos is slow down, relax and enjoy every moment, because no matter what you do, you’re in Greece!


What I’m wearing: Hat bought in Mykonos // lemlem top // RayBan sunglasses // CurrentElliot jeans // Tory Burch slip-ons // Clare Vivier Tote


all pics by me {eek}

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  1. I’ve been wanting to go to Mykonos for a while now, I’ll keep this bookmarked incase I get the chance to go one day!

  2. Really love the blue and white. And that salad brings me such great memories of lunch by the sea…