I used to blog about fashion on this site a lot. I even used to post pictures of myself from time to time. But I’ve fallen victim to my natural state – that of a late 30’s mom with a toddler / entrepreneur working from home / live in California where no one gets dressed up uniform: aka lulu lemon. While I know athleisure is like, a thing now, I’ve always felt a little “still in my pjs” in a sweatshirt. But the following upscaled sweatshirt ideas are inspiring me to transform my lazy dressing into an actual outfit! PS these are all from Zara so they are crazy affordable (bonus).

next level sweatshirts on apartment 34

Idea number one: oversized sweatshirt, wide-leg trousers and heels. Not three things you might think to combine when browsing your own closet and yet, I love it. Obviously, this is a look that cannot be worn with bedhead. That’s a little too literal. When you mix the super casual with the dressy you have to keep the rest of your look nice and tight.

next level sweatshirts on apartment 34

A bit of a slimmer and cropped sweatshirt looks great tucked into a pair of high-waisted jeans. I probably won’t be rocking a sky-high heel at the playground, but a cute pair of sneakers (my current faves are linked right here), would work quite nicely. The oversized hoops are a nice addition too. A good accessory always elevates a look.

next level sweatshirts on apartment 34

A hoodie tucked into a pencil skirt? I’m into it. Though I do have to convince myself to wear a skirt again.

next level sweatshirts on apartment 34

Sweatshirt fully tucked into the high waisted jean. Yes, yes and yes. I actually saw this look on a girl walking down the street in San Francisco just yesterday and thought how cute it looked.

next level sweatshirts on apartment 34

An oversized sweatshirt in a bold hue paired a checked trouser creates a cool look. I’m not as big of a fan of the addition of the accessories bag, hat or — how do you even describe these sunglasses that even Beyonce was wearing at the Grammys? Do they have a name? I don’t get them. I cannot endorse any of those add-ons. I’m officially old.

next level sweatshirts on apartment 34

While I probably wouldn’t wear these looks to an office job, I would definitely feel sassy, a bit dressed up and like I’m actually back into this whole fashion thing by simply repurposing the sweatshirt collection already in my closet.

What say you? Are you into these sweatshirts as actual fashion looks?

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images via zara 

What do you think?

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  1. I actually really like the last pic! And I am loving my sweatshirts and seeing how to pair them in interesting (and causal office appropriate) ways….

    1. I love them under blazers either with jeans or trousers.