Have you ever scrolled through social media looking for inspiration and come away feeling less than great? You’re not alone. Thanks to Instagram (let’s just call a spade a spade), we’ve been programmed to think we can only share the perfect. Even when divulging something deeply personal, a self-effacing caption must be accompanied by an eye-popping pic. Now, there have been a few movements to lift the veil here and there. #IWokeUpLikeThis and #NoMakeup have offered a nod to more realism in the land of social media. But that sentiment is particularly rare in the world of interiors. When it comes to our homes, it seems only the picture perfect need apply. And while the intention might be to offer inspiration through beauty, the edited version of life can leave you feeling not so great about your own.

So when Kyla, of House of Hipsters, suggested a group of  bloggers (myself included obvi) offer peeks inside our homes sans props, sans professional photography, sans hours of styling or waiting for the perfect light, I thought – yeah, let’s do it! Even though I pride myself on offering you aspiration and inspiration on the daily, I thought you ought to know that I’m often scrambling to live up to my own inspirational standard. Now, when Kyla suggested we share this less than perfect home tour she said, “offer your usual pretty pictures, just maybe with a toy on the floor or a less than perfectly made bed.” Well, I’m taking things a step further. Welcome to the biggest, dirtiest, most revealing sneak peek of my house to date.

no makeup home tour on apartment 34

in this pic: west elm tripod floor lamp // cisco home sofa // random jar of diaper cream on the ottoman

no makeup home tour on apartment 34

 in this shelfie: my kinfolk magazine collection, baby pictures, pretty gerhard vases and a tray full of mini bubbles & animal stamps

no makeup home tour on apartment 34
currently in my living room: eames lounge chair // cisco home sofa // tufted ottoman (I’m selling if you want it) // arne norell safari chair // safari daybed

You haven’t seen a renovation update around here in quite some time, because as it turns out I’m a regular person! I don’t have unlimited funds, nor a magic wand. I’m juggling work and kids (and ideally friends and family and working out and a marriage but some of those things typically fall by the wayside). And renovating and decorating your dream home is actually really difficult. So while I wish my house looked like this or this or this all the time, it most often looks like what you see above and below. A constant work in progress. For example, my living room (above) continues to sit in a holding pattern as I design my dream fireplaces, deal with odd room dimensions and hold out to be able to afford my dream light fixture, among other things.

no makeup home tour on apartment 34

spoiler alert – we created an open concept living room and kitchen which I love. You can see everything, which I also love, including all the stuff I wish I could hide, which I hate. You know, usual things you see in a house like your vacuum filter on your kitchen counter; a balloon left over from a birthday party that happened six months ago; a massive pile of who knows what on the dining room table and toddler toys virtually everywhere.

no makeup home tour on apartment 34

the occasional moment of zen

no makeup home tour on apartment 34

when the toddler toys break free from their confines. My fantasy version of our media room is here. I usually achieve that version for about an hour before going to bed on Sunday nights.

no makeup home tour on apartment 34

a typical saturday afternoon

no makeup home tour on apartment 34

the rare occasion when there isn’t a pile of laundry on my bedroom floor // bedding via parachute // table lamp // bed

So there you have it. While I attempt to have my sh*** together everyday, I often fall short. But I will not beat myself up about it and neither should you. Because our homes are not still lives. They don’t come with a prepackaged set of filters. While I love when I achieve the picture perfect moment, it’s like trying to hold onto air. It just slips through your fingers. Turns out, life happens in the mess.

Peek into the real lives of some of your fave bloggers with this amazing No Makeup Home Tour series below

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no make up home tour on apartment 34



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  1. I sooo love this. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. This is really what we all need.

  2. My dear, you have the prettiest, dirtiest mess I’ve ever laid eyes on, and I’m thrilled you joined in on this tour!!!! Muah!

  3. Life is indeed lived in the mess! When I see a perfectly styled room that’s like a model with nary a hair out of place not a clothing wrinkle to be found, I think to myself “dead room”. Show me a photo of a room in it’s semi neat, everyday attire and I think to myself “Ah! What a lovely room! Oh, look! She crochets too….And her husband leaves his slippers by the recliner too…..And they leave their mail on the corner of the dining table too!” And I leave that photo feeling like I too could create a lovely room like that!

  4. SO glad i’m not the only one with mysterious dining room table piles!!

  5. Gosh, it’s still pretty though. And, I have to know what that moody paint color is!

    1. Thanks so much Ashley – the paint color is Gravel Gray by Benjamin Moore. I’m obsessed

  6. Your home is beautiful, even with the toys scattered about! But seriously, why are kid toys so ugly? LOL.

  7. Wow, your home is gorgeous! So glad to be part of this tour with you!

  8. Thank you for the glimpse of reality. It’s so important for us to realize that perfection is truly fleeting, and to live life.
    (Where is the media room rug from? Love it)

  9. I think no-makeup house tours show the best of the interior. This is a wonderful one with a nice neutral combo of colors where the large windows bring so much life and air into it.

  10. Best idea for a post in ages. Glad you participated. One gets a true feel for items and how how home is lived & loved. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing! Your place still looks terrific. I love the real, “no make-up” look!

  11. I love this! It is so refreshing to see homes in real time, diaper cream and all.

  12. This made my SO happy in a weird inexplicable way, lo! Thank you for sharing, great idea!

  13. Thank you for such an honest post – I have a toddler and I just relate to this so much right now. I realize this is an old pot but I just found it and it’s so refreshing.

    1. I’m so glad Rachel. I know how hard that age can be and no matter how perfect we try to keep things, it can never seem to stay that way!