A couple of weeks ago I mentioned wanting to transition our nursery into a toddler room. Every time I step in there right now, the space just doesn’t seem to fit the energy and fun that my two year old now embodies. And while I’d prefer to wave my wand and magically transform the entire space all at once, I am in fact a normal human and have to do it in phases.

But it’s perfect. Because as I did with my laundry room refresh oh so many months ago, I’m again partnering with Clorox to transform what is currently a rather sad mess into something awesome. Check it out.

I am going to transfer my kiddo’s closet from hardly functional into the coolest kid hang out space. As you can see in the pic above, we’re lucky in that we have a very large closet in our kiddo’s room. It’s more than 3′ feet wide and 4′ feet deep. That allows not only for ample storage, but for what could be a good sized play space as well. I’m excited to take what is now a rarely used reading corner (we have a good rocker for that) and instead create a beautiful little “art studio” where Carter can hang out, make art and play. While we all know I don’t really do color, I think this could be a fun place to be stack with vibrant display. Especially since I can always close the doors!

I’ve been gathering inspiration of all the ideas I plan to tuck into this space.

toddler room ideas on Apartment 34

The first to-do is to tackle book storage. Right now Carter’s entire library is crammed onto a few closet shelves. Instead, I’d like to display Carter’s book collection on the wall in an easy-to grab fashion. I love the look of wall-mounted book displays. That solution will also free up shelf space for art supply & toy storage.

toddler room ideas on Apartment 34

I also want to create a gallery wall in the closet. A fun place to display a combination of family photos, kid friendly art and some Carter originals will add a lot of visual interest and allow me to accentuate the 10 foot ceilings.

toddler room ideas on Apartment 34

I’m also intrigued by doing some sort of playful design element. Whether it’s simple highlights with washi tape, or a little framed chalkboard, I want to create a mini creative wonderland when you open those closet doors.

Then there is my favorite OCD, over-organizing activity – organizing the shelves. Toys, legos, art supplies  and clothing. I need to maximize all the shelf space, do some fun display ideas and make sure I can store everything. I want to make this space work quadruple duty.

toddler room ideas on Apartment 34

I’m giving myself the month of August to get this little space whipped into shape so be sure to check back. The reveal will be coming!


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This content was created is in partnership with Clorox. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I’m excited about and that have kept apartment 34’s doors open

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  1. I love the last image, do you mind linking to the source?

    1. thanks page – I’m excited to see them come to fruition

  2. I’m in the same spot– gradually transitioning my daughter’s nursery into a full-fledged toddler room. Storage is everything in this stage! Thanks for the inspirational post!