Oh hey there everyone. I know it’s been a hot second. Trust me, I’ve been missing posting here, missing sharing with you and feeling rather guilty about not having more to give at the moment.

Between sagas with our new Coastal Cottage (can’t wait for the moment when I can share about what’s been going on), putting the finishing touches on my home studio, navigating Covid Zoom school and doom-scrolling Twitter (btw – I’m sure you know the election deadline is less two weeks away, but you can vote right now! Click here to make your voting plan – because I PROMISE you your vote makes a difference), the days slip away.

But I did stumble on a project so good I had to jump on here and share it immediately. It is the design inspiration I think we all need right now.

After more than a decade of thinking about all things design as a blogger, I think I finally found my dream job – a home stager! It seems ideal. You get to go into other people’s homes and place beautiful pieces without actually having to incorporate a client’s opinion. You don’t have to worry about the budget because all the pieces are going to come back to you anyway! And you don’t have to fret about electrical plans, replacing plumbing or the like. It’s pretty genius – especially if you’re doing it as well as Brooklyn-based home-staging and interior styling firm Hovey Design.

Hovey recently put their magic touch on an iconic property in Brooklyn Heights, 48 Willow Place – a mid-century marvel currently for sale for the first time since it was built (for a cool $6.9M). Designed by famed architects Joseph and Mary Merz in 1965, this beautiful home is certainly a departure from the typical Brooklyn brownstone. Hovey took full advantage of all the original design features, staging the space with a trove of unique vintage pieces – many sourced on trips to Mexico City – creating a delicious sea of honey tones and a gorgeous variety of luxe textures.

I’m considering a trip to Brooklyn Heights just to see those woven rope armchairs in person!

The room is a master class in mixing materials, from wool rugs and sheepskins, to leather, travertine, Japanese linen and rattan – combined they create a major mood.

This home’s open concept kitchen, dining and living room was certainly before its time – but feels exactly like where I’d love to be right now.

This home completely transports you out of New York in the best way.

Hovey pays attention to every detail in their projects – down to slipcovering this built-in banquette in a sumptuous pinky brown Ungaro bouclé fabric.

From textiles to pottery, rugs to art, Hovey has cultivated a collected vibe makes this feel like the home of a world traveler with a great eye. It makes me want to be that person too.

I can only imagine the warehouse of treasures have at their disposal. Luckily for you, they were willing to share a few of their favorite sources.

For example, those amazing woven bulls heads in the living room? They are designed by Spanish artist Javier S. Medina. Some of Hovey’s other favorite international gems include Cocol, Onora and Lago DF. I’m most excited about the-new-me site Smallable – it’s got a bevy of some of my favorite international lines and according to Hovey ships fast. I officially have a new rabbit hole to lose myself in! Although the Hovey Design site is also a great place to get lost.



photography courtesy of Hovey Design

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