What is it about travel that is so addicting? Just as I start to get sick of airports, the call of a new adventure is always too good to resist. We’re still coming down off the high of Bianca’s trip to Southeast Asia, but today we get to announce some exciting news. This is going to be the team’s year of travel!

There’s been Australia, Tokyo, Thailand & Bali and now….


You may remember the AH-mazing hotel I blogged about a few weeks back, the San Giorgio Design Hotel…? Yup – that’s where I’m headed! For a whole week, this is what I’ll be calling home:


That hammock will be all mine, baby {please don’t hate me}! Needless to say, I’m stupid excited. I’m also already planning out my vacation wardrobe! Luckily, if there is one thing that I am going to take from Bianca’s travels, it’s her tips on packing.

Can you believe it – this girl packed two weeks in a tote! She hit the road with everything she needed tucked into her Lo & Sons weekender. Over my years of travel I’ve learned the value of packing smart so we’ve put together our top tips to really pack a punch!


#1. Start with an Amazing Carry-on – something that you can fit EVERYTHING in. The Lo & Sons Catalina large canvas weekender is perfect. It has this amazing bottom pouch that expands the space of the tote. It’s sturdy, yet lightweight!

#2. Pack a Neutral Palette. When you stick to neutrals, mixing and matching a well-edited travel wardrobe becomes a snap. Use your accessories to add pops of color – jewelry, a clutch, or a pair of sunnies will help you switch up your looks. It also gives you the perfect excuse to buy a fab scarf as a momento from your trip!

#3. Double Task! Don’t be afraid to wear the same piece twice, but reimagined of course. A beach cover-up can be worn to a nice dinner when appropriately accessorized.


#4. Have a Killer Heel. One heel and one sandal are all you need if you’re headed on any beach-based vacation. The key to taking a look from poolside to “night on the town” is in the heel- it brings a basic tee or casual dress to a whole new level.

#5. Laundry is your BFF. Most people don’t think about getting their laundry done while on vacation, but most hotels and local spots offer it on the cheap. Don’t be afraid to throw your cotton blends into the machine!


get your shop on: image 1 DIY denim shorts similar // Lo & Sons Catalina bag // Pickwick & Weller tee // heels similar // fedora similar // AirRepair Skincare // image 2 Joie dot tank // bikini similar // michael kors sunnies // Nine Space turkish towel // image 3 Joie striped dress // scarf similar // Banana Republic crossbody bag // fedora similar // wedges similar // aviators similar

My final cardinal rule of perfect packing is to lay everything you want to bring on your trip out on your bed before you go – and then take away at least one third of it! I swear you won’t miss a thing. Plus you’re sure to have just enough extra space in your Catalina tote to bring home a souvenir or two!

To make your upcoming trips a little sweeter, Lo & Sons is generously offering Apartment 34 readers an exclusive 20% DISCOUNT! Just enter the code APT340414 at checkout.

So we’re curious – where might your wanderlust take you next??

original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick // art direciton & styling by apartment 34 // This post is in partnership with Lo & Sons. All thoughts and opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting posts that keep Apartment 34’s doors open!

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  1. wow, so envious of your upcoming trip to greece! we are planning a trip for later in the year and right now our top two destinations are thailand and santorini 🙂

  2. WOW! good for you. I wish I could travel more like I want to…..if I could I would totally stuff myself in your bag and go with. Greece sounds pretty amazing right about now.

    1. Lol, what I didn’t mention was that the tote’s big enough for 2 week’s worth of clothes … or another travel companion!

  3. Love this post! That tote is amazing! Can you give us a product list for the first two photos? I’m dying to know where the heels in the first packing photo are from!

  4. I wish I was that good at packing!! where are the shorts from?! they look awesome!

  5. Oh my, Erin!!! My heart is bleeding! I had to cancel my participation for the Mykonos trip as I am heading to Israel at the same time!! What a bummer – would have loved to see you there!! But maybe I’ll see you in Munich?

  6. I LOVE Mykonos – my top tip when you’re there is to go to an amazing restaurant which is literally in an open cave in the rock right next to the sea in the north of the island. It’s called Spilia and is located at the Anastasia Hotel in Kalafatis. It’s extraordinary and amazingly even some of the people who live there season after season don’t know about it… 🙂

  7. I love these tips! I travel a ton and am actually off to Mykonos in a few weeks. I LOVE the LO&Sons Catalina bag and was about to buy it, but they aren’t honoring the APT340414 code anymore 🙁 tear.

  8. Need a bag so I can pack for s one week trip to the Galápagos Islands any suggestions