Today we’ve got a little interruption to gift guide-palooza. Even with all the holiday hoopla, our remodel must go on! It’s been a few weeks since we concluded the One Room Challenge, but work on our house is trucking along. I’ve been focused on our bathrooms of late. We’re going to enjoy a master bath, a guest bath and a little powder room in this house. The designs have now been finalized and the finish work is underway! If you need to catch up, I gave a little sneak peek of my inspiration here.

My goal for our bathrooms was to go big on tile – it’s the perfect way to pay homage to our house’s 140 year old heritage, yet do so with a modern touch. But the sea of tile is vast. Overwhelming to say the least. You can wander big box aisles or head to super expensive showrooms but it’s really hard to know what the heck you’re getting. That’s why I decided to work with San Francisco-based Fireclay Tile. You know I love me a local business! I’m lucky enough that their gorgeous showroom is only blocks away from our loft. It doesn’t get much more local than that.


It made for a great mama-son field trip!


Fireclay’s tile is so beautiful. All tiles are made by hand at Fireclay’s factory in Aromas, CA, using recycled and locally sourced materials (including: curbside recycled bottles, discarded glass, bathtub porcelain and the like. Gotta love that.

While I’d taken the time to gather a ton of bathroom inspiration images, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted our tile to look like. And like I said there are SO many choices. Fireclay offers over 100 colors and 30+ sizes so finding the “perfect” design seemed a tad daunting. Thankfully, Fireclay helps you get exactly what you want from idea to execution. So many options and specifications could seem overwhelming, but that’s where Fireclay’s design consultants come in to streamline the process. You can begin with free samples of literally every tile they make. Then you get to consult a tile expert to help nail down the specifics. They’ll even provide free renderings to help you visualize installation, whether you’re simply adding a backsplash or tiling an entire bathroom. I was lucky enough to get to do my entire consultation in person, but you can do a consultation via email, phone or on their website.


I’m thrilled with how all our designs turned out, but I’m not ready to reveal them just yet. It’s no fun without before and after photos but I’ll give you a one word clue: Ombre.

Any guesses?!

If you’re playing catch up, check out the plans for the house’s media room HERE. And my moodboard for the remodel is HERE!

What do you think?

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  1. Wow! That’s a lot of tile designs. With that many choices of tile pattern/cut then picking out colors, it make take me half the day to really decide. Hope you made a decision a lot faster than I would have with your little one with you. Or did he help out? 🙂