Last week we shared the most EPIC Retail Therapy, showcasing NYC concept store The Line’s luxurious brick and mortar space. In case you missed the news on this revolutionary way to shop, The Line has decked out a Soho loft with possibly the chicest New York home owner in mind. With gorgeous hardwood floors, claw foot bathtub and soaring romanesque columns, The Line’s space was too insane for us to only show once!

So, now that you’re familiar with the bones of The Apartment, it’s time to read between the lines because this space is all in the details!


We love the minimalist styling throughout the loft. Each vignette is carefully considered. They evoke so much luxury, but can easily be replicated in anyone’s home. Something as simple as dried eucalyptus looks striking in a low bronzed bowl on the coffee table. Worn vintage books leaned in a small stack bring interest to a low bench/cubby. And an industrial looking book mixed with a modern candle {Cire Trudon, one of my faves!} and a vintage-inspired lamp has never looked better!


It’s not only the objects themselves that have us giving each room a second look. When you get past the obvious, eye-catching pieces, it’s the surfaces they’re placed upon that really has us swooning. No texture was spared and to great effect. Acrylic encased wood side tables, mirrored cubes, petrified wood stools and burl consoles all couldn’t be a more perfect place to put your toiletries on, are we right?

We’re completely obsessed with all the thoughtful detail that went into the The Apartment’s styling and can only imagine wanting to hang out after closing time is a daily struggle for all who work there. Perhaps if we snuck in the bed, the staff would forget we’re there? It’s worth a try!


original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick 

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  1. This is pretty staggering; I can tell how much thought went into each piece and arrangement. I’m especially a fan of the rough-hewn chains as a table accessory.

    Can I just say that your design-related posts tend to be my favorite? You have such a great eye for subtle lines and surprising accents. Thanks for posting!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words, Liz! So happy to hear that you love our design finds!