It seems like everyday there’s a new restaurant or boutique to check out in San Francisco – it’s one of the things we really love about the city- it’s ever evolving. But it’s not everyday that a new spot opens up with THE sweetest shop owner of all time. Because, really, a space is only as amazing as the people inside. Jessie Black, Pacific Height’s latest luxury retail haven, is our fave new boutique, not just for the luxuriously soft lines of cashmere they carry, but for the lady behind the brand, Ms. Jessie Black, herself!


This sweet boutique is truly one of the most unique shopping experiences in San Francisco. In the store fragrant coconut wax candles burn, french music plays, piles of purposefully “not-too-neatly” folded cashmere scream “feel me!” – every sense is brought to life.

We love the fact that Jessie designed her store around luxury textures and they are indeed everywhere! The space is beautifully accessorized with chunky knit blankets, plush woven rugs and the softest cashmere pullovers you’ve ever felt. And with a plate of macarons often put out for guests- the store is a treat, in more ways than one!


Our favorite element has to be the fact that the shop is home to one of San Francisco’s most unique changing rooms: “the boudoir.” Jessie wanted to create a space where guests would feel right at home so her dressing room includes a bed, armoire, and gorgeous accessories- everything to make the room feel like a real bedroom. When you’re ready to try on a cozy sweater, you draw back the curtains and have the entire boudoir to change in! Jessie even encourages guests to throw the clothes on the bed {just like you would at home!}, rifle through the drawers where you’ll find fine silk lingerie and open the cupboard where the latest cashmere jacket and folded cotton t-shirts are hung- all for sale!

And if the boudoir isn’t enough, there is a beautiful patio where you can enjoy the sunshine and stay awhile- truly making Jessie Black your home away from home!!


If you get a chance to chat as you comb through the shop’s sweet details you might get to hear Jessie’s infatuating story. A true world traveller {she’s lived everywhere from Paris to Monte Carlo, London to New York and happens to be Australian!}, her work embodies the places she’s been:

“I have been lucky enough to live in Paris, London, New York and Monte Carlo. Working in each of these great design capitals has been an incredible opportunity and really shaped my design aesthetic. Each city has its distinct style and energy. I took a slice of inspiration from each of these cities. I love the chic minimalism of Paris, the classic nature of London, the boldness of New York, the old-world sophistication of Monte Carlo and the freshness and diversity of San Francisco. Sydney for its natural beauty!”

We asked Jessie about her road to opening a luxury retail store. Early on with an MBA in the luxury goods sector, she learned opening a boutique is no easy feat. So Jessie hired on Parisian boutique manager, Carla, who has quite the resume herself, working at Christian Lacroix and Chanel and is especially grateful to her husband, whom would work her trade shows {Maison et Objet Paris, to be exact!}, ironing bed sheets and serving coffee to guests for days straight. Talk about a keeper!!


Jessie’s love and passion for her craft, her sweet-as-pie personality and her gorgeous store are three things everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing. If you are shopping in San Francisco be sure to pop in to feel some of the softest cashmere you’ll ever touch {get this– she uses the same atelier as Chanel!} and of course, bite into a scrumptious pistachio or passion fruit macaron! — Bianca

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original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick 

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  1. This store looks stunning! I really like the products and the styling is pared back. The use of chunky knits, cottons and linens in a soft neutral palette really works beautifully. And the concept of the changing room is different!
    Wish I lived nearer to San Francisco!