I am a firm believer that the details make or break any space. In the world of kitchens, that means things like hardware, the backsplash and perhaps most importantly, lighting. Lighting is the too oft-forgotten jewel of the kitchen. It’s way too easy to be like, ‘OK, I’ve got the countertops figured out, the cabinet color is on point and the appliances are perfect.’ Yes, we all loooovee a good island. But then you can lose steam by the time it comes to choose your lighting. In this case, specifically pendant lighting.

As many decisions as there are to make when remodeling a kitchen, don’t let your exhaustion tempt you into an expedient lighting choice. I’ve been there (trust me I agonized over each and every decision I made in our kitchen and I’m still constantly tweaking). I know it feels easier to throw the first thing you see in your shopping cart and call it a day. But with a little patience and a visit or two to Pinterest, you’ll find the sexy pendent lighting your new kitchen deserves. To help you get started (see, it’s getting easier already!), here are seven examples that really knock it out of the park.

sexy pendant lights on apartment 34

This first one is a perfect example of how a statement pendant takes a brutalist kitchen to the next level. This space is  minimal to the Nth degree with nothing but clean lines and sleek, hard materials, but the pendants’ bronze color and unique shape offer the juxtaposition that this space desperately needed.

sexy pendant lights on apartment 34

Pendants are also the perfect way to create contrast in your kitchen. With so many kitchens going all white these days, you can throw a daring matte black light fixture in there to mix things up and stand out. The pop of black on the stools’ legs is a nice tie in. I might have gone for a black faucet though!

sexy pendant lights on apartment 34

Or maybe instead of using color, you go for an unexpected geometric shape or some much-needed texture. This is still one of my favorite kitchens of late. Those sconces are seriously works of art (as is the whole house btw). I love that the geometric shape relates to the geometric tile backsplash.

sexy pendant lights on apartment 34

Pendants are the perfect way to change up the vibe of a space. This kitchen would look like virtually any other until you add in those wood basket pendants – and suddenly you’re on vacation. This kitchen could be on a tropical island somewhere!

sexy pendant lights on apartment 34

A set of simple globe pendants keeps things clean and classic.

And in contrast, a geometric cord adds a truly unique design interest that takes both an ordinary cone pedant and the standard kitchen in which it resides to the next level. I’m particularly loving this look.

What are your thoughts? Are you convinced that your kitchen pendant lights are the end-all be-all? That’s a smidge dramatic, but surely it’s clear how they can pull your kitchen together.

Here’s a tip: Before pulling the trigger on anything, give yourself three to five options and recruit opinions from friends and family. You don’t have to listen to said opinions, but they will help you make a more intentional choice.

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