Yeah, that was our exact reaction too! A Rosé slushie?! Is there such a thing or has the heat gotten to us and we’re only halucinating? No, this isn’t a mirage! While we were initially sad to see the Sips for Summer series come to a close, we’re thrilled that the finale is featuring this delicious recipe.And of course the group of ladies at Glitter Guide would save the most fun sipper for last. Look no further rosé lovers {#roséallday!}, your Rosé Slush, aka quite possibly the best summer cocktail ever invented, awaits you…


Once you wipe the drool from your computer, hop on over to Glitter Guide for the full recipe!

Have you missed out on the rest of our #SipsForSummer?? You can see the archive of recipes RIGHT HERE.

photography and styling by Caitlin Kruse

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