Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner and in celebration of the upcoming festivities, Ashley has mixed up a gorgeous grapefruit margarita recipe that just might be the best thing you’ve ever tasted!


While margaritas are an obvious cocktail for a Mexican fiesta, fresh grapefruit juice gives this fan-favorite drink an unexpected twist. The gorgeous light pink grapefruit color is flirty and feminine and the tartness of the fruit will make you and your party-goin’ friends pucker for another round!


Grapefruit Margarita

2 oz. Tequila
2 oz. Grapefruit
1 oz. lime juice
1/2 oz. triple sec
1/2 oz. agave
Kosher salt for rim
lime wedge
garnish- grapefruit slice/lime slice

Add tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice, triple sec and agave into a shaker with ice. Shake.
Take lime wedge and run around lip of glass. Place salt on plate and swirl the cup lip in the salt.

Add ice to glass. Strain cocktail shaker into glass. Garnish with grapefruit.


We love the idea of continuing to twist the classic margarita, not only in the flavor and color, but also when it comes down to presentation. Instead of pouring the margs into typical margarita glasses, serve them in vintage tumblers! You can also add pink sea salt to the rims for a little sparkle, but we like the look of a simple slice of grapefruit resting on top. Gorgeous, right?



original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick // art direction by Apartment 34 // styling by Bianca Sotelo // recipe by Ashley Rose 

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  1. What a gorgeous cocktail! I love a little splash of grapefruit when the weather starts to warm up.

  2. Love love love! I just found you. Hot tea, a blanket and oh the lovely things… thank you!