I used to have the luxury of spending a lot of time thinking about clothes. They were fun, they were a way to express myself, they were a way to make a statement to the world and if we’re all being honest, clothes are often a means competing with others. For my April edit, I’m taking a very different tact.

But as years have passed and life has gotten much more full, my perspective on getting dressed has shifted dramatically. Now don’t get my wrong, I still fully agree with the ethos of every makeover show that’s ever existed – how you dress is your initial calling card to world so you don’t want to mail it in. But that desire to one up, to out do, or to draw attention feels so childish now.

the april edit on apartment 34

What if your closet was only housed timeless, classic, high quality staples that looked good and made you feel good every time you put them on? What if your closet was trend free so you didn’t feel the need to purge and replenish after every season, but instead you could pull a piece out like you’re saying hello to an old friend?

My closet is slowly but surely headed in that direction and you know what I no longer spend hours doing (nor even really have the urge to do?!)? Shop! Once you build a closet full of beautiful pieces that let you revel in daily life, rather than worry about what you’re wearing all of that distraction falls away. And I never thought I’d say this but it feels great.

Because life is complicated. Getting dressed shouldn’t have to be.

the april edit on apartment 34

SHOP: nikes / rachel comey jeans / madewell tunic / denim loafers / leather bomber jacket / luggage / sunnies / hoop earrings / purse / gray t-shirt / denim jacket


There are a few more staples I’d like to add to my rotation this spring. These days I live in high quality t-shirts. They’re flattering. They’re comfortable and you can layer them with everything. And when you invest in a good one, they don’t pill or stretch and so don’t have to be replaced nearly as often.

I’m obsessed with denim jackets that have a little edge. An oversized silhouette. A cropped sleeve. Maybe some patchwork. Something that makes the jacket just a little different. It makes the piece and therefore your look a little more special.

The perfect cream wide-leg jean. You will wear them for years. The end.

The exception to my fill your closet with basics rule is shoes. I do love to have a little fun with my footwear and these denim loafers with a big ole bow totally fit that bill.

Anyone else have itchy feet? I want to take my entire spring edit, shove in it a cute suitcase and jet off to a beautiful destination. Maybe I should go back to Greece this year.



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What do you think?

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  1. I liked this we need to support ourselves and not tear ourselves down

  2. I am kicking myself because I had a leather jacket like that for years and years. I got rid of it after not wearing it for a long time, only to see it come back in style. Sigh. Classics really do come back.

    1. It’s always hard to know what to hold onto and what to get rid of, but those timeless pieces that always come back in style are a good bet. That’s also why I never get rid of my jeans – the popular styles are always cyclical so eventually, they’ll come back too!

  3. Completely agree! This shift for me started in my early 30s a few years ago. I only buy/keep what I can see myself wearing for the long haul. I have all the silhouettes I need for pants and tops, and then I have fun with my shoes and jackets!