Planning a wedding is like going to a candy store. There are so many different flavors to choose from! And just like in that confectioner’s dreamland, narrowing down exactly what you want can get overwhelming. Hence, bridal breakdowns. Like planning a wedding, a bride needs inspiration, as well a steady hand {ok, maybe like ten!} to help guide the way.

And in honor of our Wedding Week we chose our favorite wedding blogs that will do just that. There are a gazillion options out there these days, but this list is perfect for the modern-minded bride to gather unique finds that’ll ensure her dream wedding becomes a reality!


The stylish bride always wants the best there is and this blog keeps that in mind. Wedding Sparrow is one of the blogosphere’s only all film, fine art wedding blogs and it’s a gem. This UK wedding site offers the most ethereal bridal shoots, vividly imaginative photographs, and a truly unique aesthetic that no soon-to-be-bride should miss.


The Lane is a helpful directory for brides-to-be, but its blog The Lane: Backstage is an amazing source for wedding inspiration. Going behind the scenes of wedding shoots, editorials, and Bridal Fashion week, the blog offers a different view into the bridal industry. With strong images and insightful content, The Lane Backstage serves as a resource for anyone that wants to learn more about the bridal industry. Break away from the idea of the typical wedding and discover a new perspective- you just might fall in love. Shh, don’t tell the groom!


It might sound like a yummy dessert blog, but 100 Layer Cake is all about the celebration of love {hey, which for some might be through the stomach!}. 100 Layer Cake is a popular bridal go-to and rightfully so. They share some of the most envy-inducing weddings with captivating locations, TDF dresses, and cakes fancier than the car in your driveway. You could easily spend hours scrolling through this blog and who is to judge? Like Marie Antoinette said, let them eat cake!


If we wanted to talk wedding pictures {and we do!}, Jose Villa is one of the best wedding photographers, ever {we might be a little biased—he did shoot Erin’s wedding after all}. Villa’s blog showcases his creativity and ability to capture beautiful slivers of memories that will last a lifetime. Just like your wedding day, time will fly {trust us!} as you ponder through his dreamy images. Talk about wedding photography envy!


Nowadays brides are resourceful and focused on working out every little detail. From the latest released wedding suites to new cake topper ideas and tabletop DIY’s, Snippet & Ink informs and inspires with every post. Not only does Snippet & Ink share real wedding pictures on the daily, but they also create faux weddings that showcase a bit more of a dramatic setting that can really get your creative juices flowing! We’re also obsessed with their mood boards {good ones are hard to find these days!}. This blog is proof positive there is no wrong way to celebrate a wedding!

Hopeless romantics, take these blogs and enjoy them. And while you’re at it, there are so many more out there to be enjoyed!

What are some of your favorite wedding blogs? We’d love to know! – Victor

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