I realize it’s been quite a while since I’ve offered you an update on the Victorian. Well, that’s primarily because the old saying is true: when you move into a remodel still in progress the work slows waaayyy down. While things were livable when we moved in a few weeks back, they’re no where near “done.” There’s still a lot of finish work that’s left…well unfinished to date, but I’m slowly but surely trying to chip away at it. As of right now, the house feels a bit like we’re squatting in a really nice, albeit unfurnished airbnb.

So while I have to hold off on any big reveals until the house is in tiptop shape, I thought I could tide you over with some hints at what’s to come. For example, designing my dream kitchen. That was probably my favorite part of entire renovation process. I mean, I’d been dreaming about it for years at this point (the blog is almost 9 years old after all). While the kitchen wishlist was pretty standard; bright white counter tops, a stunning backsplash and a range to make a chef proud, I did add one detail that wasn’t part of my original must-haves.


Can you guess what it is? What do you not see in the image above?

Did you say appliances?! While working on our remodel designs, I fell in love with the idea of integrated appliances. That’s when you build cabinetry over the top to blend in with the rest of your kitchen seamlessly. The look is so clean, so polished. With integrated appliances the kitchen becomes the star rather than some stainless steel behemoth. I’m pretty obsessed with the look.


I love how this kitchen still feels very traditional, but timeless. The bit of molding on the cabinets and the classic marble backsplash give it such an elegant feel. Obviously an integrated look can also swing very modern with minimalist lines and dramatic touches like stainless steel counters, or a stunning waterfall island.

apt34-kitchen36b8404f6961a4fd0797493b4d4cf91347f88629 b3831a18744759.562ce90c202ee

We found the prefect refrigerator for the job, the Thermador Freedom Refrigeration system. Completely customizable, we were able find the perfect unit to fit our space. I love refrigerators with french doors. It makes is so much easier to access everything. And freezers on the bottom are a must. You get more storage area and how often do you really dip into your freezer? It’s nice to everything you use daily at arms reach.

I could not be happier with the look of our integrated Thermador appliances. Just like all the images above, the space feels clean, sleek and understated. I simply cannot wait until I can reveal everything to you, but for now, here’s a teaser of what you can expect to see when I do!



lambert & fils chandelier // benjamin moore storm gray paint // school house electric pulls // silestone by cosentino counters in zeus and backsplash in lusso // thermador freedom refrigeration // pendant

image 1 hecker guthrie / image 2 karlavagen 76 / image 3 by armelle habib / image 4 hecker guthrie / image 5 raya todorova

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  1. I very much like kitchen #2.
    One of my friends has a kitchen like this. In French, it’s called “encastrée.” Hers is very traditional, with dark wood cupboards, and the fridge looks like just another cupboard. The dishwasher has a wood door on it (mine, too). You see only the oven. It gives the impression of a 17th century kitchen, which is about when her house was built. But for all the looks, she also has the mod-cons.
    I have an open kitchen, aka “cuisine americaine.” I wish I’d made a wall of appliances, with folding doors that I could just close. On the other hand, we eat 3 meals a day chez nous, which means cooking all the time, so any doors would never have been shut. We always want what we don’t need.

    1. Kitchen #2 is in fact closest to our final design! I think you’ll approve of the end result 🙂

  2. My dream kitchen has a huge window that looks out over the herb garden.

    There is a wood burning stove.

    Cast iron pots, copper pans, and coffee 50s pyrex bowls spill out of the cupboards.

    There is pantry off the kitchen filled with preserves and all of the goodness of the summer harvest.

    The radio plays Cole Porter, I am baking bread whilst my love colours with our daughter our dog lounging at my feet.