I’ve always said that lingerie is NOT a Valentine’s gift for you. It’s for him. I mean, come on – do you ever actually wear the stuff other than the day it was given? Exactly. But my attitude has shifted a bit since I discovered Madewell just launched an intimates line. Because this is purdy underwear I actually want to wear.


It looks cute, it looks comfy and it has the perfect amount of sass.

I’m particularly into the bralette situation for something I might want to show off. But I also really like I really the mesh bras. Padding is so 10 years ago. I’m tiny and proud dammit. There are some cute and casual color blocked styles. Great boy shorts too.

I haven’t refreshed my personals drawer since finally returning to my post-baby body (did I mention it took nearly two years to get there? Yeah f*** Crissy Tiegan and all those models who look perfect in 4 weeks. But I digress). But now that everything has shrunk back down to its pre-baby size and I’m no longer stuck wearing nursing bras, it seems like the perfect time to invest in a few lovely little things, just for me. Why should I have to wait until someone else buys them for me?? If the husband likes this little gift to myself, added bonus.

You can shop the entire Madewell Intimates Collection HERE.

What do you think?

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