I know, I’m one of those people. One of those weird people who will actually determine my dream travel destination not by the locale itself, but by where I can stay! I’m sorry but aesthetics are important to me people. After about nine years here at Apt34, I think we’ve established that. Which is why Philadelphia has suddenly sprung to the top of my must-visit list. Yes, I’ve actually heard great things about the city for awhile now, and it is the birthplace of our entire nation, but really, it’s all about this stunning Airbnb!

I mean, just look at this space.

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Set in a Rittenhouse xxx, this apartment is absolutely stunning. And it’s easy to understand why  – it’s owned and designed by the styling and interiors powerhouse couple Tara Mangini and Percy Bright behind Jersey Ice Cream Co. You may have spotted their work here or seen this interview with Tara and Percy here.

The duo have a decidedly old world style. Every space they put together has a thoughtful patina mixed with timeless design elements. They tend to do a lot of cottages and country kitchens, but there’s an aire of restraint and sophistication that I really appreciate – even with all the vintage bobbles lying around. But this all white dream room is screaming my name. The minimalism, yet cozy warmth is phenomenal, thanks to the refinished original hardwood floors, the restoration of beautiful molding and addition of paneling, the lux creamy textiles. And don’t even get me started about that pitch perfect kitchenette. Gold hardware and copper pots pop against the neutral walls and raw pine cabinetry.

This little apartment is so perfect as a vacation spot because no one could actually live a normal life in an all-white space like this. But oh to lay my head there for just a day or two and dream of the days before kids, dirt and clutter began to invade my world. I don’t even really care what there is to do in Philadelphia because I’m pretty sure I would just sit on this apartment’s private roof deck from dawn till dusk – save all the naps I would take in that bed and the bath I would enjoy in the claw-foot tub.

Ok, I’m booking my ticket as I type….

images courtesy of jersey ice cream co

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  1. This is beautiful! I live just around the corner… but I would totally rent that for a weekend! Staycation? 🙂 Philadelphia is absolutely a worthy travel destination! Great food and some pretty sights to see! 🙂

    1. I think a staycation is definitely in order Lydia. If I make it out to Philly I’m definitely going to need your recommendations