Happy first Friday of September friends. I must say it does feel very good to be back. Even as much as running a daily editorial site (and all the social media, constant oversharing and self-promotion it requires) can feel a bit relentless sometimes, a decade in I remain inspired by the talented people and amazing design I uncover every day.

I did learn a few things about myself during my month off that I thought I’d share with you.

The day really must not have 24 hours in it, because I did not accomplish even 10% of what I’d hoped to.

No matter how many meditation apps I download, I’m very bad at finding 10 minutes to sit still.

See also: I really really really cannot wake up before 7 am. Sorry (not sorry).

I’m pretty sure I need to take a time management and organization course – I used to be the most organized person you could ever meet. I blame #mombrain. It’s a very legitimate thing.

Hello, my name is Erin, & I am addicted to my phone. This job is not so helpful with that one.

Instagram Stories sucks up way more time out of your day than you think it does. Time yourself and see.

Family and friends feed the soul.

As does really good wine. Preferably consumed with family and friends.

There’s also a lot going on in the world of more critical importance than how to redecorate your living room. It could affect all of us for at least a generation. So paying attention & getting involved is rather important. Just sayin.

But with all that, I am excited to dive back into things – I have a couple of fun new series up my sleeve, plenty more peeks of my house – nope didn’t get that finished on hiatus either – more design inspiration, entertaining tips and plenty of travels. And obviously, I always want to know what you’re interested in so never hesitate to let me know!

Now that I’m back on the interwebs, I’ve found many a fun thing that I think you should check out too.

My incredibly talented friend Kate has launched new art prints in her shop. I love them all.

Another dear friend Jen recently talked about choosing to keep your business smaller and how it can be the best thing for you. I highly recommend giving this podcast a listen.

If you need some innovative nursery ideas, Sarah’s design is damn genius.

Feeling like you need a fall wardrobe makeover? My friend Catherine is doing a fall closet prep and you should check it out.

I’m going as minimalist as I can for fall. You can see more of my inspiration here.

I want to be a more crafty mama this season and I’m feeling like I could actually pull off these fall-themed arts & crafts.

I want to thank you for your support and for just being a reader. It means the world. More fun to come!

first image via the apt34 archive

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  1. Hi! Where is your cardigan from? I’m obsessed and have been looking for something similar for so long!