why you should watch queer eye and other friday finds on apartment 34

Friends, the Fab Five are back! Does that phrase mean anything to you? I really hope so. If not, I shall explain.

You see, I was a huge fan of the original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy – the show where five gay men made over a straight guy – when it debuted on Bravo back in 2003 (we old!!!!). I only recently heard about the new Netflix reboot (which they’re just calling Queer Eye). But after a positive review or two found its way into my Twitter feed, I decided it was time to see if the remake could live up to the original. You guys, you MUST start watching this show immediately.

why you should watch queer eye and other friday finds on apartment 34

Queer Eye is the infusion of humanity, inclusivity, connectedness, authenticity, and empathy that our country – shit the world – so desperately needs right now. Set in Atlanta, the new Queer Eye is not just depicting gay men in a positive light but they are tackling issues of sexuality, race, religion, misogyny (yes I call this show feminist because they unpack the very definitions of masculine vs feminine) and more. Queer Eye is talking about any ism you can think of and are tackling them head on, but only in the most charming, approachable and truly joy-filled way. I had a perma-smile on my face – except when I was repeatedly moved to tears – as I wiled away an entire Friday night with “the boys” (#momlife).

But I went to bed feeling so uplifted, optimistic and energized by the amazing connection and not just tolerance, but the acceptance that the show espouses. If there is any friend, family member or really anyone you know who is on the other side of a major issue right now, tell them to watch this show. Not to change their mind to your side, but just as an amazing reminder that there is another side. Everyone is so myopic these days, living in both analog and digital echo chambers that only repeat and reinforce their opinions and behaviors. It’s wonderful to have so much choice in entertainment, education, news and the like but it means we can simply segment into little fiefdoms. There isn’t a truly collective concsciouness anymore. But Queer Eye is a wonderful reminder that there are all kinds of people who live all kinds of different ways and that it is ok! Everyone deserves love. Everyone deserves joy. Everyone deserves to be listened to, understood and appreciated for who they are. Yaas queen, yaas (watch and you’ll understand what that means).

why you should watch queer eye and other friday finds on apartment 34

But when you need a break from your binge-watching (there are only eight episodes so you might want to pace yourself. I was so sad when they were over) here are other links to check out this weekend! xo

> The new color series on SFGIRLBYBAY is a breath of colorful fresh air.

> I’m loving Jo’s new recap videos. They almost make me want to start documenting my every move. Almost.

> After stalking fashion month, mostly through Eva Chen’s Instagram feed, I’m feeling inspired to get dressed again. But I’m def not wearing designer clothes with a toddler. I think Anh strikes the perfect balance of pulled together and realistic looks.

> I’ve been starting to shop for art for our house and thankfully Cassandra already did a lot of the work for me!

> I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I want a fanny pack.

And a few things you might have missed around here.

> My other favorite new show.

> The new line of lighting with which I’m totally obsessed.

> A spring-inspired update to my dining room.

> The cocktail I can’t wait to mix up this spring. It’s around the corner!


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