Now that December is officially upon us, I’ve broken the seal on holiday decorating. Or should I say un-decorating. While I’ll never forsake a Christmas tree, there’s something I love about a truly minimal nod to the holiday season.

Your Secret to Minimal Holiday Decorating on apartment 34Your Secret to Minimal Holiday Decorating on apartment 34Your Secret to Minimal Holiday Decorating on apartment 34Your Secret to Minimal Holiday Decorating on apartment 34

I’ve gone maximalist with my holiday decorating in the past with garlands, wreaths and flourishes a-plenty, but this year I’m going for an elegant, subtle, yet still festive, demarcation of the season. I think #thisoldvictorian calls for a significant level of restraint.

The secret is an extremely light hand. A cutting of pine here. A smattering of ornamentation there. Nothing to bright or ostentatious. This year I’m actually shirking all sparkle (save the tree) in favor of matte objects that hint at the holiday – rather than scream festive at the top of their lungs. Obviously a soothing neutral color palette is also a must. And candles. Candles everywhere.

I’m still debating the placement of a modern wreath and will maybe even consider adding one garland (in a dramatic, unexpected location – stay tuned), albeit a minimal one.

I have added many a gorgeous “holiday decorating” piece to my cart this weekend, so I thought I’d share my favorites with you. You’ll note there’s no color and hardly any sparkle in sight. But I’m loving it.

How about you?

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What do you think?

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  1. I like this style too, but it’s somethimes hard to find the balanse between “enough” and “overloaded ” , because What I really want is the good feeling when It’s all done.

  2. Was this Christmas 2018? And are you loving the lesser but strong look? Keeper?
    Have just caught on and appreciate the full picture to give perspective how it all works together. Closeups aren’t as helpful.
    I’m sold on black and neutrals and Hope you’re still on this track?
    Well done!

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    Thank you!!