Idea to Steal {2}

This week’s Idea to Steal is perfect for the closet space-impaired {hi, my name is Erin and my closet is overflowing}.

It’s a simple DIY with a piece of an Ikea sidebar unit. The outer legs were painted a high gloss black, leaned against a wall and it suddenly became a lovely accessories rack!

I’m running to Ikea immediately because this would be the perfect spot for my scarves and the husband’s ties. I would even leave a hanger for my {or his!} favorite blazer, shirt or a just-back-from-the-dry-cleaner dress. So good, right??

Poppytalk features a bevy of super-smart Ikea hacks, as they’re called, right here! My to-do list is suddenly getting very long!!

spied on Poppytalk, by Livet Hemma


13 thoughts on “Idea to Steal {2}

  1. This idea is absolutely something I will steal!! Thanks for the idea and thanks for stopping by my blog:) definetley a day-maker!

  2. Such a good idea – we are startved for coset space as well. I think it might be a San Francisco thing. :-)

  3. This is such a beautiful idea! I can’t get enough of Ikea hacks! :)

  4. amy

    Great idea!

    I’m not sure if you know this but your You Might Also Link isn’t working properly.

  5. This is really a nice idea to steal! It’s so simple but it works really well!

  6. Our Posts Like This link is currently down – we’re trouble shooting. Thanks for your patience!

  7. This seems like a really cool idea…and would definitely keep a lot of my clothes/scarves off the floor! :-)

  8. Motivation to pick up the clothes off the floor – style them as an accessory on the wall! Brilliant, twisted and off to!

  9. That’s a pretty unique idea for adding more closet space.

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