Feeling Thankful


Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Yes, more than that one with all the presents. Because you know I love good food. And I adore a stunning tabletop. But what I really love more than anything else is bringing people together to enjoy one another’s company. In a fragmented world overstuffed with busy and satiated by virtual connections, the tangible pulse of interactions back and forth across a table is more valuable than ever.


This year, I’m making a point to pause and really take stock of all I’m thankful for. The list is incredibly simple, but I wanted to share it with you.

> Family. Having grown from a party of two to a party of three was certainly the game changer this year. It’s crazy to look at this tiny human and realize how much he’s grown in such a short time. I’m so excited to watch this little dude discover who he will become. I can only hope I don’t screw up the process.

> Loved ones. There are so many people I hold dear, both near and far. Ones I talk to frequently and ones who I rarely, if ever, connect with anymore, but the thought of each and every one always warms my heart.

> My health. Too many people face struggles with their health everyday. With each passing year I realize how lucky I am to have a body that continues to stand strong for me. I need to reminder to be kinder to it.

> Grace. Even if I sometimes fail to find it, that fact that I know it’s achievable gives me something to strive for daily.

> This site. If you told me eight+ years ago all the things that blogging would bring my way, I would never have believed you. Apartment 34 has been and remains both an adventure and a place of comfort all at the same time. If you’ve read for years, drop by on occasion or this is your first visit, I am eternally grateful for the time you spend here. Apartment 34 would be nothing without you.


PS: if you need last second thanksgiving recipe ideas click here. Drink inspiration is here. And more tabletop inspiration is here!

original photography of never before seen images of our most popular table of all time by aubrie pick 


Finding a Little Zen this Holiday Season

With holiday season steamrolling its way into town, it can all get a little overwhelming. The decorating, the gift buying, the entertaining – all the stuff involved can really start to pile up. That’s why I’m making a point to create a calm, quiet respite somewhere in our house this season! In this case – it’s my desk. I revealed my mini office back when Carter was born. While I still miss the Apartment 34 studio, this little corner has continued to be my {tiny} happy place.

To help maintain my holiday sanity, I decided a few early gifts for myself were in order. I love the ultra modern pieces that the Moma Store carries. Their HAY Collection has such cool, minimal accessories. A sleek tray and a couple beautiful new notebooks are all I need to keep my seasonal to-do’s straight. And I let out a blissful sigh of minimalist relief every time I plop down at my desk. I’m all for making the festive season merry and bright, but sometimes this mama just needs a break. And you thought babies were the only ones who can get overstimulated!

If I had a touch more space, I would gladly add any one of these beautiful elements to my home office.



1. Hourglass Colorplay
2. Cube Clock
3. Muji Pencils
4. Pencil Holder
5. Stendig Calendar 
6. Hand
7. Tivoli Radio
8. Lamp
9. Porcelain Mug

Thankfully, I now have my shopping list for the new house is ready to go!

This post is in partnership with MOMA. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations we’re excited about and that have kept Apartment 34’s doors open.

Idea to Steal: {Artfully Styled Bookshelves}

Bookshelves. Let’s talk about how great they are for a sec. Obviously, they’re entirely functional—so that’s fantastic. Second of all, with the right styling, they can easily become the prettiest thing in the room. And lastly, like a personal mini-museum, they’re the perfect way to bring personality into a space – a mix of interesting artifacts and books help tell a story of where you’ve been and who you are. That’s why when we came across this bookshelf styling technique, we did a major double-take!


This ain’t your average bookcase! Not only is it filled with tons of delightful treasures, we’re totally digging the idea of featuring a large piece of framed artwork anchored across two shelves smack dab in the middle! This daring placement draws attention to the art itself and also adds dimension and variation to what could otherwise easily be a traditional hohum bookshelf. With a killer piece of art on our hands and a strong velcro tape attached to the backside of the frame, we’re so dying to try this idea!

What are your thoughts?

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photography by Michele Andersen