Finding a Little Zen this Holiday Season

With holiday season steamrolling its way into town, it can all get a little overwhelming. The decorating, the gift buying, the entertaining – all the stuff involved can really start to pile up. That’s why I’m making a point to create a calm, quiet respite somewhere in our house this season! In this case – it’s my desk. I revealed my mini office back when Carter was born. While I still miss the Apartment 34 studio, this little corner has continued to be my {tiny} happy place.

To help maintain my holiday sanity, I decided a few early gifts for myself were in order. I love the ultra modern pieces that the Moma Store carries. Their HAY Collection has such cool, minimal accessories. A sleek tray and a couple beautiful new notebooks are all I need to keep my seasonal to-do’s straight. And I let out a blissful sigh of minimalist relief every time I plop down at my desk. I’m all for making the festive season merry and bright, but sometimes this mama just needs a break. And you thought babies were the only ones who can get overstimulated!

If I had a touch more space, I would gladly add any one of these beautiful elements to my home office.



1. Hourglass Colorplay
2. Cube Clock
3. Muji Pencils
4. Pencil Holder
5. Stendig Calendar 
6. Hand
7. Tivoli Radio
8. Lamp
9. Porcelain Mug

Thankfully, I now have my shopping list for the new house is ready to go!

This post is in partnership with MOMA. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations we’re excited about and that have kept Apartment 34’s doors open.

10 Things You Need to Kick School’s Ass

It’s back to school again! Sure, our school days may be a thing of the distant past, but Mondays {ugh!} are basically the “back to school” equivalent so we feel your pain. You don’t really wanna end the stress-free life of the weekend summer, but hey, it’s the start of a new beginning and that can always be a good thing. Once you get over that dreadful first day, the first couple of weeks of school are actually really fun – getting organized with new classes, meeting new friends, weeding out pesky professors {all of which get you one step closer to that diploma!}. To help you get into the swing of things, here are some backpack essentials you’ll want to have in class to kick this semester in the a-s-s.


Get Your Shop On:

> 1. Backpack
> 2. Folio
> 3. Coffee Traveler
> 4. Planner
> 5. iPhone Case
> 6. Pencil Pouch
> 7. “It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be” Book
> 8. Flash Drive 
> 9. Pens
> 10. Clipboard

6 Desk Accessories You Needed Like, Yesterday

As we think about easy ways to refresh our homes without diving into a complete decor overhaul, a simple swap of accessories immediately comes to mind! One of our favorite rooms in the home is the office. It’s a personal space for the entrepreneur in the house to spread their wings. It’s also the place that is usually piled with messy paperwork, a couple of cups of old coffee and frankly, just always covered in “un-fun” stuff. Oh, but how that little corner of the world can be flipped upside down with a few gorgeous, streamlined desk accessories. As the glimmer of a new season begins to peek around the corner, we can’t help but start thinking about getting back down to business. Good looking business of course!



Get Your Shop On:

> 1. Trash Bin
> 2. Tape Dispenser
> 3. Notepads
> 4. Elastic Ball
> 5. Lamp
> 6. Scissors

We, like you, need all of these desktop pretties asap. We can see it now…a clean desk! What a life that would be…

image via Coco Lapine Design