Before & After: How to Reinvent Your Bedroom

Living in a rental apartment can make redecorating really difficult. It’s hard to justify an investment in any major pieces when you don’t know what your next home might look like. And it’s not like you can pick up a new couch every season!

Refreshing your bedroom is another great example. How do you change things up? Good beds don’t come cheap. But it’s amazing how transformative a new set of bedding can be! You can completely change the mood of a space or welcome a new season. Don’t believe us? Check out this makeover with Tommy Hilfiger bedding. To remind you, here’s a before shot:


And here’s the after!


To flip the space from its monochromatic, urban boho start, we wanted to bring in color and a more layered approach to making the bed. Pretty dramatic difference, right? The Tommy Hilfiger Sutton Stripe comforter creates a preppy, slightly tropical vibe. A pile of throw pillows in a mixture of textures adds a lux detail. Did you spy the leather rope on that throw pillow? So good! Kinda makes you want to dive right in the middle of the bed, doesn’t it?


With Fall around the corner, it’s the perfect time to look for easy ways to enliven your space. It’s time to start to nest a bit – get ready for the cooler nights that are on the way. With a bed like this to snuggle in, you’ll be rather happy the days are getting shorter again!

original photography for apartment 34 by aubrie pick // styling by bianca sotelo

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Tommy Hilfiger, and all words and opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting the partnerships that keep apartment 34’s doors open. 

REMODEL UPDATE: This Old Victorian

I realize it’s been a hot second since we provided an update on the remodel of our San Francisco Victorian. That’s because there really hasn’t been much to show or tell for quite a few months now – unless you’re fascinated by plumbing, electrical work or the art of insultation. It’s riveting stuff, let me tell you. If you’ve ever gone through an extensive remodel, I’m sure you can relate. There’s an extended amount of time where it really looks like nothing has happened. But, I’m pleased to report we finally have real progress! There are walls. Rooms are starting to look like actual rooms. Flooring is about to go in. These are major milestones for us. Here are a few sneak peeks!

IMG_1564this taken from our living room looking into what will be our kitchen! We removed two walls to create an open concept space.

IMG_1559 I love the curviture of our staircase. Now I just have to design a banister…

IMG_1557 We’re keeping all the original molding and those killer archways throughout the house.

IMG_1552Looking from the dining room into living room/kitchen. I’m just dreaming of those oak floors being laid. 

Now that all the ugly stuff is done, we’re moving onto the fun – finish work! Think light fixutres, counter tops, cabinet design. I’ve been obsessing about our master bathroom lately. It’s a bit of a holy grail of homeownership after all. We actually took an extra bedroom to create the master suite of my dreams. Here’s what it is going to look like!

All the dream bath ingredients are here. His & Hers vanities. A little room for the toilet to call home. We’ll enjoy the modern revelation called a linen closet. No more shoving towels and sheets where ever the heck I can find space. We’re also creating a dual-headed shower, with a rain showerhead – what I hope will be my tiny oasis from the rest of the world! My goal is to create a spa-like atmosphere. I want this to be my little respite from the rest the world. These are a few of the inspiration images I pulled onto my moodboard.


As with most other things in my day-to-day, I’m drawn to a neautral color palette. Natural materials like stones and wood will have a soothing feel. One of the bathroom’s biggest features is going to be the shower. It will be the first thing you see as you walk from the bedroom into the space. At 12″ tall, it’s got to be eye catching. 

To create something modern, but also timeless, I headed to Fireclay Tile – an amazing San Francisco-based tile maker. Working with their in-house design team, we decided to do a play on the classic subway tile look. To take a modern approach, the shower will feature an oversized version their Edge tile line. The tile is crisp and clean with sharp edges. I love the color Feldspar – it’s just a touch warmer than white and looks gorgeous in a matte finish. You can see the sketch of the final tile design below.


I am so excited to see that oversized subway pattern stretching 12″ tall! We’re also tucking in a teak bench and a hidden products storage cubbie behind the wall. I know California is in a drought but it’s going to be really hard to not spend hours in that shower!


links: white towels, fouta towels, waffle towels, jute basket, petrified wood stool


link: toilet paper holder, towel hanger, toothbrush, candle, container, toilet brush

When it comes to accessories this is where I want to warm up the space with super cozy towels, woven baskets and a natural stump stool. Modern towel racks in black will add a touch of trendiness. 

There’s still quite a bit I’m debating. I haven’t nailed down a paint color. I’m also hunting for great bathroom mirrors (any hot tips?!) and have yet to fall in love with a wall sconce. But all in all, it’s coming together! I can actually envision getting ready in this room everyday. 

The countdown is on!

The Picture Perfect Sunday + $500 Giveaway

In case you missed it, last week we teamed up with Lonny Magazine for a super fun feature! We invited Lonny into the loft for a peek at what a dream Saturday morning looks like. From stealing extra zzzz’s to dedicated quality mommy & me time, I shared my tips and ideas to make your weekend that much better. On top of my favorite weekend rituals, there’s also an epic giveaway involved!  Here’s a sneak at what you’ll see over on Lonny and what you have the chance to get your hands on.


Today is the last day to enter to win $500 in goodies from The Citizenry and Lunya – two lines that we are ob-sessed with. It’s your chance to indulge in the dreamiest loungewear and fill your home with meaningful artisanal treasures! The gift card is for whatever your heart desires, but let me tell you, Lunya’s Alva crop top is so comfy and has the most gorgeous stitching detail and I can not get enough of my Sauda basket from The Citizenry – two things I’d highly recommend adding to your life!

While not every Sunday includes perfectly coiffed waffles and quiet reading time these days, let’s be honest, we sure wish they were.

To check out the full interview and ENTER TO WIN A $500 SHOPPING SPREE, click here.

And if you missed it, you’ll want to jot down the recipe for this Lavender and Vanilla Iced Almond Milk Latte – our latest favorite Sunday morning treat!

photography by Bess Friday