When looking for fresh inspiration do you turn to our trusted friend Pinterest like I do? Of course you do. That’s why I was so intrigued when I heard about one of the fastest growing interior design trends on Pinterest. Care to guess what it is? Nope, not terra cotta. Not curved couches. Not even black kitchens. It’s the fifth wall, aka the ceiling! I do agree that statement ceilings can transform a room. From the top down with bold paint, striking wallpaper or intricate texture, a designed ceiling envelopes you, taking a room next level.  Check out the examples below for some major inspiration.

statement ceilings on apartment 34statement ceilings on apartment 34

Painted ceilings are a bold but easy way to add drama to your space. A pattern can help accent a vaulted ceiling, while a solid color adds major contrast.

Statement ceilings are fantastic in kids’ spaces.

statement ceilings on apartment34

White beams add interest while keeping things light. Tailored beams are stately and traditional, while the rough and rustic style soften things with a more country edge.

Cladding is another beautiful ceiling option that adds more texture without closing in on you.

And if you’re lucky enough to have a house that comes with gorgeous beams you can just let them hang out a’natural.

Saves for “statement ceilings” on Pinterest were up +310% at the start of the year. What say you? Would you try this tend in your house?


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  1. I feel like I’d have to have pretty high ceilings to feel comfortable playing around with them, but I really love the looks here.

  2. Great post, will be sharing on our site for homeowner’s education. Thanks!