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Idea to Steal: Wall-to-Wall Headboards

But I digress. As you might have seen last week, I have new project that is distracting me from impending doom – the Hood Canal Coastal Cottage and I have been diving deeeeep in design this past week as our timeline to get this baby done is mega short. Like six weeks short. But I’ll dig into all those details once we actually close and I can walk you through everything.

For now, let’s have a convo about bedrooms, shall we? We spend a lot of time in them right? I tend to work from mine late into the wee hours. One of the biggest trouble spots I’m running into with the Coastal Cottage are the bedrooms. I think bedrooms are my achilles heel (as was evidenced by our guest room in This Old Victorian. And the main bedroom. But who’s counting.) It just feels impossible to come up with something that seems interesting (without resorting to majorly expensive finishes or design elements and we are on a budget here people! More on that discussion to come as well).

Living spaces are my jam. I can walk into any type of living space and visualize what it needs almost instantly. Maybe it’s because bedrooms are usually just a box, and often a pretty small one that limits my thinking. I just have the hardest time coming up with innovative solutions for bedroom design. But one idea has been catching my eye in all my late-night scrolling – so much so that I just had to whip up this post for you.

My latest Idea to Steal (and the one I’m trying to convince the husband to let me do in the Coastal Cottage) is wall-to-wall headboards.

Idea to Steal: Wall-to-Wall Headboards on Apartment34Idea to Steal: Wall-to-Wall Headboards on Apartment34Idea to Steal: Wall-to-Wall Headboards on Apartment34Idea to Steal: Wall-to-Wall Headboards on Apartment34

You might also call this look a bed ledge. The utility of wall-to-wall headboards are endless. It’s an easy way to inject another color, wood tone or texture to your bedroom. You can also use the wall-to-wall headboard to house bedside tables and lighting, saving floor space and keeping things minimal.

But I also love that the bed ledge offers the perfect spot to display pieces you love. From artwork to plants, vases or ceramics – you have a spot to add life and personality to your space without adding additional furniture to your room.

The challenge is with the wall-to-wall headboard is actually creating one. This isn’t an off the shelf solution. You’ll likely need to employ a carpenter or be very industrious with your DIYs to create something that works. I’ve seen very simple pine and even particle board versions that don’t seem too intimidating. But slatted wall-to-wall headboards or versions with more design detail could require a pro. I would argue the investment is worth it.

How about you? Maybe if this post gets enough comments, my husband will be convinced!

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images the local project / leibalstudiomk27 / barnabylane, cultiver

After two trips to Sweden this year, I have become totally smitten with their unique design perspective. And I’m not referring to the stereotypical Scandinavian minimalism nor the typical “hygge” look that’s been massively appropriated into American design of late. Those styles are certainly present in many a Swedish residence, but they also feature a mix that includes old-world and modern, clean-lined and cozy, restrained yet perfectly layered.

Home Tour: Elevated and Elegant Fall Vibe in StockholmHome Tour: Elevated and Elegant Fall Vibe in Stockholm

This apartment, belonging to interior designer Lovisa Håger is a perfect example. At first glance, you might not immediately realize it is in Stockholm. The mix of furniture styles, the use of classic designs that aren’t Scandinavian, like Serge Mouille and Atollo lamps and the moody color palette make this home seem as if it could be in Paris or Brussels.

Home Tour: Elevated and Elegant Fall Vibe in Stockholm

But as your eye devours this decidedly stunning space, you do spy some tell-tale hygge signs, like those mid-century chairs upholstered in fuzzy lambswool or the classic Scandinavian midcentury credenza.

But I love that there isn’t a piece of blonde wood in sight here. Instead, deep warm wood pieces offer lovely contrast. I’m similarly obsessed with the choice to paint the molding throughout the house a sultry gray, bucking the all-white -everything Scandinavian look.

Home Tour: Elevated and Elegant Fall Vibe in Stockholm  Home Tour: Elevated and Elegant Fall Vibe in Stockholm

The kitchen also continues to buck the traditional color stereotypes, using dusty rose, dark countertops, more of that yummy dark gray molding.

Do you spy the split door at the end of the hallway – it’s one of my favorite things about European apartments.

Home Tour: Elevated and Elegant Fall Vibe in Stockholm

Natural light is indeed critical for those long Swedish winters and thanks to a plethora of large windows this apartment has lovely light in spades. I also really appreciate the deep windowsills. They become little little extra pieces of furniture where you can keep a few favorite books or display a vignette of ceramics. The floor to ceiling curtains in this room help accentuate the ceiling height.

The traditional corner-mounted fireplace does place this apartment smack dab in Sweden. But I’m not mad about it. Swedish fireplaces are so stunning. I also love a tone-on-tone dark room. The bedroom is a perfect spot to create an extra cozy retreat.

This apartment feels warm and collected, yet not overly cluttered or fussy. Of course it benefits from amazing interior architecture, but it’s the lovely mix of textures, design styles and timeless accessorizing that makes this house feel like a home.

And bonus, it’s for sale! Maybe my little relocate-to-Sweden-pipe-dream could in fact come true. Details about the apartment are here.

images via nomad makleri

I feel like I’ve been mighty quiet about the status of our house for quite some time now, but it’s because I’ve actually been a rather busy bee, determined to finish This Old Victorian once and for all (you can catch up on what turned into a nearly five-year process right here).

After attempting to problem solve my biggest design challenges over and over again, I’ve realized there are some design conundrums that are simply beyond my experience level. Or perhaps I’ve just been staring at this house for too dang long. Quite likely. Enter culprit number one; my master bedroom. Here is its current state again, should you need a reminder. Not much has changed….yet.

The current status of my master is lovely but a tad…plain. While it’s clean and calm, there isn’t really any wow moment. This house deserves some wow. I deserve some too dammit! As of now, my bedroom houses a bed, a sad Ikea dresser and….that’s about it. After being in our house for a good bit now, I’ve realized I’m really in need of a haven from the rest of the world. I’m looking for something with more layers, texture, and a good dose of sophistication. But this room is just really dang hard to figure out. All of its layout quirks has managed to stump me.

Enter my friend and interior designer extraordinaire Lauren Nelson. I’ve collaborated with Lauren to help create the magic this master bedroom needs to get to the next level and today I’m giving you a sneak peek into where we’re headed!

Our moodboard features a color palette of warm woods, dusty, earthy hues and lots of natural texture. I’m really love the vibe. But my biggest aha in trying to figure out this space was the realization that it requires custom solutions. Tricky dimensions, oversized windows, a fireplace (I know, rough life) mean off the shelf furniture just don’t make this room functional. This is why I needed to call in a true pro. Lauren created a custom bed design that will tuck perfectly beneath my extra low window casings. Built-in side tables will provide me with the functionality and the rich warm tones I’m craving. Lauren has added in little custom details will make it a truly one of a kind piece. I can.not.wait.

The other big aha was the need to amp up the room’s lighting. Being blessed with extra high ceilings, it’s was a shame not make sure your eye is drawn up. Enter YLighting – my absolute favorite lighting resource. My dining room pendant, media room pendant and so many of my flush mounts are from YLighting. They have options that fit literally every style and every budget.

I’ve set my sights on the Marset Ginger Pendant for our bedroom. Its unique shape features a mix of materials including an oak canopy and blackened aluminum frame. Its gorgeously oversized, making it impossible to miss and it will contrast with the walls and drapery so well. I’ll also be upping the ante in my master bathroom with a set of extended sconces made of bent wood and brass with marble backplate also from YLighting. Because sometimes you just cannot resist. They are going to be next level good. Here’s a little schematic of the pendant with my future bed!

While we’re still midway through the design process and I won’t be able to share the final reveal for quite some time, I couldn’t help but give you at least a sense of where we’re headed so…here’s a major sneak peek of the final design rendering with you!

In addition to the stunning lighting and awesome custom bed, we’re going to add a vintage Moroccan rug for a pop of print. I’m obsessed with the rug. Floor to ceiling drapes will add softness and a refinished vintage dresser will give me the storage I so desperately need and the style I crave (sorry Ikea, you’re just not cuttin’ it). We’re currently working on a dream mantel for the room’s fireplace and I have a few ideas for eye-catching art up my sleeve. It’s always fun when you get to dig into the details phase of a project like this.

Well, it’s not quite as fun install day – I’m counting down to the moment when the master bedroom of my dreams is actually mine.

Stay tuned!

To catch up on all things This Old Victorian (do you remember what it looked like when we started??), CLICK HERE.

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And we’re back! You guys, it’s September. Holy s***. We’ve blinked and summer is gone. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Fall is my favorite season for oh so many reasons – one of which is all the cozy updates you get to make to your house. That is kinda my speciality these days. To kick off the new month, I’ve got a super quick easy way to refresh your bedroom for fall. You’re going to want to keep scrolling btw – there’s a big giveaway at the end of this post!

To get ready for fall, I decided our guest room needed (another!) refresh. I wanted to both simplify and add a layer of sophistication to the space. Thankfully, with the help of The Citizenry, my transformation was fairly easy.

an easy way to update your bedroom on apartment 34

I actually only changed a few simple things in this but the effect is rather dramatic. I love the crispness of the black and white color palette in this space (diy alert – I changed the bed’s headboard by simply tacking a bolt of black cotton to it!). The bedside tables are sharp and angular. The framed art by Mia Carameros is both tailored but also organic with its botanic print. A mid-century style table lamp adds a modern touch. Soft linen bedding, a cashmere throw, an amber vase and a bit of pampas grass warm up the look.

an easy way to update your bedroom on apartment 34

But the star of the show is the Monochromatic Luxe pillow bundle I’ve curated for The Citizenry. The set starts with a pair of mudcloth pillows as your base. I love their graphic punch. To soften things a bit I then added a Beso pillow, handmade in Peru, featuring rows of soft knit knots. It’s got gorgeous texture. A lovely striped lumbar pillow with a few hints of pink adds just enough femininity to make the bed extra inviting. A chunky knit round pillow offers a touch of extra of softness to the room.

an easy way to update your bedroom on apartment 34

If you check out the before of this space – I really do love this more bold, high contrast new look. Now, I must report there are only four sets of the Monochrome Luxe Pillow Bundle left so if you want one, I recommend you act quickly.

That said, I do have two bonuses for you. First off, two other very talented designers, Anita Yokota and Natalie Meyers also curated equally delicious bundle options for you. I really do want one of each. You can see them right here.

Or you can ENTER TO WIN a Monochrome Luxe bundle of your own – a $655 value! All you need to do is sign up for the Apartment 34 newsletter RIGHT HERE. Don’t worry, I won’t spam you. The newsletter is meant to help you get ready for each new season, or perhaps a special occasion or share some of my latest projects. Our fall edition will be coming at you soon.

If you’re already a newsletter subscriber, simply leave a comment on this post and you’ll be entered to win! A winner will be chosen at random at 12:00PM PST Friday, September 7.

Good luck.

And I must say it feels good to be back!

This post in partnership with The Citizenry. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that keep our doors open!

Earlier this week, you got a full tour of the living room and dining room in the Sunset Bungalow. Today we’d like to invite you into the master bedroom. You may have spied the sneak peek we shared when discussing the room’s paint job, but now you get to see the complete picture.

Chloe’s bedroom makes me feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud. We stuck to a purely neutral color palette that feels airy and open. The bed just seems to float against that soft blue-gray backdrop of our wall color. All of the texture in the room, from the linen bedding by Primary Goods to the custom weaving created by Bay Area artist Meghan Shimek, to the cashmere throw feels fluffy and light.

And while I’m usually a big proponent to mixing up the pieces in a bedroom (bedroom sets are so 1986), we kept all of the wood tones in this space very similar. The custom-made bed created by Oakland-based wood worker Ben Winslow is oak, the bedside tables are ash while the gorgeous Room & Board dresser is maple. The cohesiveness of the look maintains that serene, soothing feel.

All of the materials in the bedroom are natural – matte ceramic lamps from Room & Board feel clean and modern. We replaced the horrid boob flush mount with a timeless paper lantern pendant. The ceramic planter and woven laundry hamper from Overstock offer additional texture. The oversized Room & Board round mirror helps reflect even more light around the space. iI also love how it reflects the half-wall adding to that floating in sky (or ocean) effect.

Chloe needed a lot of clothes storage as closets in 1940’s homes are teeny tiny, so a second, smaller dresser offers more room and a home for more of her beautiful original art we had framed by Framebridge along with a few more pieces from her vintage collection. The full length mirror is a must-have in any master bedroom. You gotta be able to assess a full outfit!

I’m obsessed with Chloe’s lamp – it’s an original mid-century piece with a cork base that she scored at an estate sale! Also be treasure hunting friends. Always be treasure hunting. The addition of vintage pieces keeps the space from feeling too shiny and new.


As a creative director, Chloe looks at color and busy images all day everyday, so I really wanted her bedroom to be a respite from the noise. In this space she can completely unplug, relax and enjoy the view out to the Pacific Ocean that she’s lucky enough to have from her bedroom window. I wonder if she’d ever need a house sitter.

SHOP THE ROOM: Ben Winslow Design custom bed / Room & Board bedside lamps / Room & Board dressers / Room & Board table lamp / Room & Board round mirror / Room & Board full length mirror  / Capsule Home nightstandsMeghan Shimek weaving / Maxim pendant light / Primary Goods bedding / Overstock ceramic planter / Overstock hamper / Creativity Explored art / throw pillow / throw blanket / Behr 2018 Color Trend paint color in Quiet Time 


original photography for apartment 34 by andrea posadas

Week two of the One Room Challenge is upon us. Today I have my moodboard to share with you all. When working on a design project, I find it’s always helpful to create a moodboard to set clear boundaries – it helps in the decision-making process so much! A moodboard enables you to zero in and make all those difficult choices; overarching design style, color palette, perhaps a creative design element or two. Otherwise, there are just too many options out there to choose from. I always get distracted by the newest fun thought. Or I just can’t commit. Or I second guess myself. But eventually, you have to tune out all the distractions so you can actually get something done!

one room challenge on apartment 34one room challenge on apartment 34one room challenge on apartment 34one room challenge on apartment 34

So I’m declaring this my official design direction. And since I only have four more weeks to make it happen, I really can’t back out now. I’m calling my look “CA + Scandi.” Think California laid back casual mashed together with a danish modern edge.

I want to accomplish three key things with this CA + Scandi design plan. The first is injecting a modern, slightly minimal Scandinavian influence. Think less is more. Kids accumulate so much stuff. The room design doesn’t need to add too much. That’ll come. I also want to create a space that I enjoy being in too. I firmly believe my kid’s room can fit within the vibe of the rest of our house while still being a room that is unique to him. And finally, I do want to ensure the room is fun and childlike. It should be a space that fosters creativity and play.

one room challenge on apartment 34

I hope to accomplish those goals by sticking with a pretty neutral color palette – black, white and natural oak with the injection of an accent color here or there (tbd on what color that will be). I definitely plan to have a little fun with paint to add an eye-catching design element (or two). And I know I will lean on the modern side when it comes to furnishings. That’s where I’ll really be injecting that Scandi feel. Accessories and accents are where I’ll get to add the bit of whimsy I’m looking for.

So what do you think?? You like? With my direction set, I’m off to pick my paint colors, source all my furnishings and work on one big design dilemma that I’ll wait to discuss until our next check-in. I’m curious – what are you most interested in about this process? Let me know in the comments so I can be sure to answer any questions and share what you really want to see.

I also can’t wait to check out everyone else’s progress. Click the links below to see where their projects are headed.

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If you caught yesterday’s post, I mentioned I’m up to my eyeballs getting my house in shape for the holidays. Well thankfully, I’ve checked the guest room off my list! My guest room has actually been one of my more pulled together spaces since  apparently people really like visiting San Francisco, but a I did want to give the room a bit of cozification for the holidays (yup, just said holidays). With help from The Citizenry, (whom I adore  – remember this post), I was able to do just that.

If you click here you can see the the current evolution of my guest room. The room is always flooded with amazing light, but I wanted to ground it with texture, add more contrast with pops of black, and a layer of sophistication with marble and leather accents. I still need a guest give it a test run, but I think I’ve got a cozy little retreat on my hands. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

a cozy guest bedroom on apartment 34a cozy guest bedroom on apartment 34a cozy guest bedroom on apartment 34a cozy guest bedroom on apartment 34

sources: tweed accent pillows / leather lumbar pillow / beni ourain rug / throw / marble tray / marble candle holders / vintage mirror / wall sconce / vintage french stools / upholstered bed  

I love the tonal feel of the room now. The consistent color palette is soft and soothing. Mismatched vintage french stools add character and warmth. But it’s the details from The Citizenry’s newest collection that add the yummy texture I was looking for. Tweed and leather accent pillows, a nubby knit throw, a super thick beni ourain rug and gorgeous marble accent pieces offer the hotel-like touch I like to create for guests. Because no one wants to travel and be surrounded by someone else’s crap. That I’ve managed to shove in closets so at this room is a respite. I might want to sleep in here myself from time to time!

If you need more tips to get your guest room up to snuff be sure to head over to The Citizenry’s blog today. I’m sharing my top tips for making your guests feel extra special and you can see even more pics of this space!

Now I promise, I won’t show this space again. At least not until spring anyway!


original photography for apartment 34 by andrea posadas

this post is in partnership with The Citizenry. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I’m excited about and that have kept apartment 34’s doors open

Since I’m still basking in the glow of the Kauai sun, I’m taking a cue from my tropical location for today’s Idea to Steal: hanging hammocks as wall decor.

idea to steal: hammocks as decor on apartment 34idea to steal: hammocks as decor on apartment 34idea to steal: hammocks as decor on apartment 34idea to steal: hammocks as decor on apartment 34idea to steal: hammocks as decor on apartment 34idea to steal: hammocks as decor on apartment 34idea to steal: hammocks as decor on apartment 34

I’ve talked about hammocks in modern spaces before. I even incorporated one into the den I designed for Sunset Magazine a few years back! But as woven wall hanging remain all the rage, I love the idea of switching things up a bit and using a hammock as your wall decor instead.

Famed Tulum hotel Coqui Coqui is most likely the originator of this look, and some copy the vibe verbatim which is fine by me. It’s a damn good idea. Hammocks look great in living spaces or above a bed. But there are some original twists on the hammock as wall decor too – like Sarah’s idea to put a mini one over a fireplace in her Palm Springs a-frame. Genius. I’m particularly obsessed with the dramatic look of an all black bed with a striking black hammock draped above. Not sure where one would find an all black hammock, but I just might be adding that to my wishlist for the Victorian. Talk about some seriously sexy decor drama.

What say you? Are you into this look? It definitely has a laid back vibe but I think you could put a sophisticated spin on it. I think I’m gonna try.

Inspired? Click HERE for our entire Idea to Steal archive.

images: stories by sarah sherman samuel // lonny // cerruti draime // domino // domino // cerruti draime // the now // 

If you’ve thought a chic, modern home requires a ton of space, think again. The amazing Swedish apartment I have for your home tour today is a case study in what to do with minimal square footage. This studio apartment is less than 500 sq feet, but as you’ll see as you scroll, you’d never know it.

big style in a tiny space on apartment 34big style in a tiny space on apartment 34

When I first spied an image of this space, I thought I was looking at a grand European house. But in fact, it’s just a single room. But it employs all the design tricks you want to use to make a small space both fully functional and totally gorgeous.

big style in a tiny space on apartment 34

Obviously, the apartment has the advantages old-world architecture affords – oversized windows, tall ceilings, beautiful moldings, deep sills and gorgeous floors. Good bones are tough to beat. But a number of ingenious design tricks have also been applied to make this apartment feel super spacious.

To start, you might notice that the lovely light gray wall color isn’t taken up all the way to the ceiling. A border of white is left, drawing your eye up and accentuating the ceiling height. Then, the small area rug that spans the width of the living room connects the space between the chaise and the bed while leaving an expanse of hardwoods exposed, helping the room feel bigger. Finally, the deep built-in niche shelves add a modern edge to this space while offering ample storage and eliminating the need for additional furniture.

big style in a tiny space on apartment 34big style in a tiny space on apartment 34big style in a tiny space on apartment 34

As you move through the apartment, the uniform color palette also helps it feel bigger than it actually is. The cool gray walls and cabinetry are juxtaposed with the warm, golden browns of the wide-plank oak floors, classic blonde Scandinavian furnishings and golden-hued art.

big style in a tiny space on apartment 34big style in a tiny space on apartment 34

The uniform color palette continues into both the kitchen and bath. Brass accents like the cabinet pulls and pendant light give that hint of modern glam, while the creamy Smeg fridge adds a touch of vintage quirk.

big style in a tiny space on apartment 34big style in a tiny space on apartment 34

Small spaces require smart storage solutions. I’m loving this little coat nook.

big style in a tiny space on apartment 34

Even the marble-clad bathroom was styled with warm toned-products to connect it wth the rest of the apartment.

big style in a tiny space on apartment 34

I want these french doors in my world right now. I trust I’m not the only one.

But the cherry on top of this gorgeous place, are all the impeccable pieces: Flos lighting, the iconic knot pillow, cane chairs. When you take the time to search out the best, rather than the most expedient options for your house, you’re going to reap the reward. While my life will not longer fit into 500 sq feet, this apartment is certainly tempting.

big style in a tiny space on apartment 34

shop the post: flos chandelier / knot pillow / cane chair / chaise / mantis sconce / art / flos table lamp /alchemist body exfoliantsea sponge / linen throw / basket 


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images via fantastic frank

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