We’ve Got A Crush

Things are slowing down for the summer. Can you feel it? Our inbox is overflowing with away messages, wanderlust is taking on a new meaning as we watch friends frolic in exotic locations via Instagram and the sun outside is calling us away from our desk more often than not. Luckily, there is still good inspiration to be had all over the web that keeps us from completely blowing things off! Lately, we’ve got a crush on…

Minimal yet bold graphic design…


The green and golden tones of figs and honey atop homemade yogurt…


Floating book shelves, black floors and backward-styled books to show off their wonderfully monochromatic worn pages…


Matching a gold color block wall to your outfit…


And wall weavings that are far from hippy!


What’s keeping you on your working toes this week? If you need more inspiration to get you through hump day, CLICK HERE.

image 1 via Inbaloza for Le Salon // 2 via April and May photography by Phu Tang // 3 via Svenska Maklarhuset // 4 via Ordinary People  // 5 via All Roads

Dwelling on Design with Cadillac

Two weeks ago I took a little jaunt to Los Angeles for some serious design education. The annual Dwell on Design Conference was going down and I was thrilled to take part. Hosted by Dwell Magazine {one of the first decor magazines I ever subscribed to!}, the conference brings together leaders in modern design from around the world for a fantastic trade show and discussions about design trends.

But my favorite part of Dwell on Design is getting to tour real modern homes! Last year we toured ah-mazing homes in Silicon Valley, so I was really excited to get to peek into the lives lived in places as iconic as the Hollywood Hills this go round. I was not disappointed. The L.A. show also had the added bonus of featuring the latest and greatest in electric cars {which I’ve actually been considering for awhile now – they are the hot thing in SF after all}. I got to start my day off by test-driving the brand spankin’ new Cadillac ELR, which was pretty dang fabulous. It’s a rough job, I know.


The car was seriously cool. Of course I was impressed by things such as the ability to drive up to 340 miles on one charge, the fact that you can plug in almost anywhere, that there are cool bonuses like in-dash navigation, back-up cameras, OnStar and the like. I was also really impressed by the amazing tax credits you can get with an electric car right now – I had no clue! But of course what caught my attention most were the aesthetics {duh}. Sitting in the car felt like sitting in a luxury jetliner. I was floored to learn that the dash was made with real wood inlay and the seats feature hand-sewn leather. The interior also comes in customizable colors. You know, the important stuff!

After the test drive we hit the streets of Los Angeles to do one of my ultimate favorite things – see how other people live! We zipped from downtown to the hills above Sunset Blvd and then all the way out to Silverlake and Los Feliz. Thankfully photographer extraordinaire Bonnie Tsang was my guide!!


Every home was the epitome of modern chic. Obvious modern design tenets were used across each one. Clean, minimalist lines. A lot of white. A lot of Herman Miller and Eames. But I was also pleased to see some really cool unexpected details like brightly colored geometric tile used in bathrooms, really smart, sleek hidden storage in kitchens and lots of mixed materials with raw woods, ceramics and even mixed metals {brass is the new stainless steel!}. You can see even more sneak peeks into the homes on my Instagram feed!

We ended the day with a particularly special treat – a dinner hosted in the beautiful Gary Johns House, high up in the hills overlooking pretty much everything in L.A.. We were there to celebrate the ingenuity of great design. We were certainly standing in it {swoon!}. While there, I had the privilege of meeting Dwell Magazine founder Lara Deam and the entire Dwell Magazine team. I also got to meet Jeff Nield, Cadillac Strategic Design Manager and a leader on the Cadillac ELR! It was fascinating to hear him talk about the process of designing the car {they still start with hand-drawn sketches!}. No attention to detail is spared. I was super interested to learn how the car’s designers try to incorporate specific lines and shapes to infuse the car with human-like characteristics.


Though a whirlwind, I was certainly infused with tons of inspiration from my 24 hours in modern Lala-land. I gathered a boatload of new design ideas to dig through and the timing couldn’t be better…because I have a new GIANT project on my hands. Sadly, I can’t spill the beans about all that just yet, but trust me, you’re going to want to stick around for this one!


photography for apartment 34 by bonnie tsang // additional images courtesy of dwell on design. This post is presented by Cadillac. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting posts that keep Apartment 34′s doors open!


Everything You Need to Host A Summer Getaway

The heart of summer is upon us and all we can think about is how to get ourselves outside as much as possible!! In search for a break from the popular day trip to wine country and in an attempt to completely unplug for the long holiday weekend, why not host the 4th at a cabin with fram-ily?


First you need a great rental. Something like Sarah Sherman Samuel’s would do, but since no cabin comes close to her modern beaut, let’s just imagine you find something with a vast deck, equipped with a fram-ily style table and a killer view. I mean, that’s easy, right??

The truly hard part is figuring out what to wear! Summer in the woods is usually hot and often crazy humid, but can also be chilly in the evening {especially when Karl the Fog is on duty}. So it’s all about light layers. And since this is likely a trip with some of your chicest friends, no hiking boots or cargo shorts will be allowed!


get the look: Dolman T-Shirt in Stone // Asos Straw Hat // Bamboo Blend Parka // Desert Clouds Scarf // Hello Sunshine iPhone Case // Taupe Peep-Toe Bootie

Hopefully, you’ll see a lot of the sun {so don’t be shy and say hello with this selfie-ready phone case!}. This pocket-enhanced bamboo-blend jacket, layered over a relaxed tee, will protect you against the strong rays as well as keep you warm as the sun sets. We love that it gives you “cargo” without giving you CARGO. And let’s talk about how perfectly these low-heeled booties match the jacket- talk about layering staples!

No need to worry about the humidity effecting your locks. Top off your look with a laid-back straw Havana hat that’ll tame that frizz and still give you the “I just got out of bed” look. Matched with a picturesque and adventurous scarf, you’ll be taking a break from everything but style!


Besides enjoying the outdoors and lookin’ good doing it, there isn’t much more to worry about…than what to eat and drink of course! These Lamb Burgers served on Pita with Mint Feta Pesto are sure to feed hungry guests who have been on the lake all day. Talk about an upgrade on that plain ole’ hamburger!


get your shop on: Ornamental Paddle // Bamboo Picnic Tublers // Compostable Bamboo Plates // Enamel Servers // West Elm Bowl // Bamboo Basket-Tray // Petrified Wood Coasters // Rebecca Atwood Pillow // Hand-Sculpted Resin Champagne Bucket 

In our dream cabin, the party is only as good as its details. So deck out that gorgeous farm table with inky tones to play off the deep blue of the high mountain lake water. Use organic shapes as your homage to nature and of course, cabin-inspired tableware will be your final touch. It’s important to keep the bubbly ice cold {especially when you’re under the sun!}, and this simple yet stylish champagne bucket does the trick!

Remember: the most important part of any getaway is to enjoy the time with your loved ones. Even when you’re back to your regular routine, you’ll be talking about all of those fun moments you shared over a glass {or three!} of wine. We can’t wait for fun under the memories to begin!

Where would you go for the perfect getaway this summer? Let us know! — Bianca

image 1 via Smitten Studio // 2 via Taste Williams Sonoma