Designer’s Take on our Living Room: {Justina Blakeney}

We’re kicking off the week with a peek at our soon-to-be living room! I’m pleased to report construction on our house is picking up. Drywall is about to go in – which means our vision will finally start coming to life. The progress definitely has me dreaming of the final product and how I’m going to furnish it. This week I’m getting pointers on our living room from one of my all time faves – Justina Blakaney. I know this girl can stretch my aesthetic and convince me to consider some decor pieces that are outside my typical modernist comfort zone.

To refresh, here’s what the living room looked like when we found it. Stunning right?! Ha! Those floors are vinyl, the chandelier plastic, the fireplace faux and the ceiling raspberry pink! Good stuff.


But the bones of the room are spectacular. The crown molding, the high ceilings and all the natural light gave us a lot to work with. We decided to simply improve upon them by making the space conducive to modern living. This is our new layout:

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 9.58.53 PM

I wanted the living room to feel open, warm and serve as the hub of the house, so we actually removed a couple of walls, connecting the space to both the kitchen and the den. The new layout creates a fantastic flow. Now it’s just a matter of creating a design that only builds upon that inviting feeling. I know Justina has the perfect pointers to do just that!

Justina’s Designer Take: For this room, I took what I know of Erin’s clean, modern and sophisticated aesthetic, sprinkled in a few pieces from the African continent and some elements that scream the 60’s. The color palette is controlled focusing on earth tones and whites–and of course I had to add in a bit of green because that’s my jungalow vibe :D. For Erin and her growing family, I see a home that is equal parts comfy and chic with a down-to-earth quality to it–because that’s how I see Erin!

OatHome_JC_147928084829e5438240fa026fa1e22038c96e637a8665d97c6999d7abb64432f57Designer'sTake_JustinaBlakeney_LivingRoomGET YOUR SHOP ON:

  1. Sofa
  2. > Chandelier
  3. Coffee table
  4. > PomPom Blanket
  5. Painting
  6. > Sideboard
  7. Pillows
  8. Vases
  9. > Rug
  10. Plant


While I tend to beeline straight for the mid-century modern, Justina offers a great reminder to look out for those unique pieces that will inject some unexpected character into your room. I’m loving the idea of mixing and matching genres and time periods to create a truly collected comfortable space. It really does pay to hold out for that truly perfect piece. While it can be tough for me to be patient, when it comes to designing our house the treasure hunt is going to be half the fun!

Thanks Justina for giving us your Designer’s Take!

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We’ve Got A Crush

Even though the summer season is inherently a little more fem {bright colors, floral prints, shorter hemlines}, right now we’ve got a crush on things that run the line between feminine and masculine. We love playful and flirty details juxtaposed against clean lines and a powerful silhouette. White is always our warm weather go-to color and these images prove that crisp, clean bright whites are perfect for some summer fun!

We’ve got a crush on this instagram-worthy floral shop…


We’ve got a crush on coconut amaretto popsicles, duh…


We’ve got a crush on an all-white, super sexy summer suit…


We’ve also got a crush on an all-white-bathroom number {with white beams and black floor!}…


We’ve got a crush on figs with anything, including toast and almond cottage cheese…farmer’s market here we come…


We’ve got a crush on this whimsical, mid-century inspired gender-neutral nursery…


That’s a lot of crushes for one season. What are you crushing on lately??


image 1 via Emmas Design Blogg // 2 via Artful Desperado // 3 via J Brand // 4 via Residence Magazine // 5 via Le Passe Vite // 6  via Inside Out

Designer’s Take on Our Dining Room: {Ali Hartwell}

Today we’ve got our second installment of Designer’s Take, our latest series where our favorite designers and stylists share what they would do if they could ge their hands on our new/old house {reminder: I’m calling it that since the house is 140 years old!}. In this edition, our very own spring intern Ali Hartwell is offering her take on the perfect dining room. To jog your memory, here is what the dining room looked like! 

14_800px-e1427065388156 (1)

Definitely scary on the surface, but here’s what we’ll have to work with when construction is done!

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 4.10.23 PM

We’re really not changing too much – everything we do in this room will be cosmetic. {What? You think we should leave the raspberry pink ceiling??} The dining room is a pretty large space with a fireplace centered on the far left wall. There are also the original pocket doors that separate the dining room from the adjacent living room. A large set of bay windows sits on the opposite wall. You can see what they look like from the exterior here. It’s definitely going to be a fun space to play with! But here’s what Ali would do.

Ali’s Designer Take: I think I’ve developed such a fondness for dining areas probably because a solid chunk of my life has been spent sitting within them. So many of my favorite memories are tied to laughing and connecting with family and friends over home-cooked meals and MANY a bottle of wine. That’s why when it comes to dining room decor, I always try to create a look that’s going to invite people to sit down and stay awhile.


If the space allows, I love defining a dining area with a piece of statement art to serve as the backdrop to the actual table setting. And what better way to compliment said artwork than with a completely badass lighting fixture?! Since there’s not really much to a dining area, I say go big or go home.

1e6b0d2451306b21ada54642b90ae3d5 home-tour-fall-out-boy-10

I imagine an Erin’s old San Franciscan Victorian to be the perfect setting for a killer dining room—high ceilings, crown molding, hardwood floors and plenty of natural light streaming in from oversized windows make for an already inviting space and the perfect blank canvas.

Here’s a look I think would play nicely in Erin’s dining room:



  1. Table
  2. > Light
  3. Chairs
  4. Art
  5. Pitcher
  6. Dishware
  7. Planter
  8. > Rug


I think Ali has the right idea when it comes to our dining room. I see a statement chandelier in my future and I’m very excited about that. And a eye-catching piece of art over the fireplace would be quite nice too. The search for the perfect dining table is likely to be the ultimate treasure hunt but only time will tell. Once our walls are closed up and we’re moving on to finish work I think it’ll be much easier for a design direction to take shape.

Where do you think it should head??

To see more of Ali’s design work, you can visit her website or follow her visual musings via Instagram @athartwell.

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image 1 via The Design Files // image 2 via arper // image 3 via My Domaine