Idea to Steal: {Fashion Favorites as Decor}

If you’re tight for space like we are, this Idea to Steal is for you! Throw out all of your preconceived notions about “putting things away” {earmuffs, Mom!} and take a moment to consider some simple ways to integrate clothing and accessories into your decor! Mind blown? Ours too.


This isn’t just about keeping clothing and accessories in plain sight {although we love the look of that too!}— it’s about using them as considered design elements to add interest to a space. Consistency and subtly are key here. It’s important to stick to a few signature pieces or one hanging garment for a simple, scandi-inspired look. The coehisve color palette and studied display also make this look feel intentional. A bonus? You no longer have to choose between fashion and decor! And that friends, is truly a win-win.

Do you have a favorite super-cool textured sweater tucked away in your closet, so pretty it deserves to be displayed? Maybe a sick bomber jacket?

Or a really bold necklace? What are some other fashion items you’d choose as decor?

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image via A Merry Mishap

Three Seriously Sweet Instagrammers to Follow

Instagram is a vast, vast social black hole – full of endless inspiration, but also ripe for total overload. I mean, our parents who love to travel are on there, our next door neighbor who is dabbling in photography is on there, our not-so-design-savvy dentist is on there. Everyone is looking for something inspiring to get them through their day. So you want to make sure your account is as curated as possible! Thousands of follows does not a happy Instagram feed make.

So no matter if you love to cook, love to be in nature or adore a lighthearted sense of humor, this month we’ve gathered the accounts that must make your cut. We guarantee there is an Instagram account here for everyone to enjoy!


Carb lovers, beware. You’ll love them more after following this account! No one quite captures the beauty of food like Trisha and like us, the girl loves her bread. We’re constantly craving what’s on her plate and you’ll now doubt start a list of great food haunts…in Malaysia that is! International food lovers and travelers this account is for you!


Josh is a shadow chasing kinda guy and we love the fresh perspective on playing with light. From harsher rays to softer leaks of light, it seems he’s always reinventing how to look at things. One quick scroll through his feed and you’ll certainly be inspired to do the same! Every once in a while he’ll hit you with the unexpected like a sunny yellow backdrop or a chunky pup and you can’t help but smile!


This account will make you want to jump away from your desk and run away to a cabin nestled on the coast. The blue and green hues Imogen captures in her surroundings almost seem other-worldy. Dream life, for sure. The calmness and serenity of her shots will remind you to enjoy the slower things in life – take the road less traveled and pick a few flowers while you’re on it!

The biggest thing all of these ‘Grammers have in common? A unique perspective that immediately draws you in and leaves you wanting more. That’s really the Instagram holy grail isn’t it?

What accounts have you coming back for more {and more and more} these days? We’d love to know!

A Design Love Story

As much as we love good design, we swoon over a good love story. So you can imagine why we’re obsessed when great design has the cutest romance attached to it. That’s exactly what’s going on with Mr. & Mrs. White, designed by a young couple out of Sydney who came together and discovered that their passion was not only for one another, but also for “simple, honest handmade design and the natural beauty of the material.


Isn’t this collection to die for? The clean lines of the furniture – made with gorgeous american oak – juxtaposed with the softness of the killer Icelandic hides, the leather pillows {want!} and supple linen textiles create the balance we so crave in our home. Too often decor leans either heavily masculine or overly feminine {is anyone else sick of acryllic everything???}. But if you’re looking to find a sweet spot – we’d argue this is it. A little him paired with a little her is so right!

Ok, now we’re in love with you too Mr & Mrs. White.

images via Mr. & Mrs. White