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This site was started to celebrate what could be called life’s frivolities. Design, fashion, food, travel. Some would argue, and I am certainly among them, that these aspects of life and culture are, in fact, incredibly important components of self expression, mental health and wellbeing, connection, and community building. They are crucial parts of life’s joys.

But I have never explicitly acknowledged on this platform that my ability to focus on such frivolous things is in large part due to my privilege as a white person with means, who lives in a major city. I am housing and food secure. I have a higher education. I benefit from access, resources and status that is unearned. My privilege is made available to me simply because I am white.

In the two weeks since the murder of George Floyd, there has been a collective reckoning with the systemic and institutionalized racism that has terrorized Black communities in the United States for 400 years.

I have spent the last two weeks listening, reading, and recognizing my contribution to the system that continuously oppresses Black people and People of Color (POC) on a daily basis. My inaction is a failing.

But here I am. A white woman with this blog. This platform. With followers on social media. From this point forward, I will be taking conscious action to combat racism in all aspects. A part of this conscious action is embracing my responsibility to share my views publicly. It is my duty to engage in difficult and uncomfortable conversations with you because staying silent is complicity. Remaining silent does no good, only harm.

I suspect I will get feedback that politics should stay personal. You came to Apartment 34 for inspiration on what color to paint your living room, not to discuss politics. But the personal is always political. I’ve certainly never shied away from sharing my personal views here, but saying that a lifestyle blog “isn’t the place to discuss racism” is a luxury of white privilege. We, as white people, are able to compartmentalize different parts of ourselves because our existence is not questioned. It is not threatened on a daily basis. We can choose to not think about these issues. Black people enjoy no such luxury.

I am hopeful you will stay to have these challenging conversations with me.

I apologize to my Black followers and to the BIPOC community at large, as I have not publicly used this platform to do the work of an ally. That stops today. I am still working to unpack my own implicit biases and identify where I fail as an antiracism ally. But because I have this platform, because I am a citizen who lives in a country built on the back of institutionalized racism, and because I am a human who cares, I have a responsibility to not only be an ally, but also be an advocate. An open, active, loud advocate for antiracism. An open, active, loud advocate for Black people. An advocate for the disenfranchised. An advocate for all POC who face daily oppression. And this work doesn’t just happen one time. It’s not a single post. It’s not attending one protest, making one donation or taking one vote. This must be a consistent, ongoing, commitment to keep sharing, showing up, protesting, voting and applying pressure from all sides until justice is done.

As a brand, public platform and individual influencer (no matter how uncomfortable I am with that term), I am putting forth the following:

  • At Apartment 34, we stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter to bring justice, healing, and freedom to Black people across the globe.
  • Apartment 34 is an actively antiracist platform. To that end, we will not tolerate any racist comments or interactions in Apartment 34 owned spaces.
  • Apartment 34 will only work with partners who are also actively antiracist. Going forward, Apt34 will vet all potential partners to understand their hiring practices, their public stance on key issues and their philanthropic activities to actively lift up the Black community and other communities of color.
  • Apartment 34 will serve as a platform to amplify the work of Black designers, makers, artists and creatives not just now, not just occasionally, but on a regular and continual basis.
  • Apartment 34 will actively work to support Black-owned businesses through our purchasing power, links and work with freelancers.
  • Apartment 34 will work to keep the Creative industries accountable, to ensure that Black people have multiple seats at the table, that they are put in positions of leadership, that they are offered to share their expertise at conferences and on panels, and that their work is viewed within its own context, not only within the context of the white-dominant views of design work.

Finally, I still have a lot more personal work to do to examine how implicit racial bias shows up in my own life – a journey I am happy to share with you on the blog and on social media if you are interested (you can see all the resources I’ve shared to do saved on my Instagram Stories and this Google Doc is a list of incredible antiracism resources – I highly recommend you check it out) – but I’ve thought a lot about how Apartment 34 can make a tangible contribution in this moment, right now.

Here is what I’ve come up with:

If you’ve been following Black people on social media this week, or perhaps even had conversations with your own Black friends, you may have heard them say “do not ask me what you can do.” Or “stop asking me what you can do.” As a white person that can feel confusing as you’re just asking how to help, right? But in fact, by you asking, you’re putting all the onus back on the POC to educate you. You’re putting the work on them to dig up past traumas and explain them to you, when in fact, so many Black people have already so graciously, bravely and beautifully done that for all of us, in the form of amazing books about Black life in America.

So below I have compiled a nowhere-near-exhaustive list of Black literature, both fiction and non-fiction, that illuminate the Black experience. To qualify, I have read many, but not all of these titles so I cannot personally speak about each individual one. But I have added them all to my reading list – even the ones I’ve read many years ago. Because I need to have these stories etched into my mind and across my heart. I, as a white person, will never truly appreciate the Black experience because I cannot myself embody it, but I can do my utmost to be fully educated about it, to know Black stories so I can  empathize with the Black struggle to the best of my ability, and understand the history so I can be a better ally and advocate. We all can do this.

So you do not need to DM a black advocate on Instagram or text your Black friend. Simply pick up the work of these amazing Black authors (I have prioritized mostly women but there men too) who have given us an amazing gift with their words and stories.

While I encourage you to seek out Black-owned bookstores to purchase these books (here is a link to 124 Black-owned bookstores), all the links below are Amazon affiliate links. Amazon does offer access to those who cannot access a Black-owned bookstore in this moment in time. I will be donating 100% of any commission made from the purchase of a book listed below to The Conscious Kid, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing bias and promoting positive identity development in youth. As The Conscious Kid explains,

“To counter racist socialization, structural racism, and racial bias, experts recommend acknowledging and naming race and racism with children as early and as often as possible (Baron & Banaji; Derman-Sparks). Children’s books are one of the most effective and practical tools for initiating these critical conversations with children, and can also be used to model what it means to resist and disrupt oppression.”

All donations made to The Conscious Kid go to a dedicated fund for the organization to get children’s books from their list of “41 Children’s Books to Support Conversations on Race, Racism, and Resistance” into classrooms across the country.

A key step in ending institutionalized racism in our nation is teaching anti-racism to our children. It’s one of many many things we will need to do individually, and collectively, to begin to dismantle systemic racism once and for all.


100% commissions earned from the purchase of these books will go to The Conscious Kid.


image courtesy of ThirdLove


Hi friend. My, doesn’t the world look different than when we last spoke. First and foremost I want to say that I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and holding up ok in this crazy time.

After nearly four months of being closed down, I am thrilled to announce that APARTMENT 34 IS OFFICIALLY BACK!

Why we had to shut down is a long story, the short version of which is that I was sued and now the lawsuit has come to resolution. For now, I am just beyond happy that the site is live for you again.

You can now access reams of our archives from decorating ideas and how-to’s, recipes, and travel recaps (we must keep dreaming after all), artist, designer and maker profiles, it’s all there for you again. And I am so excited to return to bringing you fresh content that I hope might in some way inspire right now.

Of course, nothing in our world is the same so neither is Apartment 34.

To start there are some long overdue cosmetic changes around here. We have a brand new homepage that I hope you like! My goal is to help you find what you’re looking for more quickly and easily. As you scroll the homepage you’ll also find a new quick-click-to-shop section where I am sharing the pieces for my home, closet, and beauty regime that I truly stand by. These are items made by companies that focus on things like sustainability and ethical sourcing, are green, or come from small businesses or independent artisans. That’s one of the ways I’m shifting during this pandemic – paying extremely close attention to anything I do happen to buy.

But behind the cosmetic updates, I’m also in the process of making a bigger shift when it comes to what I want Apartment 34 to be for you. I ultimately began blogging all those years ago (13 now) to simply share. To share what I was excited about, to share what’s caught my eye or what I’m coveting. I’ve always thrived on connecting others to what they are seeking or what they might never have discovered otherwise. That is my primary motivation. Now more than ever I want to share whatever I can that might help you bring a little more intention to your days. Especially as our days are so dramatically different now.

So I would love to know what is keeping your spirits up at the moment. Are you working on home projects? Baking the days away? Homeschooling? Becoming a professional wine drinker (it me!)? Or are you just trying to survive?

Even as our communities are gradually beginning to reopen, I do not think our way of life will go back to “normal” any time soon. And really neither should we. This is our opportunity to take the time we’ve been gifted and dig deep into what we truly care about. I plan to share what I truly care about with you here. It is but the smallest act I can take to help you during this time.

So please do look around the new homepage. I’m so happy to have the site back to serve as another little source of joy and beauty for you. I’ve certainly drowned my anxieties in a fair share of my favorite wine over the past weeks – but I’ve also continued to do, plan, and dream and I’m going to share all of that with you here. I hope it helps you plan and dream too.

We will know that buying furniture can be both a daunting and an expensive prospect. But what if you could give some furniture a try without having to buy it? Enter Feather – the Rent the Runway for your home if you will. I spied this article in Vogue about the fledgling company as its about to expand their subscription services to Los Angeles and Orange County (they currently operate in San Francisco and New York).

Feather offers design-looking pieces for as little as $15 a month. I’m not sure how I feel about rocking a used couch or bed, but since Millennials are the inventors of the sharing economy and are also much less likely to purchase a home than previous generations, maybe the rent a home idea could really work. It certainly is attractive to someone like myself who likes to switch things up all the time. What say you? would you be down to rent a room?

And here are a few other things to check out this weekend. I mean, we’ve got that extra day all.

If you need a little early summer room inspiration, look no further than this bright, white airy space.

It is the unofficial start to summer and Jonathan Van Ness is giving us all the vibes!

And so is my friend Jen’s new show collection – made from vintage kilim rugs and they’re so cute.

If you need a little summer escape inspiration, look no further.

Netflix is about to give Project Runway a run for its stylish money with its own fashion competition show – and they’re tapping Tan France of Queer Eye to do it!

Where are my fellow GenX’ers at??

I’m looking for summer reading recs and am starting with this list but anyone have any others??

And then there’s the whole issue of bodily autonomy that’s come into play over the past couple of weeks. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, definitely read this article.

I’m signing up to join the Super Majority. Click here if you want to check it out too.


Hi friends, happy Friday! You’ve made to the end of the week and that glorious sense of relief, particularly if you’re a semi-permanently sleep deprived mama like me. It seems like no matter the age of your child, sleep is always a major issue. Which is why we’re marking the fourth anniversary of our Real Talk, Real Moms series by discussing all things sleep related! I’m confident that across all the mamas, you’re going to find a nugget of genius that relates directly to any sleep struggles your family might be experiencing.

Real Moms, Real Talk on Sleep and Bedtime Routines on apartment 34Real Moms, Real Talk on Sleep and Bedtime Routines on apartment 34Real Moms, Real Talk on Sleep and Bedtime Routines on apartment 34Real Moms, Real Talk on Sleep and Bedtime Routines on apartment 34

With a four-year-old in the house now, I’ve managed to get past the majority of the sleep regression stage. Most nights we have a solid sleeper that’ll give us 11-12 hours of peace (save a night terror on the occasion. Those are never particularly fun).

A few thoughts on those early years of sleep that I think have given me a pretty good sleeper (and I will not front – I read all the sleep books – so many that they they all blend together now. I’m pretty sure this one was my favorite though). It’s amazing what you can forget in a few sleep deprived years. But here are the key points:

> Set a sleep schedule and stick to it. Same nap and bedtimes daily. Kids love and thrive with routine. Do not fear it.

> Sleep begets sleep. It can seem counterintuitive, but the more sleep a baby gets, the more they’ll sleep. So don’t fret those naps and maybe even move the bedtime up earlier.

> Create a super soothing sleep environment. Some people say this is “spoiling” your kids, but any sleep book for adults talks about creating the most sleep inducing environment possible. A blacked out room, cool but not too cold temperatures, a sound machine. Give them the best chance of falling and staying asleep.

> Sleep training is not evil. Just sayin’. (I used this book to do it at six months).

But these days, I have a whole new struggle on my hands. I’ve got a vocal, opinionated, willful preschooler. Swaddling is long gone my friends. While we can get a full night’s rest, it’s the getting to bed part that is proving extremely tough. Our bedtime routine regularly hits 90 minutes. And I swear it’s only your typical stuff – bath, brushing teeth, going potty, getting on pajamas, reading a story (or four), singing a song, a drink of water. Ok it’s a lot. And the rituals are mission critical, at least to the four-year-old. An attempt to drop one element is always met with massive resistance. Or better yet, the need to start the entire process over from the beginning. But things cannot continue this way. Such a long bedtime routine exhausts everyone, devolving into all the behaviors that’ll break us parents down – whining, stalling, hitting, tantrums. And I’m trying to not drink wine during the week anymore!

We try to do all the things the podcasts say. Boundless patience. Make things playful. When they get upset, get calmer. But I just can’t stomach a 8pm bedtime anymore. So while I like to try to come to these posts with something helpful, or a least share a personal perspective with you, this go round I’m in the thick of the struggle friends.

I’ve considered all the obvious solutions but we can’t really start the bedtime process earlier in the evening. There’s the getting home from school and the cooking and eating of the dinner that has to happen first. We’ve resorted to making baths an every other day thing in attempt to take out one element. We’re trying hard to stick to the one book per parent rule.

So this post is bit more of a cry for help than anything else. How do you manage your nighttime routine? Maybe 90 minutes isn’t abnormally long but it certainly feels that way to me. I would love any and all advice you may have.

I’ll certainly be scouring the posts of all our other mamas for every creative idea I can find. You should too!

FreutcakeThe Effortless ChicThe Sweetest Occasion | Studio DIY Lovely Indeed

For the entire Real Talk archive CLICK HERE.

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Pinterest will forever and always be my favorite social media platform. Why? Not only is it constantly refreshed with the best design out there, but of all the various social media channels, it’s the only one that’s never let me down. I go there whenever I’m needing a little inspiration, but on the same token, I also love providing that inspiration for you, my dear readers. Which is why I love highlighting what you guys have found the most pin-worthy.

Feast your eyes, because you guys have some fantastic taste. Here are March’s top 10 pins.

Coming in at number 10 is a photo from a recent spring-inspired tour from a family home tucked away in the heart of Paris. Swoon.

This magical home tour is just another reason to love Amsterdam. Perhaps it’s next on my places to visit?

Wanting more corner office space inspo? Find this photo and more in this post.

I’m not surprised you guys are loving this bright and fresh home tour because it’s owned by Minted founder & CEO Miriam Naficy who clearly has excellent taste.

Not to toot my own horn, but this charcuterie board we made back in 2015 is a masterpiece. Find it and a recipe for the perfect Aperol Spritz in this post.

Turns out you guys love the kitchen of Kris Jenner as much as I do. Though it was designed by the extremely talented Waldo Fernandez and Kathleen & Tommy Clements.

Give me all the al fresco dining spaces. This one landed on a recent list of all the things I’m loving right now.

Is there anything more refreshing than a bright white workspace that inspires?

You guys must be loving the outside-the-box vibe as much as me because this photo came in at number two from a recent home tour of a loft in East London’s Shoreditch neighborhood.

And the most pinned image is this stunning minimal street style shot I grabbed as inspiration for what to wear while visiting Sweden. I have to say, if the most pinned image wasn’t going to be an interior shot, I’m glad it was this one.

If you’re loving this kind of post, be sure to check out our top pins from 2018.

Oh Pinterest, how do I love thee. Let me count the ways. As much as all things blogging and social media constantly changes, Pinterest remains my favorite platform. It’s the place I always go when I need to discover something really really pretty. And apparently you do too, since sometimes as many as 10 million people see our pins on a monthly basis.

And I’m always super intrigued to see what our most-pinned photos were for the year. I have to say, I was a little surprised that in 2018 there was a fair amount of fashion pins!  So I decided to break up our top 10 pins into two categories – fashion and interiors. Because I rarely wear and certainly don’t post cute outfits as much as I used too, but I do constantly use Pinterest for wardrobe inspiration for those days I do get out of my work-from-home leggings uniform!

Feast your eyes friends, because our Top 10 Pins of 2018 are pretty stunning.

Kicking this thing off with the number five fashion pin. I love the idea of a sweater with a skirt. If I ever dare to show my legs in public again #almostforty.

Cropped wide leg pants took over the world in 2018, so it only makes sense they take the number four spot for top fashion pins of the year. I’m particularly loving that terra cotta color.

At number three, we have a photo that inspired my minimal fall wardrobe that was shared in this post. This duster is so good, right?

I live for fall style, so seeing this street style look at number two makes me very happy. And it makes me miss fall.

At number one for fashion, we have this very minimal-chic fall street style moment from my fall fashion inspo post this year. I still loooove this look. Reminder I need a cute baseball hat.

And now for the interiors you guys pinned and pinned and pinned in 2018.

I was a little surprised to see this Copenhagen coffee shop land in the top five, but knowing my readers and followers love European design (and coffee shops) and travel as much as I do made me feel very good.

This photo at number four came from my mid-summer moodboard when I was craving a warm creamy glow.

This copper backsplash and custom hood (see the full home tour here) is still circulating Pinterest like crazy, so it makes sense you guys pinned it non-stop, which put it at number three on this list.

Ah, I love that this photo came in at number two on this list! It’s from the post about my love affair with artful sconces. I’m so happy you guys enjoy a good sconce as much as I do.

And the number one interiors pin of 2018 is this stunning mantle. It’s styling is simple and timeless and makes me want to load up my house with all the vintage brass candlesticks – even after having bid the holiday season adieu.

There you have it! This has definitely shown me what you guys are vibing on for your Pinterest feeds and has inspired me for 2019. So much to look forward to in the new year!

If you’re loving these best of 2018 posts, be sure to check out our top five posts of 2018 as well.


Can we have a heart to heart about Instagram? I must say, I have quite the love / hate relationship with it these days. While it’s the focus of almost…everyone, it also messes with your mind – and your analytics! With an ever changing algorithm, there’s not a lot of logic to what gets love and what doesn’t.

That said, I just can’t quit you Instagram – so I thought I’d share your top 5 favorite posts of 2018 (based on your likes and comments) but then my top 5 favorites too. Cuz I know there were some gems that I suspect Instagram just didn’t let you see.

Our Favorite Instagrams of the Year on apartment 34

It’s no surprise that more than 2,300 of you also fell head over heels for my 2018 design crush, Leanne Ford Interiors. I’m holding out hope I might be able to employ her eye for a future, still not purchased as of yet, wine country house. #aimhigh

Our Favorite Instagrams of the Year on apartment 34

This home, tucked in a residential neighborhood of Amsterdam, is definitely a dream. Those double height windows, parquet floors, industrial lighting and the oversized sofa – it’s the perfect recipe for our fourth most popular Instagram of 2018.

Our Favorite Instagrams of the Year on apartment 34

But I’m also happy to see you’re still enjoying sneak peeks at #thisoldvictoriansf. I had the immense pleasure of collaborating with Marigold Floral Studio to offer ways to dress up your mantel for the Thanksgiving holiday. My dream fireplace topped with dream florals – it doesn’t really get any better. I think we should do another round for spring, don’t you??

Our Favorite Instagrams of the Year on apartment 34

You know those “make you smile” moments in your house? My entry is definitely one of those and more than 4,000 of you agreed. I like a minimal entryway. It’s the spot where you dump your daily mess so why pack it with stuff in the first place? A black staircase, arched doorway and of course – the major entry light moment – they make a major statement without the need for a ton of stuff. You can find more inspiration to style your entry bench here.

Our Favorite Instagrams of the Year on apartment 34

And this was the most liked pic on Insta last year! My dining room is incredibly likable, it’s true. And on this day I was setting the table for a celebratory brunch for my girlfriends. I’m excited to plan many a party for this room in 2019.

And now on to some of my favorite IG moments of last year.

Our Favorite Instagrams of the Year on apartment 34

I was able to travel a bit more in 2018 and finally made it to my home decor mecca – Galerie Half in Los Angeles. It is my happiest place on earth. It’s easy to see why. If you haven’t oogled this shop before, you really should.

Our Favorite Instagrams of the Year on apartment 34

I also got to explore my own back yard – aka wine country a bit more. My best discovery in 2018 was Sophie James Winery. This space is so special and their amazing rosé is only the tip of the iceberg. You can get all the details here.

Our Favorite Instagrams of the Year on apartment 34

2019 goal: significantly grow my ceramics collection. The General Store in San Francisco is a good place to start.

Our Favorite Instagrams of the Year on apartment 34

I have major travel on the brain for 2019 and continue to bank dream destinations. Copenhagen – where the stunning Host Restaurant resides, tends to fall on the top of my list. What is on your travel itinerary for the year?

Our Favorite Instagrams of the Year on apartment 34

And probably the most personal Instagram last year was the story I shared about my motherhood journey. It hasn’t been the smoothest of roads and truthfully continues to be a struggle to this day. Turns out I’m not the only one who feels this way! You can see the entire motherhood piece I wrote for MyDomaine here.

Well, there you have it. A few of my favorite moments as documented by Instagram. This year I hope I can use Instagram to continue to spark joy, offer inspiration and give you a little peek into my day-to-day life, regardless of what those like numbers say. Because if we let go of that artificially addictive measurement and simply share what we love because we love it – I think can make Instagram the inspiring place it was originally intended to be. I’m in. Are you?

Still taking my sweet ole time to reflect on last year and set my direction for 2019. (Though I sneak-previewed my word of the year here). I’ve come to realize there’s really no need to rush. In fact, it makes a lot more sense to really take the time to review, reflect and set a course for the new year that leads to happiness, fulfillment and ideally tons of great content for you too.

I always love looking back to see what posts you particularly loved over the previous year. There are some obvious choices, but always a few surprises too. Last year was no exception. Without further ado, our top 5 posts of 2018

Our Top 5 Posts of 2018 on apartment 34

Coming in at number five, this gorgeous living room. While I shared it as inspiration for fall, I’m still loving the look in the heart of winter. You may already know I’m a big fan of dark moody walls – having put them in my own house! I’ve also got major fireplace envy. But what I really love is the mix of tones and textures in this space – it feels warm and welcoming but still chic and sophisticated. Aka: design & life goals. You can see the entire room by clicking here.

Our Top 5 Posts of 2018 on apartment 34

You put on your rose colored glasses for the 4th most popular post of the year, swooning as did I, for this pink marble and rose gold bathroom!

Our Top 5 Posts of 2018 on apartment 34

Your third favorite post of the, is actually a recap post of 2017 – our top 10 most popular pins of the year. Don’t worry, that round up is coming up later this week (it’s always my favorite too).

Our Top 5 Posts of 2018 on apartment 34

The second most popular post was from the One Room Challenge. Last spring I transitioned my son’s room from nursery to a big kid space. But interesting most popular post discussed my biggest design conundrum with the space, not the reveal! You can check out the entire transformation by clicking here.

Our Top 5 Posts of 2018 on apartment 34

And our number one post of 2018 is one of my all time faves. Putting art in your loo. And not just a landscape or a something abstract. But a striking, eye-catching portrait. I’m still very into this idea and am in fact on the hunt for a good for my own bathroom. And to all the readers from Cup of Jo who came to see this post, I hope you come back to see the new theft worthy design ideas we have for you this year! (our entire Idea to Steal archive is here).

I can’t wait to dive into a new year of fresh ideas, new projects and untold adventures. If you want to stay in the know on it all, click here to sign up for the Apartment 34 newsletter! Then you’ll get the latest and greatest sent straight to your inbox.

I woke up this morning with butterflies in my stomach. Not because it’s November 1 and the official start of nesting season (my fave). Not because I will enter the final year of my 30’s next week (eek!). Not even because the holidays will be here in blink. I feel anxiously excited this morning because in six days we have the opportunity to make major changes in our country.

While I know most don’t come here for politics – though I’ve touched on it here more than a time or two – I cannot have a platform such as this and not say something. For those less interested, there’s a beaut of a home tour in today’s images if you continue to scroll. I’m sure you’ll appreciate the pretty. And I hope you might appreciate my perspective too.

It's Time to Nest, But Not Time to RestIt's Time to Nest, But Not Time to RestIt's Time to Nest, But Not Time to RestIt's Time to Nest, But Not Time to Rest

While I’m confident you, dear readers, are from many different backgrounds and embrace different faiths, varied belief systems and even values, I think we can all agree on one thing – the discourse coming from the very pinnacles of power in America is an embarrasment. It is disgraceful. It is not the world I want to raise my son in. And it must stop. The amazing thing about it all? We have the power to stop it.

It's Time to Nest, But Not Time to Rest It's Time to Nest, But Not Time to Rest

Voting on November 6 is the ONLY way to show elected officials that we reject fear. We rejrect bigotry. We reject anitsemitism. We reject racism. We reject predjuidice of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters.

My grandmother left Europe in the late 1930’s to escape Nazis. My parents lived through the divison, assinations and amazing hope and change that was the 1960s. I never thought that we would retreat back and suffer humanity’s ills in similar ways in my lifetime. I never thought that the growth and progress would be yanked backwards. I never thought I’d be brought to my knees in sadness and disgust as babies are ripped from parents at the border, as worshippers are gunned down in their synagoge abd as a couple is shot while grocery shopping, simply because the shooter didn’t like the color of their skin. In 2018.

But here we are.

It's Time to Nest, But Not Time to Rest


This is isn’t a reality show. This isn’t a game. This isn’t entertainment.

My son is now three. I can only shield him from the disgraceful chaos for so long. And we brought this on ourselves.

But we can change it.

It's Time to Nest, But Not Time to Rest

There is one way to push back. To stem the tide. To create a balance of power. To shove the hate, intolerance and bigotry back to the dark cave from whence it came.

I am asking you to vote.

Vote today if you can. VOTE ON TUESDAY NOVEMBER 6 because we must.

Vote with your heart. Vote with your concious. Vote because our children deserve to have us be responsible stewards of their future. Vote because we’re lucky enough to have institutions that hold our government accountable. So many other nations do not.

This weekend I plan to be knocking on doors of my fellow citizens, asking them to pledge to vote Tuesday. Have you ever done it? It’s a bit nervewracking yes, but also really fun. Especially when you’re excerisizing your responsibility as a citizen and doing something you truly believe in. If you have a couple of spare hours this weekend I highly recommend you try it. You can find out how to knock on doors right here.

No time? Then simply talk to your friends. Text your sister. Chat with your coworkers. This isn’t the time to pretend politics doesn’t exist. This is the time to ask everyone and anyone if they plan to vote. Ask for details. Where will you go? What time? Offer to give them a ride. Go as a group. Make an outing out of it. Take your kids so they see what voting is like. I still remember going to the high school gym to vote with my mom. I think it’s why I care so much about voting to this day.

Thousands upon thousands of people have died to give Americans the rights we most often take advantage of – and many Americans still do not enjoy – today.

Vote to honor their memory.

Vote to honor yourself.

Come November 7, then we can nest.


Don’t take my advice on why you should vote, take Oprah’s.

Need help figuring out who is running for office where you vote? CLICK HERE.

Do you think we’d be in this position if women ran the world? Me neither. Check out this article to learn about all the amazing women – many who have never held office before – running to represenst you right now. Maybe you can vote for one!

One good vote deserves another. Learn how to help get your friends and neighbors to the polls on November 6 RIGHT HERE.


To go back to fall nesting inspiration, CLICK HERE.


home designed by kate davison / photography for dwell by leslie santarina / styling by rosy fridman / additional images via the everygirl

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