It’s been quite a while since we’ve talked about fashion around here. It’s probably because I’ve been running around so much lately I haven’t had time to get out of my yoga pants. I’ve become that mom. It’s sad, I know. But no more. We’ve hit December and I’m ready to get out. Window shop. Shop shop. Look at Christmas lights. Drink pumpkin spice things.


This look is officially my December uniform. It’s the easiest outfit to have on repeat. It all starts with that killer coat. A funnel neck. A wrapped silhouette. It’s not just something  you use to stay warm. The coat is the key of the entire ensemble. Everyone should have a such a coat in their arsenal.


Ankle length jeans, with relaxed fit are my new obsession. You’ll never need to wear to skinnies again. Ankle boots – in black, with teeny tiny heel. My winter staple. Then throw on a button-up shirt with sleeves long enough to peek out of your coat’s cuff. That’s the little style detail that takes the look to the next level.


The topper? A baseball hat! It’s a genius move. A baseball hat protects from winter winds and eliminates the need for regular shampoos. Score.


This outfit is equal parts bad ass and pulled together. Exactly what a frazzled mama needs during the holiday season. So go out there and conquer the most wonderful time of year in style.


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I know this time of year is typically for funnel neck sweaters and boots. Everyone is running around thinking about their next pumpkin spice latte and Halloween decorations. But I have nothing but tropical escapes on the brain. That’s because I’m about to embark on my #YearofErin finale – our first official family vacation since having le bebe! I’ve been partnering with American Express Platinum to plan the ultimate family escape and thankfully the American Express Platinum concierge has come this mama’s over-extended rescue to help me plan a perfect Maui adventure (thanks to everyone’s tips you left on this post btw). I’ve talked about why Hawaii is so special to me and I’m so excited to finally be going back.

Now that our departure is almost here, I’m turning to my (frantic!) packing list. But I want to take a different tact with this trip. Rather than plan a zillion outfits, I want to hone in on the absolute minimum amount of stuff I can get away with. I’ve started pulling together a packing list of the bare essentials necessary to enjoy island life.

I’m feeling inspired by the looks from the Tanya Taylor Spring 2017 presentation during NYFW.

nyfw-apt34-23-of-42nyfw-apt34-25-of-42  nyfw-apt34-tayna taylornyfw-apt34-11-of-42

San Francisco was so gray and cold all summer. I feel like I finally have my opportunity to enjoy the season I missed, even if it’s only for a short time. I’m always feeling all things white. I think I’m finally going to try my hand at something off the shoulder. And wide leg pants are never a bad idea. A flirty dress could be fun for an evening out. And do you think I could rock a gold bathing suit like the one above from Cynthia Rowely?!

It’s been a little tough finding cute things to pull together a beach vacation look this time of year but I’m managed to unearth some goodies.


SHOP THE LOOK sun hat / one piececarry one bag / sandals / top / sunnies / cutoffs / romperstraw beach bag / bikini top  / mondrian espadrilles 

I’m a firm believer that I don’t need to sacrifice style, even with a restrained wardrobe. My friend Caroline recently reminded me of that. A few choice pieces are all you need to get you from the hotel to the beach to happy hour – and really what else do you need to think about on vacation?!

One-piece bathing suits are my new mama-reality so I’ve been hunting down good ones. It’s a bit of a needle in a haystack kind of search. But I’m loving this one and this one.

One cute sandal and a comfy flat for chasing a toddler is all the footwear you need.

A sun hat and cool peach sunnies will carry me through hours by the pool.

I am fully committed to getting two weeks’ worth of looks into my carry-on! Be sure to check back on Instagram and Snapcaht later this week to see if I succeed.


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Fall is always the best style season of the year. Before you’re buried under winter coats, but the summer’s glow has yet to fade, now is the time to play. You can have fun with proportion, with textures, with adding a little edge. I’ve always been a fan of menswear influenced style. It gives off a subtle sexiness while being incredibly practical for daily life; think wide-legged pants, flats and a cozy sweater or two. When you mix them all together you get a decidedly strong, but thoroughly feminine approach to taking the new season on in style.

Continue to scroll for some of my current favorite looks.


Extra-wide culottes paired with a snug sweater have me like whoa. Especially in this creamy, caramely warm color palette. And yes…those so ugly they’re really ridiculously good looking shoes are starting to appeal to me too.


All white is always alright in my book. Those denim culottes are also calling my name and I just might have to add a girlie white blouse to my white shirt arsenal.


A classic trouser feels fresh when it’s cropped and is an easy thing to get you out of my your denim rut.


A touch of blush & metallic lend a girlie touch to borrowed from the boys staples like bomber jackets and loafers.


A peacoat never goes out of style. To make it more wearable in this early part of fall when the weather just can’t make up its mind, pair yours with some bright whites and a chunky open toe sandal.

I’m a big fan of adding a few choice pieces to my closet around this time of year. Especially ones I know I’ll love for a long time – rather than just buying into the it-trend of the moment. Any of these options would make my closet very very happy for years to come.


get your shop on: shirt / backpack / watch / monk strap loafers / cashmere cardigan / culottes / bag / sweater / coat

For even more fall fashion inspiration, follow my Street Style Pinterest board HERE

images via goop

When you’re planning a trip, do you feel the need to run out and pick up a whole new wardrobe? Yeah, me too. So when I got the chance to go on my first international trip since having le baby, I felt frantic, like I needed to create a massive shopping list immediately. That is, until I realized there was actually an entire wardrobe waiting for me – in my own my closet!

Thankfully, my friend Caroline Rooney, a talented fashion stylist and style expert, reminded me that you need to look at your existing closet with a fresh eye. With one quick trip through the pieces I already own, Caroline helped me realize I could devise an entire packing plan without having to buy a million things. So I thought I’d share a few of her tips about how to shop your closet. And bonus, you get a sneak peek at my closet that I designed with California Closets! I won’t lie – it’s basically a dream closet come true.

DM1_9410   DM1_9433

this shirt by Kamperett is hand-painted and seriously stunning

To get over the feeling of “having nothing to wear,” I needed to get out of my outfit rut. I hate to admit it, but I’ve totally fallen victim to the mom uniform of tee, jeans and sneakers – on massive repeat. I expected better of myself but when you’re a professional toddler chaser practicality often wins out. That’s why a trip is such a great excuse to rediscover your style. And while I consider myself reasonably decent at getting myself dressed, anyone can benefit from an outside perspective.

DM1_9484 DM1_9596

A camel blazer is a girl’s best friend


This Amour Vert dress is perfect for an afternoon lunch in Milan!

DM1_9413  DM1_9434

Caroline came in and was able to look at all my pieces with a fresh eye. She was a like a kid in a style candy store. She started pulling out things I hadn’t even looked at in months.

But stay focused and be productive we decided to set some parameters. When you’re packing for a trip it’s helpful to think about two things; your destination and what you’re going to do while there. You want to think about your destination’s customs so that you can be sure to dress appropriately. In my case, Italy is a bit more formal, a bit more sophisticated and a bit more fashion forward than California, so I wanted to create some looks that feel pulled together. I also knew I was going to be doing a lot of wine tasting, sight seeing and doing lots of dinners out so I need a variety of looks from day time casual to much more formal.

So we got to pulling out tops, skirts, even dresses that I hadn’t worn in forever. After shopping through my own closet (it was like visiting old friends!), the trying on commenced. I cannot recommend taking the time to actually try your clothes on enough. Whether you’ve gone through a big life change like having a baby, or simply haven’t revisited pieces in your closet for awhile, it is so helpful to remind yourself what the clothes look like on you. You’re much more likely to remember why you bought the piece in the first place.

DM1_9531DM1_9574DM1_9602DM1_9605  DM1_9528 DM1_9566DM1_9439  DM1_9548DM1_9582     DM1_9617

Caroline helped me combine my pieces into looks I had never even thought of. Throwing a leather jacket over a dress and pairing it with low-heeled sandals made it more causal and perfect for day time. Adding a blazer over a classic black tee dressed it up, while wearing flat sandals with my white trousers made the look perfect for a day of window shopping in Milan. All told, I was able to create more than enough looks with just a few pieces. In fact, I probably could have pared things down even more, but I am one of those people who likes to be over-prepared for a trip. I do like to have options should itineraries, the weather or my mood change! While I could have easily edited things down to fit into a single carry on, I did end up bring a few additional options. Plus my size 10 shoes are not very space efficient!

But with two pairs of a jeans, a pair of trousers, a couple of dresses, a skirt, a mix of casual & formal tops and two blazers I knew I was going to be able to see Italy in style.


And as an added bonus for you all, Caroline, who works on photoshoots with brands like Google, Macy’s and W Hotels, as well as with private clients, is sharing her top five tips for making the most of your own closet.

TIP 1: Keep your closet tidy so you can access all of your garments easily. Out of sight, out of mind! Hang your favorite pieces toward the front for easy access. If there’s a piece that you haven’t worn recently, or find intimidating, hang that in the front as well, so you can remember to try it out in a new way. If it stays there for a few weeks and you still haven’t worn it, donate it or give it away.

TIP 2: I prefer to organize a closet by the type of garment. That way, you can see all of your top options, then all of your bottoms and skirts, all of your dresses, and then all of your jackets. Keep sweaters folded to avoid hanger marks at the shoulders, and fold down your jeans to save space. If you’re a die-hard denim head like me, fold all of your jeans the same way, and stack according to style. I keep mine in organized piles like “Everyday”, “Flares”, “Distressed”, and “Summer/Whites”. This saves me from digging through the piles every morning (and having them topple to the floor!)

TIP 3: After cleaning your closet, create piles for donations, sale, alterations. I recommend that you do this every 3-6 months to make sure you’re getting the most out of your wardrobe, and not wasting both time and money shopping for pieces you already have!

TIP 4: It doesn’t help you to have a dress that doesn’t fit, or a new pair of jeans that you love, but are too long. A great tailor can give these pieces a new life. In Erin’s closet, we first organized and hung favorite pieces, and even pulled a few items out of storage. This made the pieces feel new – it’s really like shopping in your own closet!

TIP 5: As you’re developing your wardrobe, focus on investing in well fitting basics. Look for timeless pieces that you can mix and match for years, and never look “out of style.” Then layer in a few trendier pieces every season. Invest in the basics, and spend less on the trend items that will go out of style faster. And once you’ve worn the trendy pieces to death, and see the trend starting to fizzle, donate or consign the pieces. You’ll be left with a great backbone of basics to build off of for the next season.

If you’re looking to add a little Italian style to your closet right now, below are a few of my favorite pieces. And as an added bonus, Amour Vert is  offering Apartment 34 readers a special bonus. You can save 20% on any order when you enter the code APT34 at check out! Click HERE to start shopping.

And if you’re curious about my adventures in Italy at the moment, be sure to follow along on Instagram and Snapchat!



white dress / cuyana saddle bag / black pumps / leather jacket /sunnies / white trousers / peplum topsandals / stella mccartney blouse

original photography for apartment 34 by delbarr moradi

So I have some exciting news – in just three weeks I’m going to be taking a little trip…to Italy! I’ll be able to share all the details soon, but to say I’m doing a happy dance is an understatement. Italy has a very special place in my heart. I traveled there for the first time at 17 and the place just stuck with me. I studied Italian all through college was able to study abroad there. I also returned for my honeymoon. But I haven’t been back since.

I also haven’t done any major travel since having entering mom-land – which means I need some serious packing help! My closet is not exactly jet-setter ready at the moment. So I’m frantically banking style inspiration and deciding what to add to my cart.


This look feels like the perfect look to spend an afternoon window shopping. A white-leg white pant and field jacket layered over a tee is a refined but laid back look (san heels. I’d probably wear these sandals instead).


I’m not sure I’m feeling brave enough to rock a crop top post-baby, this chic top feels so Italy appropriate.


A long short, chic flat and a great sleeveless top – I’m finally considering the off the shoulder trend – feels like a cool way to explore, wine taste or simply enjoy an afternoon of cappuccino and people watching at a cafe.


A timeless white dress topped with a button down tied at the waist is a perfect for an long lazy lunch that leads into a long night out.


And you never know when you might need something a little special. A flowing maxi dress is an easy, comfortable way to make a dramatic statement.


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image 1 / image 2 / image 3 / image 4 / image 5

I know, I just said Fall in the middle of July. But have no fear, because the most wonderful time of the year is here – the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! For those who have yet to be indoctrinated, take it from a Seattle native. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is pure genius because you can scoop up beautiful new styles on sale. This is not last season’s crap stuff that they can’t get off the rack. Everything you see here will go back up to full price once the Anniversary Sale ends (if they don’t sell out).

After a nearly two shopping hiatus (hello pregnancy and first year of motherhood aka living in yoga pants), this year mama is ready to spruce up her closet! These are officially my fall must-haves.



> So Real 48mm Sunglasses. A new season always requires a fresh pair of sunnies.

> Kathleen Peep Toe Booties. I haven’t added a peep toe to my boot wardrobe yet and the time has come.

> Rebecca Minkoff Avery Cross Body. A cute cross body bag always come in handy.

> Rag & Bone Double Breasted Vest. Wear it alone while it’s still warm and then layer when the weather cools. Yes.

> Topshop Color Block Boxy Top. I will attempt to wear some color, I will attempt to wear some color.

> Burberry Craysmoore Toggle Closure Short Gabardine Peacoat. Cropped coats are the bees knees.

> Phillip Lim Bucket Bag. No explanation necessary.

> Hinge Cora Block Heel. A chic sandal I can start wearing now? Yes please.

> All Saints Paradise North/South Tote. When you need a little more room and an alternative to black.

If you like what you see, head to Nordstrom lickity split (who says that? am I 100 years old? Anywho). You can shop early access to the Anniversary Sale now through July 21. The catch –  you have a Nordstrom card. But it is the best way to make sure the hot shizz doesn’t sell out. Because trust me it does.

If you’re not in love with my top nine, I couldn’t help myself and kept bookmarking more faves. You can shop them all right here. I hope you find a treasure or two.


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One of my favorite things about summer is the opportunity to step out of your style comfort zone. Kind of anything goes this time of year and I’ve been watching the funky shirt trend evolve. While I’m not quite ready to pull the trigger on the off the shoulder look, I would love to add a cool shirt to my summer wardrobe.

apt34-shirt-3apt34-shirt-2apt34 - extraordinary shirtsapt34-shirt-5

Oversized, extra long sleeves, front ties or back ties – really anything goes. You can go really feminine and frilly or chic and minimal with a cool shirt. Hello extra long tank with plunging neck line, will you be mine? All of the looks above are certainly convincing me to give a cool shirt a go this season. Have a found a wow top anywhere? I’d love to add more options to my consideration list.

Here are a few of my current favorites!


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image 1 / image 2 / image 3image 4 /

I’ve also had a thing for white clothes. Practical? No. Fabulous? Absolutely. And now that summer is officially here (woot!), it is the perfect time to break out your  summer whites. When I spied the White Collection by Elizabeth Suzann I immediately wanted all the things!


Jumpsuits, dresses, crop-tops – oh my! The collection is actually intended to be bridal. I can totally see how a modern bride might rock any one of these looks. They’d even be great for a rehearsal dinner, the reception or as a getaway outfit, but I also want every single piece in my wardrobe. There’s nothing more classic, or easy to wear. You just have to carry a tide stick with you at all times.

What do you think? Is white a staple of your summer wardrobe too?

Here’s a few more summer style ideas!

I don’t know about you but I’m itchin’ for some new spring style. I’m ready to pack up the sweaters, say see you next year to my boots and enjoy a more loose and relaxed look. And I found inspiration for exactly that look in the a place so surprising, I had to share it with you!

Just take a look at this dress – super cute right? It’s as perfect for Sunday brunch as it is a stroll on a beach. You’d never guess it’s from a maternity line would you?!

apt 34 spring fashion ideasapt 34 spring fashion idearelaxed_sweater_dress-_white-_212.15-hatch11905_212.17-caraline1604812.17-caraline16559_1

My favorite maternity line, Hatch Collection just launched their spring looks and their styling is just so good, it makes me want everything. No, not enough to get pregnant again, but I’m definitely taking some style ideas straight from these glowing pregnant ladies. First, some fun spring pants. I love the rolled sweats and the ankle pant. It’s a nice alternative from my denim uniform. I’m also inspired to find a spring dress. Yes, I said it. A dress! A maxi dress is great but I find them a bit unrealistic for day-to-day wear. I tend to save them for vacations. I’m seriously crushing on the Hatch sweater dress, but a shirtdress still has enough of a masculine edge to feel super wearable.

When it come to everyday staples, you definitely need a good oversized knit in your spring wardrobe. Invest in a high quality cashmere option and you’ll have it for years. It’s the perfect piece to pull on as the afternoon cools or if you’re heading out to the first alfresco dinner of the year. The Hatch sweater is definitely calling my name right now. I would pair it with all of my skinnies, a legging but also with boyfriend jeans and sneakers for a super relaxed look.

Finally, I think I might actually need a platform sandal in my closet this season. Since I’m rarely in heels anymore, but I always like a little extra height to feel put together. It’s taken a few seasons but the 70’s vibe is finally growing on me.

So for all my dear pregnant ladies, Hatch Collection is a no brainer for exceptional style, but I might just add a piece or two to my postpartum closet. Since I haven’t revamped my closet at all since our wee one was born and I’ve got a brand new closet in the new house – I think a major wardrobe overhaul is in order.

I smell a new style series coming on. Stay tuned!


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