I used to have the luxury of spending a lot of time thinking about clothes. They were fun, they were a way to express myself, they were a way to make a statement to the world and if we’re all being honest, clothes are often a means competing with others. For my April edit, I’m taking a very different tact.

But as years have passed and life has gotten much more full, my perspective on getting dressed has shifted dramatically. Now don’t get my wrong, I still fully agree with the ethos of every makeover show that’s ever existed – how you dress is your initial calling card to world so you don’t want to mail it in. But that desire to one up, to out do, or to draw attention feels so childish now.

the april edit on apartment 34

What if your closet was only housed timeless, classic, high quality staples that looked good and made you feel good every time you put them on? What if your closet was trend free so you didn’t feel the need to purge and replenish after every season, but instead you could pull a piece out like you’re saying hello to an old friend?

My closet is slowly but surely headed in that direction and you know what I no longer spend hours doing (nor even really have the urge to do?!)? Shop! Once you build a closet full of beautiful pieces that let you revel in daily life, rather than worry about what you’re wearing all of that distraction falls away. And I never thought I’d say this but it feels great.

Because life is complicated. Getting dressed shouldn’t have to be.

the april edit on apartment 34

SHOP: nikes / rachel comey jeans / madewell tunic / denim loafers / leather bomber jacket / luggage / sunnies / hoop earrings / purse / gray t-shirt / denim jacket


There are a few more staples I’d like to add to my rotation this spring. These days I live in high quality t-shirts. They’re flattering. They’re comfortable and you can layer them with everything. And when you invest in a good one, they don’t pill or stretch and so don’t have to be replaced nearly as often.

I’m obsessed with denim jackets that have a little edge. An oversized silhouette. A cropped sleeve. Maybe some patchwork. Something that makes the jacket just a little different. It makes the piece and therefore your look a little more special.

The perfect cream wide-leg jean. You will wear them for years. The end.

The exception to my fill your closet with basics rule is shoes. I do love to have a little fun with my footwear and these denim loafers with a big ole bow totally fit that bill.

Anyone else have itchy feet? I want to take my entire spring edit, shove in it a cute suitcase and jet off to a beautiful destination. Maybe I should go back to Greece this year.



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I used to blog about fashion on this site a lot. I even used to post pictures of myself from time to time. But I’ve fallen victim to my natural state – that of a late 30’s mom with a toddler / entrepreneur working from home / live in California where no one gets dressed up uniform: aka lulu lemon. While I know athleisure is like, a thing now, I’ve always felt a little “still in my pjs” in a sweatshirt. But the following upscaled sweatshirt ideas are inspiring me to transform my lazy dressing into an actual outfit! PS these are all from Zara so they are crazy affordable (bonus).

next level sweatshirts on apartment 34

Idea number one: oversized sweatshirt, wide-leg trousers and heels. Not three things you might think to combine when browsing your own closet and yet, I love it. Obviously, this is a look that cannot be worn with bedhead. That’s a little too literal. When you mix the super casual with the dressy you have to keep the rest of your look nice and tight.

next level sweatshirts on apartment 34

A bit of a slimmer and cropped sweatshirt looks great tucked into a pair of high-waisted jeans. I probably won’t be rocking a sky-high heel at the playground, but a cute pair of sneakers (my current faves are linked right here), would work quite nicely. The oversized hoops are a nice addition too. A good accessory always elevates a look.

next level sweatshirts on apartment 34

A hoodie tucked into a pencil skirt? I’m into it. Though I do have to convince myself to wear a skirt again.

next level sweatshirts on apartment 34

Sweatshirt fully tucked into the high waisted jean. Yes, yes and yes. I actually saw this look on a girl walking down the street in San Francisco just yesterday and thought how cute it looked.

next level sweatshirts on apartment 34

An oversized sweatshirt in a bold hue paired a checked trouser creates a cool look. I’m not as big of a fan of the addition of the accessories bag, hat or — how do you even describe these sunglasses that even Beyonce was wearing at the Grammys? Do they have a name? I don’t get them. I cannot endorse any of those add-ons. I’m officially old.

next level sweatshirts on apartment 34

While I probably wouldn’t wear these looks to an office job, I would definitely feel sassy, a bit dressed up and like I’m actually back into this whole fashion thing by simply repurposing the sweatshirt collection already in my closet.

What say you? Are you into these sweatshirts as actual fashion looks?

For more outfit ideas, CLICK HERE.

images via zara 

Now that we’re coming up on mid-October, I’ve dropped all things summer like a hot potato and have fully embraced the new season. Except pumpkins. I’m still refusing all pumpkin related items – but I know I’m in the minority on that one. However, I am loving a mix of warm woods, creamy whites, black accents and a touch of metallic or two.

the fall edit on apartment 34 the fall edit on apartment 34the fall edit on apartment 34the fall edit on apartment 34the fall edit on apartment 34the fall edit on apartment 34the fall edit on apartment 34

shop the post: striped rug // table lamp // metallic boot // camel coat // shoulder bag // tea kettle // side chair

While this color palette is certainly a classic, when applied to modern pieces with crisp silhouettes it feels fresh and new. Like that stunning table lamp?! You won’t see something like that gorgeous marble shade every day. Or that yummy leather side chair with black metal legs. It’s equal parts comfortable and sophisticated. Definitely what I’m craving right now.

But surprisingly, I’ve also been drawn to a touch or two of green. Specifically, a mellow, subtle mossy green like this gorgeous shoulder bag. The color is natural and earthy, but a piece with crisp clean lines keeps it from feeling hippy-dippy. That bag would look gorgeous with that timeless camel coat and some good boots.

When you’re working with this neutral palette, it’s all about layering on a mix of textures. Leather, wool, brass, cashmere, rattan. Mix and match to your heart’s content.nThat’s where you’ll find that cozy fall sweet spot.

What say you? Are you feeling the fall vibes from this collection?


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Hi Friend! Since it’s the first day of Fall, I figured you deserved a bonus Friday post. This has always been my favorite season for fashion after all. The coats, the boots, the layers! It’s when getting dressed gets interesting again. But at the same time, I love the concept of the capsule wardrobe and uniform dressing – but how to do you combine the two? A beautifully edited closet and clothes that make you feel fabulous when you put them on. Well, I found the solution and it’s called Kamperett. You can consider all of your fall shopping done, right now.

the only fashion line you need this fall on apartment 34the only fashion line you need this fall is kamperett on apartment 34the only fashion line you need this fall is kamperett on apartment 34the only fashion line you need this fall is kamperett on apartment 34

I’ve shared Kamperett collections before (like right here). Designed and made in San Francisco by two women who understand great style, but also know the needs of the modern, multi-tasking mom, Kamperett has taken their fall collection to new wearable levels. You have stunning pants, the perfect bodysuit, amazing coats, a sweet blouse – virtually everything you need to create a complete closet. Everything is simple and classic but also head turning. Dresses have sheer panels. Pants have the perfect kick hem. The dresses drape just so. And course so much of the fall collection is in my favorite black & cream color palette. Mmmm, my happy place. These are the pieces you’ll love wearing now and will keep for years.

the only fashion line you need this fall is kamperett on apartment 34the only fashion line you need this fall is kamperett on apartment 34the only fashion line you need this fall is kamperett on apartment 34the only fashion line you need this fall is kamperett on apartment 34the only fashion line you need this fall is kamperett on apartment 34the only fashion line you need this fall is kamperett on apartment 34the only fashion line you need this fall is kamperett on apartment 34the only fashion line you need this fall is kamperett on apartment 34the only fashion line you need this fall is kamperett on apartment 34the only fashion line you need this fall is kamperett on apartment 34

Every single one of these pieces is calling my name – including the dresses! I know – me in a dress – but I actually already wore one right here and never felt more fabulous. So feel free to stop your online shopping for the random piece that everyone will have this fall and instead, think about emptying your closet and only adding back what’s special. This line certainly fits that bill.

For more fall style inspiration, CLICK HERE.

images c/o kamperett

In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been talking about fashion around these parts much. It’s a bit odd for me, as when it comes to defining my style, clothing was always my first love – not home decor believe it or not. But after becoming a mama, I really lost my desire to shop. Well, correction. I lost my desire to shop for myself. Buying cute kids clothes hasn’t been a problem at all! But I recently stepped into my closet (I know, it’s obnoxious I can say step in but it makes me so happy) and realized I hate basically everything in there. I’ve barely added a thing to my wardrobe since I was pregnantSo many of my pieces just don’t feel like “me” anymore. But as I talked about in this post, I’m ready to rock a good outfit again. I think it’s wardrobe refresh time.

summer wardrobe refresh on apartment 34

And whileI really settled into my style in my mid-30’s, your vibe always continues to evolve to meet you where you are now. The clothing that’s sat stagnant in my closet for nearly three years definitely isn’t feeling fresh. I look at my collection of blazers and only one thought comes to mind. Blech! Thankfully, I’m getting the shopping itch at the most opportune time – Nordstrom Anniversary Sale time!

If you’re one of the five people still unfamiliar with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, let me break it down. Nordstrom (my beloved Seattle-based department store and all around best place to shop ever that offers free shipping and free returns and is amazing) holds an epic sale every summer where new items go on major markdown. This isn’t getting rid of last season’s dregs. This is all new stuff at crazy good deals. Now the sale runs July 20 – August 6 this year, BUT if you are a Nordstrom cardholder early access started TODAY!

So I’ve spent the last…too many hours this morning scouring the sale for the cutest pieces and the best deals. I’m not exactly looking to do a major closet overhaul. I still have a house to finish. I just think a few current pieces will renew my style inspiration and get me excited to get out of yoga pants every day. The best part about the sale? Many of the deals are on things you can wear right now – in the heart of summer – and then you can tuck a chic sweater or a toasty jacket away to bust out come September.

Here is my current sale selection. The vibe? Relaxed, cool, and dare I say a little bit girly (eek!), but with a touch of edge.summer wardrobe refresh on apartment 34

SHOP: sweater / metallic slides / sunnies / best day ever pouch / jeans / one-piece swimsuit / sweatshirt / pumps / coat / backpack / boots / ruffle top / cross-body bag / striped top 


A few cute additions to my summer wardrobe (that off the shoulder top is my fave) and an investment or two in fun items for fall (hello over the knee boots) is the perfect way to get re-energized to get dressed each day.

Now, the best thing about the Anniversary Sale is that they keep adding new items all the time. So I’m going to be checking back often to add to my edit. For now, you can see all of my favorite pieces in the sale RIGHT HERE. Let me know if you find anything good that I missed!



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As we prepare to shake off the winter doldrums, I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling very ready for a wardrobe refresh. After a season of nothing but puffy jackets and heavy boots (or in San Francisco’s case rain boots – there’s been so much rain our freaking crawl space flooded out killing our furnace – but that’s a different post), I want to put on things that are light, bright and most importantly easy to wear.

While I used to troll street style blogs for innovative outfit inspiration, I now look at street style and simply wonder what the heck they’re thinking! Fur lined slides, a kaleidoscope of colors and a mishmash of 80’s and 90’s trends?? Blech. I’m sorry, I dressed through those decades, I don’t need to do it again. I might be dating myself or have simply become boring, but this season I’m ready for timeless, classic silhouettes and quality wardrobe staples that I’ll wear for years to come. Minimalist style all the way baby.

minimalist style on apartment 34 minimalist style on apartment 34 minimalist style on apartment 34minimalist style on apartment 34minimalist style on apartment 34 minimalist style on apartment 34minimalist style on apartment 34 minimalist style on apartment 34

The formula for minimal style is fairly straight forward. Step one: pick a monochromatic color palette and stick with it. White is my favorite pretty much all year round, but then comes camel, black, gray and navy. Right now I’m actually into a light putty, even so far as going with a blush piece or two, for spring. And a good striped shirt is a nice change from the classic white button down, but can still function as a neutral.

Denim is my closet’s foundation, but I’m ready to say see ya to all the skin tight and overly-distressed jeans that have been the look du jour. Wide legs are having their day. Extra long and high waisted or cropped at the ankle, either way, they look stellar. And kick that stretchy denim to the curb. Raw denim, though a bit more finicky, is really denim at its best. You just need a good fit in the waist and butt (cuz they will stretch out) but that crisp straight leg is a good look on anyone.

Since becoming a mom I’ve (sadly) kicked virtually all of my heels to the curb. My shoe wardrobe now consists of the following; a good slip-on sneaker, a loafer, an ankle boot and a sandal. Done.

And even though they’re called basics, minimal pieces can be anything but. If you invest in high quality fabrics – think cashmere, Japanese linen, good chunky knits, supple leathers – the craftsmanship is going to stand out in the fast-fashion crowd. And the details don’t hve to be boring. I’m obsessed with the oversized cuff of Anna Quan’s shirts. Levi’s and Citizens of Humanity are doing some very cool vintage denim. High waists, good tailoring or dramatically oversized pieces keep your look feeling fresh.

So as spring gets in full swing, attack that closet. Set aside the 5-10 things you actually wear and then gather everything else in a giant pile. Do you see yourself wearing anything in that pile in the next six months? If not, out it goes. Consign the good stuff and donate the rest. Then you can fill in any gaps with the aforementioned minimal basics. Trust me, you’ll feel ten times lighter and ten times happier every time you get dressed.


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I’ve always said that lingerie is NOT a Valentine’s gift for you. It’s for him. I mean, come on – do you ever actually wear the stuff other than the day it was given? Exactly. But my attitude has shifted a bit since I discovered Madewell just launched an intimates line. Because this is purdy underwear I actually want to wear.


It looks cute, it looks comfy and it has the perfect amount of sass.

I’m particularly into the bralette situation for something I might want to show off. But I also really like I really the mesh bras. Padding is so 10 years ago. I’m tiny and proud dammit. There are some cute and casual color blocked styles. Great boy shorts too.

I haven’t refreshed my personals drawer since finally returning to my post-baby body (did I mention it took nearly two years to get there? Yeah f*** Crissy Tiegan and all those models who look perfect in 4 weeks. But I digress). But now that everything has shrunk back down to its pre-baby size and I’m no longer stuck wearing nursing bras, it seems like the perfect time to invest in a few lovely little things, just for me. Why should I have to wait until someone else buys them for me?? If the husband likes this little gift to myself, added bonus.

You can shop the entire Madewell Intimates Collection HERE.

It’s been a little while since we’ve talked about fashion around here. So I thought it high time I round up some winter style inspiration. If you’re like me, you’re probably ready to look at your winter closet with new eyes.


Oversized scarves are my fave.


Inspired to try the turtleneck-under-shirt look.


Rocking a hoodie as day-wear.


Giving culottes a winter vibe.


Scarves as belts – easy way to sass up a classic pair of wide-legged denim.


Neck scarves are having a moment. Pairing one with a sweatshirt is a particularly interesting idea.


Pulling out some pattern. Love the checks on checks in competing neutral tones.


Slip-ons with sweater dresses.


A classic blazer, another jumbo scarf and a retro belt still feel very current.


You can rock virtually any style of jeans these days – but how about rolling them? The key is a good ankle-hugging heel or boot.

It’s not about running out and buying the latest trends – but instead simply tweaking the classic pieces already in your closet. I’m going to see if I can put together a fresh look everyday this week. Who’s with me??

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After nearly 10 years of blogging, one of the biggest challenges is coming up with ideas! It can start to feel like you’ve talked about everything there is to talk about. And you keep seeing the same images on Pinterest. And everyone has already written everything there is to say about the Pantone Color of the Year. What’s left?!

When creative roadblocks strike, I like head out – as far away from the depths of the internet as I can get. One of my favorite places to go for new ideas are the streets of San Francisco. Sure, I could run to the new MOMA, head to the design district or wander past the architectural wonders of Pacific Heights, but there are in fact, hidden pockets of inspiration everywhere you look. You just have to be able to find them. So I thought I’d take you along on one my inspiration hunts – and have a little fun while out and about.


San Francisco is full of inspiration; colors, textures, art, architecture. But when you’re stuck behind the wheel of your car, it can be hard to keep your eyes open for hidden gems.


It was while wandering around the Mission that I spied this pretty little corner. The sherbet hues and that rich luscious greenery caught my eye and got my brain whirring with fresh color palette ideas. It also inspired me to get up close and personal with plants – that I can’t explain quite as easily. But I digress.


Then there’s Balmy Alley – one you’re almost certain to miss unless you have the luxury of keeping an eye out. The block long alley is the best place to see the most concentrated collection of murals in San Francisco. Each building along this carless gem is filled with community art. The murals began in the mid-80’s. Some murals offer political messages, some depict moments in history, others are just simple bursts of beauty. But a stroll down this tiny street reminds you to search for the unexpected and appreciate self-expression. The alley reminded me to look at things from new perspectives. Simply examining a problem from an unexpected angle can reveal solutions you’ve never considered.


A new favorite inspiration destination is the Minnesota Street Project. Recently opened in San Francisco’s historic Dogpatch district, Minnesota Street Project offers affordable and economically sustainable spaces for art galleries, artists and related nonprofits. But you don’t even have to step foot into one of the spaces’s 10 galleries (which are open to the public and totally free) to be inspired. 1275 Minnesota Street features a massive open plan atrium that includes exposed steel beams, polished concrete floors and oak bleacher seating. And crazy good light. Did I mention that? I love simply taking a stroll through the vast open space. It’s like the opposite of Balmy Alley. Devoid of color. Minimal, striped down to the essentials. A visit often reminds me to not over complicate things.


A day spent soaking up fresh inspiration requires sufficient caffeination. It’s helpful that my favorite little coffee shop offers design inspiration unto itself. Tucked a short jaunt away from Minnesota Street Project, in an even lesser-known part of San Francisco sits The Den. The corner cafe is in fact attached to famed San Francisco bakery Craftsmen & Wolves’ commercial baking space. But I love that CAW has chosen to make its tiniest space into a precious jewel. Artist (and friend!) Heather Day took her art large scale with a stunning mural that stretches from wall to wall and up onto the ceiling. It’s the perfect place to grab a jolt of inspiration, a damn fine cappuccino and a Rebel Within (if you don’t what that is, you need to find out immediately).


When I spend an afternoon away from my computer and out in the city, the limited world view served up on places like Pinterest and Instagram become the furthest things from my mind. Instead, I find myself clearer headed, more energized and excited to sit back down to my keyboard, determined to share something new with you.

I’m curious, what do you like to do to break out of a rut?


For more of my favorite finds in San Francisco, CLICK HERE


original photography for apartment 34 by ashley batz

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