How to Wrap the Perfect Package

Today we have a little holiday miracle to share with you – a pretty little package tied up with a perfect bow – no tape, cuts or twisted knots required. Ok – so I didn’t say it was a big miracle but I get such joy out of these little details.

Did you know you can tie a ribbon without having to use tape? Without it having to have a bump or twits on the back? Call me crazy, but that always drives me nuts when my gifts won’t lay flat. Thankfully, there is a secret ribbon tying technique that will leave discerning gift wrappers saying, how did you do that??


Step 1: Measure out your ribbon to make sure it’ll go around your box twice. Lay your cut piece of ribbon out on a flat surface

Step 2: Set your box on top of the ribbon. Make sure there’s plenty of ribbon sticking out on both ends. Make a loop on the left end {no need to tie anything, just make a little circle – the end of the ribbon will be point back toward your body}

Step 3: Slip your loop over the left corner of the box furtherest from your body. It’ll just rest there – don’t worry it might fall off – you might have to hold it in place

Step 4: The tail of your loop will stretch across the underside of the box back towards you, making a {flat!} cross

Step 5: Bring the ribbon from the right side and pull it under your corner loop

Step 6: Bring the second tail up from the underside

Step 7: Tie the two pieces in your first knot

Step 8: Tie your bow. Big, small or over-the-top huge – let your creativity be your guide!

Et voila!


Even if you’re the only one to appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes into your gift wrapping skills, there’s something so satisfying about tying your packages up in perfectly wrapped string!


original photography for apartment 34 by Emily Scott // custome 34 paper c/o 

New House Update: Light of My Life

I realize it’s probably a bit odd to start a home renovation project with a singular focus on one design category, but zeroing in on one item certainly does help you set your design direction. And for me that direction looks like it’s going to be determined by lighting. Lighting really is like jewelry for the home and I never could resist a great accessory! If I had to whittle down my lighting love affair to a must-have it would be…anything by Serge Mouille!!

cwiart_miluccia22b6295d688bf2dcdd7f26f294ea9ba76 jpeg-2Chic-contemporary-living-room-in-New-York

From the mid-century Parisian designer’s floor lamps, to his brilliant chandeliers and wall mounted sconces – I’m obsessed. They’re artfully minimal, yet make a total style statement no matter what space you put them in.


There’s so much variety to choose from with Mouille. Wall sconces can come with up to five arms and some of the ceiling lights feature seven. What’s so wonderful about these fixtures is how beautifully they combine art with functionality. You can swivel the arms and turn the heads to create ambient or direct light as needed. SO genius!


It’s nearly impossible to pick a Mouille favorite, but I’ve been particularly loving the wall sconces of late. They’re dramatic yet refined and would so elevate a living room, bedroom or really any place you might decide to place one. I’m currently day dreaming of a the perfect reading nook…

And while yes, these lovelies are going to cost you a pretty penny {originals get up into the five digits real quick} I argue their timeless elegance is worth the splurge. Thankfully, reproductions are made today at a slightly friendlier price, but this is a piece of design genius that is definitely worth saving for! I know just right where I’m going to put my future dream light in our new house too…but just where that is, you’ll have to wait a little longer to find out!

images via here, the new york times & my pinterest

Idea to Steal: Chic Accessories Organization

Everyone understands the importance of a good spring cleaning, but why only reserve a fresh start to once a year?? The change in weather already forces you to swap your shorts for sweaters so while you’re knee deep in your closet, might as well keep the momentum goin’, right? I, for one, know that my house needs a serious deep clean and this cute and simple Idea to Steal has me excited to purge and organize!


I love the idea of using a super chic brass towel rack to organize your belts, jewelry and sunnies! These are some of the most awkward accessories to keep tidy. Belts don’t keep shape when you roll them, necklaces get tangled and sunnies just take up so much counter space. This simple fix would SO solve my problem of always hunting for my latest fave pair of sunglasses!

I know I’m not the only on out there with this problem. How do you manage all those random bits and baubles? If you need more Ideas to Steal to help organize your life, check them out here!

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