Idea to Steal: Eclectic Bathroom Decor


It may seem odd to to some, but I am SO excited that we’re going to have a powder room in our new/old house {why do I keep calling it that praytell? You can catch up here}. Powder rooms are the ultimate excuse to go outside the box with your decor. Virtually anything goes. Crazy wallpaper, unlikely paint colors, dramatic lighting – they are a little jewel box of design.

I love the idea of hanging a mishmash of art and frames in our powder room. You’re in such a small space that they’ll truly take center stage. And you can constantly play with your selection, adding subtracting, rearranging to your heart’s content. It’s also perfect for the commitment-phobe. If wallpaper isn’t your thing this is a fabulous solution.

What do you think? Are you into this pint-sized art gallery idea?

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Idea to Steal: {Pegboard Inspiration}

There’s something to be said about a good old fashioned inspiration board. These days the majority of our messy, random, unfiltered tidbits of inspiration exist only in digital format. Despite Pinterest being a game-changer when it comes to bookmarking ideas {along with our poor, overworked and abused computer desktops!}, sometimes we find ourselves nostalgic for the tangibility and rawness of a physical mood board. That’s why when we saw this beautiful pegboard of earthy artifacts, we had to pin it {so very meta of us, right!?}.


Pegboard makes for such unique idea boards because they encourage the display of physical artifacts {take THAT Pinterest!}. We love the 3D look of varying textures, shapes and forms {like plants!} clustered together to create an organic and no-fuss feel. Not to mention, the texture of the board itself {hello, perforation!} creates visual interest on an otherwise empty wall. We see a DIY coming on…

What do you think? Do you LOVE?

image via Still Stars // photography by Heidi Lerkenfeldt

How to Style The Perfect Shelfie

#Shelfies are the new #selfies, right? They’re a way to express your personality in one small snap. Just like playful hairstyles and experimental makeup, you can continually switch them up depending on your mood. And just like the selfie, perfecting them ain’t easy! In fact, building your library of books and compiling a collection of curated items requires a lot of patience. But no matter where you are in your shelfie game, remember these three rules and you’ll have a perfectly styled bookshelf every time.


Here are three tips to getting it right:

#1: Horizontal x Vertical Books. Shelves should start with books, but mix up the way you display them. Try piling them horizontally or flipping the spines to face inward as well as keeping some standing vertical.

#2: Remember the 1:1 Ratio. For every stack of books, add an object. It could be anything: a candle, brass box, pretty collection of rocks, that awesome “thing” you couldn’t not buy at last month’s flea market. This is the best way to break up the ‘boxy library look’.

#3: Create Curated Character. The more your personality shows in your shelfie, the better! Add black and white photos of your grandparents as strapping, young lads. Display your vintage toy car collection. How about that piece of drift wood you picked up in Tulum? The quirky things that make you you, give your shelfie just as much character!


And here are 12 no-fail objects that’ll elevate your shelfie game in no time! Seriously, every shelfie should have these on display:



> 1. Brass Sculpture
> 2. Coexist Globe
> 3. Na Nin Candle Landslide
> 4. Saal Wood Pyramids
> 5. Brass Planter
> 6. Menu Concrete Lamp
> 7. Petrified Wood Bookends 
> 8. Collection of Parchment Books 
> 9. Saikai Pound Door Stopper 
> 10. Black Footed Ceramic Bowl
> 11. Small Gold Bowl
> 12. Antique Brass + Glass Boxes

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image 1 via Apartment Therapy // 2 via Smitten Studio // 3 via My Domaine // 4 via Home Adore // 5 via Broste Copenhagen // 6 via My Dubio // 7 via Lonny // 8 via Style Me Pretty