Idea to Steal: {Artfully Styled Bookshelves}

Bookshelves. Let’s talk about how great they are for a sec. Obviously, they’re entirely functional—so that’s fantastic. Second of all, with the right styling, they can easily become the prettiest thing in the room. And lastly, like a personal mini-museum, they’re the perfect way to bring personality into a space – a mix of interesting artifacts and books help tell a story of where you’ve been and who you are. That’s why when we came across this bookshelf styling technique, we did a major double-take!


This ain’t your average bookcase! Not only is it filled with tons of delightful treasures, we’re totally digging the idea of featuring a large piece of framed artwork anchored across two shelves smack dab in the middle! This daring placement draws attention to the art itself and also adds dimension and variation to what could otherwise easily be a traditional hohum bookshelf. With a killer piece of art on our hands and a strong velcro tape attached to the backside of the frame, we’re so dying to try this idea!

What are your thoughts?

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photography by Michele Andersen

Idea to Steal: No Painters Tape Required

A paint job that doesn’t require the peskiness of taping off? Need we say more?? This weekend’s task of meticulously applying blue tape to every edge, corner and cranny of a room that just needs a simple fresh coat of paint- is poof, gone. Because if you’re as adventurous as we hope you are, you’ll love this super fun, super edgy – we’re not going to lie – avant garde paint idea!


Go bold this fall in a media room, guest room or any room that you’re looking to add a “wow” factor by painting a wall a little less than 3/4 of the way up and leaving it “unfinished”. The confident and gutsy lines of the paint brush or roller bring a whole new meaning to an accent wall – and we are so in love with the look.

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image via Ikea

Idea to Steal: Eclectic Bathroom Decor


It may seem odd to to some, but I am SO excited that we’re going to have a powder room in our new/old house {why do I keep calling it that praytell? You can catch up here}. Powder rooms are the ultimate excuse to go outside the box with your decor. Virtually anything goes. Crazy wallpaper, unlikely paint colors, dramatic lighting – they are a little jewel box of design.

I love the idea of hanging a mishmash of art and frames in our powder room. You’re in such a small space that they’ll truly take center stage. And you can constantly play with your selection, adding subtracting, rearranging to your heart’s content. It’s also perfect for the commitment-phobe. If wallpaper isn’t your thing this is a fabulous solution.

What do you think? Are you into this pint-sized art gallery idea?

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image by claire esparros for