Idea to Steal: {Gallery Nook Under the Stairs}

There’s no arguing gallery walls have been having a moment that’s lasted for what feels like centuries now. As long as you have a great collection of art, the look seriously never tires. However, we ALWAYS love to see a refreshing take on this tried and true trend—and this little gallery nook is the perfect example!


Why not make the most of those funky little nooks and crannies with a gallery wall? These small and wonky spaces often stump us when it comes to design, but filling them with artwork allows you to choose pieces of varying sizes and orientation to custom fit the wall {We’d start with something like this and then build out the wall with smaller muted pieces like this}.

Plus, this layout shakes up the look of a traditional gallery wall and adds some visual interest to an otherwise overlooked area {Insider Tip: Use butcher paper to serve as a template prior to hanging your art}. And perhaps most importantly, this makes for the perfect opportunity to peruse sites like Minted, Tappan Collective, and One Kings Lane for killer pieces of all types of art! Any excuse to do a little shopping, right?!

image via Yellows

Idea to Steal: {Fashion Favorites as Decor}

If you’re tight for space like we are, this Idea to Steal is for you! Throw out all of your preconceived notions about “putting things away” {earmuffs, Mom!} and take a moment to consider some simple ways to integrate clothing and accessories into your decor! Mind blown? Ours too.


This isn’t just about keeping clothing and accessories in plain sight {although we love the look of that too!}— it’s about using them as considered design elements to add interest to a space. Consistency and subtly are key here. It’s important to stick to a few signature pieces or one hanging garment for a simple, scandi-inspired look. The coehisve color palette and studied display also make this look feel intentional. A bonus? You no longer have to choose between fashion and decor! And that friends, is truly a win-win.

Do you have a favorite super-cool textured sweater tucked away in your closet, so pretty it deserves to be displayed? Maybe a sick bomber jacket?

Or a really bold necklace? What are some other fashion items you’d choose as decor?

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image via A Merry Mishap

Idea to Steal: {Art in the Loo}

Whoever said that the lavatory is strictly a place for “business” was WAY off. This highly trafficked room deserves so much more. In a space that tends to be de-prioritized when it comes to decorating, we’re loving the idea of using artwork to elevate typical bathroom decor. In fact, we’d argue that the bathroom is a perfect place to display art! There’s always a “captive” audience, if you know what we mean.


We’re not suggesting you throw down mad cash for an original masterpiece here, but this is the perfect place to get a little experimental and peruse sources like eBay, Etsy or One Kings Lane for something inexpensive and interesting. If you’re really into this idea, you can even go for a mini gallery wall! In the end, it’s a simple way to give the bathroom the attention it deserves. After all, it’s always been there to help us take care of our dirty work.

What sort of interesting decor have you seen or chosen for a bathroom?? We’d love to hear more Ideas to Steal!

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image via Oscar V