Loft Reveal: {Making Our Living Room Baby Friendly}

I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t we JUST see this living room? Certainly seems that way, doesn’t it?? I did make some upgrades that I shared at the beginning of the year {refresher here}, but as I put together our new master bedroom/nursery, {did you catch the reveal??} I realized I couldn’t confine all things baby to our bedroom. Our entire space needed to evolve, but that’s ok. I just read this great quote in Lonny: “The clothes you wear constantly reflect where you are in life, how much you make, what geographical area you live in, what your style is. That is what your home should be. Your home should be constantly be evolving.” Well, we just experienced one of the biggest evolutions life can can through out at you so it only made sense that we let a few baby things invade our living space. Can you spot them??


I’m truly hoping your answer is no! We made very subtle updates to our living room in the attempt to make it more homey, but a little more sophisticated at the same time. It all started with the large-scale art over our fireplace. I’d been hunting for a piece that would work with our 20ft ceilings ever since we moved in here, but framed art that large is very difficult to find – let alone afford. That’s why I was thrilled to learn that is now offering over-sized art! I jumped at the chance to showcase this piece by fellow blogger and crazy-good painter Emily Jeffords. I’ve long admired Emily’s work so it’s pretty fab to have her print in our loft. And at 40″ x 54″ it definitely fills the space!

We also had to say so long to our lovely but impractical modern accent chairs to make for…a glider! Yes, I am now the proud owner of a glider, but I love that no one notices we have one until I actually start to make the chair rock! Mission accomplished You can snag this gem right here.


I’ll also take any excuse to refresh my accessories game so we added some sophisticated pillows in linen and deep shades of gray {those textured ones were hand-knotted in Argentina!}. I also brought out all my design books – I want to be able to enjoy them before they have to be out of reach of little sticky fingers!

The gallery wall running up our stairs also got a little refresh. I was thrilled to add some new family images – and I’m loving the monochromatic color palette, of course.


While the changes in our living room are subtle, I just the love the way the space feels these days. Warm and inviting, relaxed but also curated. And I really do take pains in keeping it this way. All baby accoutrements are put away every night before bed. Incognito baskets are now my best friend. Sinking into our couch, wine glass in hand, to survey our seemingly adult space is very satisfying indeed!

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original photography for apartment 34 by aubrie pick

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9 Gold Pendants To Light Up Your Life

A killer lighting situation can complete the look of a space—it’s like the cherry on top of a sundae…the icing on the cake…the cheese on the pizza? Alas, we digress. What we’re trying to get at is that a good light can define a space and serve to add a little bit more dimension to the feel of a room. Not to mention, extra mood lighting is always welcomed, especially when it comes to enhancing the Instagramability of our meals {#priorities}.

If you’re looking for something more dramatic than a basic ceiling light, but less showy than a chandelier, pendant lights are the way to go. The great thing about them is that they’re super versatile—you can hang them over a elegant dining table or use them to create a cozy reading nook. In our favorite metallic hue these guys offer just the right amount of interest for any decor situation!

gold-pendants-9 gold-pendants-1pendant-lights-5pendant-lights-6gold-pendants-10pendant-lights-4pendant-lights-8

It’s hard to go wrong with these pretty pendants—you can go singular and bold or hang multiple smaller options to create the lighting that best fits your needs. Often times, you just need that one glitzy piece to add that touch of glam to a space. We’ve scoured the web and created our own collection of gold pendant light faves!


We love the perforated look of #4. We’ll take two to hang over a long dining table, please! Which would you choose?

Get Your Shop On:

> 1. Bronze Copper Shade Pendant
> 2. Euclidean Pendant
> 3. Starburst Sputnik Chandelier II
> 4. Perforated Metal Industrial Pendant
> 5. Workstead Brass Pendant
> 6. Cell Tall Pendant Light
> 7. Caviar Adjustable Pendant
> 8. Magica Drum Pendant Light
> 9. Factory 1-Light Pendant

image 1 via Nordic Design // 2 via Apartment 34 // 3 via Zuvier // 4 via Yellowtrace // 5 via Coco Lapine // 6 via Design Milk // 7 via New Zeland Design Blog 

Copy by Editorial Intern Ali Hartwell

Designer’s Take on our Living Room: {Justina Blakeney}

We’re kicking off the week with a peek at our soon-to-be living room! I’m pleased to report construction on our house is picking up. Drywall is about to go in – which means our vision will finally start coming to life. The progress definitely has me dreaming of the final product and how I’m going to furnish it. This week I’m getting pointers on our living room from one of my all time faves – Justina Blakaney. I know this girl can stretch my aesthetic and convince me to consider some decor pieces that are outside my typical modernist comfort zone.

To refresh, here’s what the living room looked like when we found it. Stunning right?! Ha! Those floors are vinyl, the chandelier plastic, the fireplace faux and the ceiling raspberry pink! Good stuff.


But the bones of the room are spectacular. The crown molding, the high ceilings and all the natural light gave us a lot to work with. We decided to simply improve upon them by making the space conducive to modern living. This is our new layout:

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 9.58.53 PM

I wanted the living room to feel open, warm and serve as the hub of the house, so we actually removed a couple of walls, connecting the space to both the kitchen and the den. The new layout creates a fantastic flow. Now it’s just a matter of creating a design that only builds upon that inviting feeling. I know Justina has the perfect pointers to do just that!

Justina’s Designer Take: For this room, I took what I know of Erin’s clean, modern and sophisticated aesthetic, sprinkled in a few pieces from the African continent and some elements that scream the 60’s. The color palette is controlled focusing on earth tones and whites–and of course I had to add in a bit of green because that’s my jungalow vibe :D. For Erin and her growing family, I see a home that is equal parts comfy and chic with a down-to-earth quality to it–because that’s how I see Erin!

OatHome_JC_147928084829e5438240fa026fa1e22038c96e637a8665d97c6999d7abb64432f57Designer'sTake_JustinaBlakeney_LivingRoomGET YOUR SHOP ON:

  1. Sofa
  2. > Chandelier
  3. Coffee table
  4. > PomPom Blanket
  5. Painting
  6. > Sideboard
  7. Pillows
  8. Vases
  9. > Rug
  10. Plant


While I tend to beeline straight for the mid-century modern, Justina offers a great reminder to look out for those unique pieces that will inject some unexpected character into your room. I’m loving the idea of mixing and matching genres and time periods to create a truly collected comfortable space. It really does pay to hold out for that truly perfect piece. While it can be tough for me to be patient, when it comes to designing our house the treasure hunt is going to be half the fun!

Thanks Justina for giving us your Designer’s Take!

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