Today we’ve got a little interruption to gift guide-palooza. Even with all the holiday hoopla, our remodel must go on! It’s been a few weeks since we concluded the One Room Challenge, but work on our house is trucking along. I’ve been focused on our bathrooms of late. We’re going to enjoy a master bath, a guest bath and a little powder room in this house. The designs have now been finalized and the finish work is underway! If you need to catch up, I gave a little sneak peek of my inspiration here.

My goal for our bathrooms was to go big on tile – it’s the perfect way to pay homage to our house’s 140 year old heritage, yet do so with a modern touch. But the sea of tile is vast. Overwhelming to say the least. You can wander big box aisles or head to super expensive showrooms but it’s really hard to know what the heck you’re getting. That’s why I decided to work with San Francisco-based Fireclay Tile. You know I love me a local business! I’m lucky enough that their gorgeous showroom is only blocks away from our loft. It doesn’t get much more local than that.


It made for a great mama-son field trip!


Fireclay’s tile is so beautiful. All tiles are made by hand at Fireclay’s factory in Aromas, CA, using recycled and locally sourced materials (including: curbside recycled bottles, discarded glass, bathtub porcelain and the like. Gotta love that.

While I’d taken the time to gather a ton of bathroom inspiration images, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted our tile to look like. And like I said there are SO many choices. Fireclay offers over 100 colors and 30+ sizes so finding the “perfect” design seemed a tad daunting. Thankfully, Fireclay helps you get exactly what you want from idea to execution. So many options and specifications could seem overwhelming, but that’s where Fireclay’s design consultants come in to streamline the process. You can begin with free samples of literally every tile they make. Then you get to consult a tile expert to help nail down the specifics. They’ll even provide free renderings to help you visualize installation, whether you’re simply adding a backsplash or tiling an entire bathroom. I was lucky enough to get to do my entire consultation in person, but you can do a consultation via email, phone or on their website.


I’m thrilled with how all our designs turned out, but I’m not ready to reveal them just yet. It’s no fun without before and after photos but I’ll give you a one word clue: Ombre.

Any guesses?!

If you’re playing catch up, check out the plans for the house’s media room HERE. And my moodboard for the remodel is HERE!

I realize it’s been a hot second since we provided an update on the remodel of our San Francisco Victorian. That’s because there really hasn’t been much to show or tell for quite a few months now – unless you’re fascinated by plumbing, electrical work or the art of insultation. It’s riveting stuff, let me tell you. If you’ve ever gone through an extensive remodel, I’m sure you can relate. There’s an extended amount of time where it really looks like nothing has happened. But, I’m pleased to report we finally have real progress! There are walls. Rooms are starting to look like actual rooms. Flooring is about to go in. These are major milestones for us. Here are a few sneak peeks!

IMG_1564this taken from our living room looking into what will be our kitchen! We removed two walls to create an open concept space.

IMG_1559 I love the curviture of our staircase. Now I just have to design a banister…

IMG_1557 We’re keeping all the original molding and those killer archways throughout the house.

IMG_1552Looking from the dining room into living room/kitchen. I’m just dreaming of those oak floors being laid. 

Now that all the ugly stuff is done, we’re moving onto the fun – finish work! Think light fixutres, counter tops, cabinet design. I’ve been obsessing about our master bathroom lately. It’s a bit of a holy grail of homeownership after all. We actually took an extra bedroom to create the master suite of my dreams. Here’s what it is going to look like!

All the dream bath ingredients are here. His & Hers vanities. A little room for the toilet to call home. We’ll enjoy the modern revelation called a linen closet. No more shoving towels and sheets where ever the heck I can find space. We’re also creating a dual-headed shower, with a rain showerhead – what I hope will be my tiny oasis from the rest of the world! My goal is to create a spa-like atmosphere. These are a few of the inspiration images I pulled onto my moodboard.


As with most other things in my day-to-day, I’m drawn to a neautral color palette. Natural materials like stones and wood will have a soothing feel. One of the bathroom’s biggest features is going to be the shower. It will be the first thing you see as you walk from the bedroom into the space. At 12″ tall, it’s got to be eye catching!

To create something modern, but also timeless I headed to Fireclay Tile – an amazing San Francisco-based tile maker. Working with their in-house design team, we decided to do a play on the classic subway tile look. To take a modern approach, the shower will feature an oversized version their Edge tile line. The tile is crisp and clean with sharp edges. I love the color Feldspar – it’s just a touch warmer than white and looks gorgeous in a matte finish. You can see the sketch of the final tile design below.


I am so excited to see that oversized subway pattern stretching 12″ tall! We’re also tucking in a teak bench and a hidden products storage cubbie behind the wall. I know California is in a drought but it’s going to be really hard to not spend hours in that shower!


links: white towels, fouta towels, waffle towels, jute basket, petrified wood stool


link: toilet paper holder, towel hanger, toothbrush, candle, container, toilet brush

When it comes to accessories this is where I want to warm up the space with super cozy towels, woven baskets and a natural stump stool. Modern towel racks in black will add a touch of trendiness.

There’s still quite a bit I’m debating. I haven’t nailed down a paint color. I’m also hunting for great bathroom mirrors (any hot tips?!) and have yet to fall in love with a wall sconce. But all in all, it’s coming together! I can actually envision getting ready in this room everyday.

The countdown is on!

A killer lighting situation can complete the look of a space—it’s like the cherry on top of a sundae…the icing on the cake…the cheese on the pizza? Alas, we digress. What we’re trying to get at is that a good light can define a space and serve to add a little bit more dimension to the feel of a room. Not to mention, extra mood lighting is always welcomed, especially when it comes to enhancing the Instagramability of our meals {#priorities}.

If you’re looking for something more dramatic than a basic ceiling light, but less showy than a chandelier, pendant lights are the way to go. The great thing about them is that they’re super versatile—you can hang them over a elegant dining table or use them to create a cozy reading nook. In our favorite metallic hue these guys offer just the right amount of interest for any decor situation!

gold-pendants-9 gold-pendants-1pendant-lights-5pendant-lights-6gold-pendants-10pendant-lights-4pendant-lights-8

It’s hard to go wrong with these pretty pendants—you can go singular and bold or hang multiple smaller options to create the lighting that best fits your needs. Often times, you just need that one glitzy piece to add that touch of glam to a space. We’ve scoured the web and created our own collection of gold pendant light faves!


We love the perforated look of #4. We’ll take two to hang over a long dining table, please! Which would you choose?

Get Your Shop On:

> 1. Bronze Copper Shade Pendant
> 2. Euclidean Pendant
> 3. Starburst Sputnik Chandelier II
> 4. Perforated Metal Industrial Pendant
> 5. Workstead Brass Pendant
> 6. Cell Tall Pendant Light
> 7. Caviar Adjustable Pendant
> 8. Magica Drum Pendant Light
> 9. Factory 1-Light Pendant

image 1 via Nordic Design // 2 via Apartment 34 // 3 via Zuvier // 4 via Yellowtrace // 5 via Coco Lapine // 6 via Design Milk // 7 via New Zeland Design Blog 

Copy by Editorial Intern Ali Hartwell

Here in San Francisco, our dear friend Karl the Fog isn’t shy when it comes to making his appearance this time of year. Just as the months are getting warmer he arrives in full force. It’s a rare thing to look at the horizon and not see an ominous gray blanket slowly creeping through the streets. It’s similar to the way gray hairs are tending to creep out of nowhere on my head – hence, why most people tend to associate the color with BUZZKILL! In spite of all that, we still happen to love the color gray. In fact, as the spaces below illustrate, we’re here to prove goin’ gray has never looked better!

gray-room-inspo-apartment34TDC.Sleepyhead_5307-02grey-inspiration_apartment34 color-coded-grey-apartment34lotta-agaton-interiors_01

We’re obsessed with the moody yet calming look that gray can offer. Whether it be a dark charcoal on walls, soft heather gray on furniture or monochromatic artwork – the spectrum of “gray” is one of the most versatile and inoffensive palettes out there.

By layering your gray tones and mixing your textures you can add lusicious depth and interest to any room. The living room above with its variety of gray textiles and black & white artwork feels cozy and inviting rather than cold. A pop of natural wood also helps warm things up. The bathroom above is a great example of that. The wood vanity, divan and wall mirror contrast with the slate tones beautifully. Are you swooning over it as much as we are??

Whether you apply gray with a light touch or fully commit to the singular color palette, it’s a softer way to play on classic black & white. We say gray, you’re welcome inside of our homes annnytimeee {just stay out of our skies and hair!}.

Do you agree??

image 1 greg cox for elle decoration uk // 2 the design chaser // 4 carolina bak for loft // 5 est magazine // 6 lotta agaton

Whoever said that the lavatory is strictly a place for “business” was WAY off. This highly trafficked room deserves so much more. In a space that tends to be de-prioritized when it comes to decorating, we’re loving the idea of using artwork to elevate typical bathroom decor. In fact, we’d argue that the bathroom is a perfect place to display art! There’s always a “captive” audience, if you know what we mean.


We’re not suggesting you throw down mad cash for an original masterpiece here, but this is the perfect place to get a little experimental and peruse sources like eBay, Etsy or One Kings Lane for something inexpensive and interesting. If you’re really into this idea, you can even go for a mini gallery wall! In the end, it’s a simple way to give the bathroom the attention it deserves. After all, it’s always been there to help us take care of our dirty work.

What sort of interesting decor have you seen or chosen for a bathroom?? We’d love to hear more Ideas to Steal!

Check out our archive of theft-worthy design ideas HERE and more bathroom design ideas HERE!!

image via Oscar V

A new year means it’s the perfect time to give your place a little facelift, am I right?? With all the holiday decor put away, I’m seriously craving an infusion of something fresh. But as I started scanning for inspiration, I was truly surprised by what caught my eye! I’ve never met a beige, black or white space I didn’t like, but all of a sudden I’m loving – COLOR. Maybe brightening up my world a bit wouldn’t be so bad…


The pic above {of designer Diane Bergeron’s Melbourne home should you be interested in more}, is my inspiration. While the mix of multiple hues {red, purple, green, turquoise – oh my!} is a little too over the top and truthfully just too dang feminine for me, the room still draws me in. That’s why I really love the gorgeous apartment below. It showcases how a hit of a signature color can make a major impact. Even an obsessive neutrals devotee such as myself {more proof here!}, might benefit from stretching the color comfort zone a bit.

A-1E-1 J-1 I-1

The secret to this apartment’s success? The foundation of this space is built on white – obviously a fabulous backdrop for color {can we say art gallery?!}. But I particularly love how all the major pieces remain neutral – a creamy white couch, a natural cane chair, gold accented tables and lamps – even black and white art keep the the rooms anchored. I’d be happy with just those details! But I’m loving the burst of energy and life provided by the deep grass green peppered throughout the space. Be it in accent pillows or a really bold shower curtain, the burst of color feels strong and modern. The other great thing? When you stick to adding color through your accessories, they’re easily interchangeable!

While I doubt I’ll be overhauling the loft in a whole new palette, I’m now thinking about what I can do in the new house to inject some unexpected bursts of color here and there. Curtains perhaps? How about painting a mirror frame. A pendent light? Or maybe I’ll get extra bold and get a big ole bright rug…I feel a new pinning spree coming on!!

But what about you? Are you a color-fan or a color-phobe? Is there a hue you’d add to your house right now? Would love some additional ideas!

image 1 via elecchic // images 2-4 via

Most home owners can probably attest to falling victim to this dark hole: dreaming of all the things you can’t afford in your new house- like, universally-coveted marble countertops! Oh, what to give to be able to just trot down to the marble yard, point to the vein-iest Carrara slab they have and say, “that one!”…*wakes up from dream.* While highly impractical dream kitchen will have to wait, luckily there are some marvelous marble accessories to keep one satiated…at least, until you scroll through Pinterest and find yourself staring at inspiration that looks like THIS. Oy.


While marble far as the eye can see might be out of the budget, this marble-esque Clare V. Oversize Metallic Clutch certainly isn’t! Let’s talk about how amazing this super fab marble-topped side table is and let’s talk about the fact that it is ON SALE. Also, if you can’t buy the real thing, we say, faux it with these gorgeously crafted ceramic serving boards. And who else is ob-sessed with this cute gold-plated bar set, atop it’s own adorable marble slab?! Yes, please.


Even if you can’t cover your house in wall-to-wall Carrara, at least you can marvel at a little mable in your life!

Get Your Shop On:

> Waldorf Side Table {on sale for $299!!}
> Pierre Hardy Marbled Slip-Ons
> Grey Ebru Marble Ceramic Serving Board 
> Gold and Marble Barware Set 
> Menu Marble and Copper Candle Holder 
> Eduardo Garza Marble Ring Holder 
> Marble Cotton Fabric Bench
> Marble iPhone Case
> Clare V. Oversize Metallic Clutch 
> Marble Light Pendant


image 1 via In/Out as seen in Belle Magazine // 2 via here // 3 via Menu // 4 via Arkpad

Faye Toogood, a furniture and interiors designer and stylist out of London, has a laundry list of accomplished projects under her belt. Her resume includes design work for crazy-big names like Comme des Garcons and Alexander McQueen. Yet as impressive as that sounds, we can’t help but believe that Toogood’s home has to be her most spectacular achievement of all!

Recently featured in T Magazine, her London flat bridges modern and antique in perfect juxtaposition, making for an incredibly ethereal, airy and collected work of artful design. We’re excited to kick off the 2014 version of our Designer Files series with a space that is just too good to handle! Ha- get it?!


Inside Toogood’s home light dances around the moody blue walls and shadows play against the washed out floors creating the perfect backdrop for her collection of antiques. I love how they never once seem overpowering or cluttered, right? In fact, these old pieces feel incredibly modern in her space and have found their place through what Toogood describes as much “trial and error.”

Toogod readily admits that her styling work is really a matter of arranging and rearranging. When she buys a new piece, what does she do? Rearranges again of course- a girl after our own heart, I’d say! {You can watch a fun time lapsed video of her figuring out a “final” styled look for her mantle here!}


One of our favorite elements in the home is the fluid use of blue. The color blends into the rest of the neutral palette, practically becoming a neutral itself! Despite its calming effect, Toogood has come up with an intriguing recipe of making the hue exciting by varying the shades of the color in each room. The teal painted wardrobe in the bedroom instantly brings an icy lake to mind and the deep blue in the bathroom shocks the senses, leaving no room for lack-of-color lethargy!


Despite our love for the blue, we’re dying {in a good way!} over the simplicity and modernity of the neutral kitchen. Oversized Mutto knobs, normally used to hang clothing and accessories, are reinvented as statement making hardware on Toogood’s Ikea cabinets and with an Ikea hack that good, the kitchen easily takes the cake as our favorite room in the home!

There’s no way we were going to leave looking over these images without feeling inspired by their beauty! The calming grays, creams, whites and blues, the mix of natural and hard edges, the modern and the new all had us dreaming up ways to achieve a similar look:


get the look: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 

First, you must start with those amazing Mutto knobs. Whether you choose to use them as cabinet pulls or not isn’t the point. They’re so impactful on their own and can just as easily make an artsy statement in an entry way or closet, housing your purse or necklaces. Second, the shapes, color and texture of Toogood’s ceramics play a big part in achieving that flea market meets fine china style so we say, stock up on pottery. And last but not least, have fun with different shades of blue from navy-black all the way to a muted grey. You’ll never tire of layering in more blue for that perfectly collected English vibe!

What do you think? A pretty unbelievable house tour, right? You can see Toogood’s entire interview, home, designs and video here.

images via T Magazine // photography by Henry Bourne 

I was blown away when I came across this stunning home in Melbourne designed by Aussie interior design firm, Hecker Guthrie. They have created a simply decorated space, with each piece carefully picked to serve a clear purpose and create a highly focus aesthetic. The home is neutral and minimal yet still manages to have so much character and life to it! It is the ultimate example of spot on back-to-basics design.


My heart skips a beat every time I look at the deeply veined white marble in that kitchen. I love the thickness of the piece and how it wraps around to the floor with the white framing creating so much interest. I’m dying over the minimal iron and leather stools that compliment the white so well. And I love the idea of styling a floor to ceiling glass cabinet with live plants. It’s such an organic and lively feature that breaks up all of the hard edges and industrial feel, bringing life {literally} into the kitchen!


In the living space, your eye seamlessly transitions from the eating area to the outdoors that have been landscaped to perfection. Since the room is full of organic and natural colors and textures, it feels like the outside is just one big extension of the inside, or vice versa. The shape of the windows that carry up overhead make you feel like you’re dining in a glorious greenhouse!


Again with the marble! I love when homes have a continuous theme, whether that be color palette or use of materials that are repeated throughout the rooms. In the bathroom, we see a black pendant similar to the one in the bar area and a black faucet mimicking the one in the kitchen. The small design choices don’t go unnoticed: the painting in the place where a mirror would traditionally hang? Brilliant.


Isn’t this home just delicious? There isn’t a lot of distraction, yet your eye keeps bouncing from one beautiful thing to another. So much so, that I’m wondering if I missed something! I can’t get over that marble island.

What was your favorite design element?

images via Hecker Guthrie // photography by Armelle Habib

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