Dress Up Your Bar with our Top 10 Bottle Openers

Now that Dry-January is long behind you, it’s high time to start thinking about sprucing up your bar for spring! Now’s the perfect time to replenish your favorite spirits, start thinking about flavor profiles you might want to try and of course add fresh touches to your bar! A good lookin’ bar is pretty much an essential these days. That’s why it’s so important to display only the best accessories!


Whether it’s on a tray in your dining room or on a classic bar cart, the ultimate set-up can be as beautiful as it is functional – you just need the perfect tools. We’re currently coveting a chic bottle opener! It’s the perfect little detail that’ll take your bar space from everyday to extra special. We’ve rounded up the internet’s ten best and most beautiful bottle openers! Betcha can’t pick just one!


> Brass Hexagon Bottle Opener by Ferm Living
> Small Cast Iron Japanese Bottle Opener by Nobuho Miya
> Crest Brass Bottle Opener by Fort Standard
> Frame Japanese Brass Bottle Opener by Futagami
> Wood + Brass Bottle Opener by Chris Earl 
> Crown 1 Brass Bottle Opener by Fort Standard
> Large Cast Iron Japanese Bottle Opener by Nobuho Miya
> Brass + Leather Bottle Opener by Alexander Wang
> Brass Japanese Bottle Opener
> Brass Arc Bottle Opener by Tom Dixon

Which one are you wishing to add to your bar collection? You really can’t go wrong- any one of these bottle openers is a stunner!

Looking for additional bar accessories? These are some more of our current faves!

image 1 via The Classy Issue // image 2 via Honestly WTF 

Holiday Shopping for The Cute Cook in Your Life

Unless you’ve been living under an online rock, you’re probably very familiar with the amazingness that is Sarah Sherman Samuel. Not only is she the founder of the {gorgeous!} inspirational blog, Smitten Studio, she also has a enviable eye for design {have you seen her house AND her cabin on Instagram?! Swoon} and is the owner and creative director behind her decor brand, A Sunny Afternoon. Known for her super chic cutting boards and printed napkins, anything Sarah touches is gold which is why, when we were thinking of something kitchen related for our Holiday Boutique, she immediately sprang to mind!


We worked with Sarah to create a custom two-toned  board out of a gorgeous maple and walnut – just for us! When we said we wanted a fun shape with a simple and timeless detail we had no idea just how spot on she was going to nail this one. We’re obsessed with the unique octagonal design and the color blocked effect. It looks gorgeous styled on a shelf next to your display of pretties; ceramics collection, candlesticks or plates would all be lovely. It will also add an extra oomph of design flare to your next dinner party- place your favorite cheese on it and bam, you’ve made a statement.


And the cutest part? Sarah works with her dad on these- sawing, sanding and staining each by hand. You can feel the love in each board, making it the THE gift for someone you adore this holiday season.

Ok, you really don’t have to buy this serving board for the cute cook in your life. You can buy it for yourself {shhh! we won’t tell anybody. we did it too!}. We’re certain, kitchen lover or not, if you at all enjoy the pretty things in life, you’ll die over this limited edition {there’s only 25!!} board. It’s the perfect addition to your collection of items that will last you a lifetime!

original photography for Apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick // image 1 c/o Sarah Sherman Samuel 

Marble: So Cool It’s White Hot!

Most home owners can probably attest to falling victim to this dark hole: dreaming of all the things you can’t afford in your new house- like, universally-coveted marble countertops! Oh, what to give to be able to just trot down to the marble yard, point to the vein-iest Carrara slab they have and say, “that one!”…*wakes up from dream.* While highly impractical dream kitchen will have to wait, luckily there are some marvelous marble accessories to keep one satiated…at least, until you scroll through Pinterest and find yourself staring at inspiration that looks like THIS. Oy.


While marble far as the eye can see might be out of the budget, this marble-esque Clare V. Oversize Metallic Clutch certainly isn’t! Let’s talk about how amazing this super fab marble-topped side table is and let’s talk about the fact that it is ON SALE. Also, if you can’t buy the real thing, we say, faux it with these gorgeously crafted ceramic serving boards. And who else is ob-sessed with this cute gold-plated bar set, atop it’s own adorable marble slab?! Yes, please.


Even if you can’t cover your house in wall-to-wall Carrara, at least you can marvel at a little mable in your life!

Get Your Shop On:

> Waldorf Side Table {on sale for $299!!}
> Pierre Hardy Marbled Slip-Ons
> Grey Ebru Marble Ceramic Serving Board 
> Gold and Marble Barware Set 
> Menu Marble and Copper Candle Holder 
> Eduardo Garza Marble Ring Holder 
> Marble Cotton Fabric Bench
> Marble iPhone Case
> Clare V. Oversize Metallic Clutch 
> Marble Light Pendant


image 1 via In/Out as seen in Belle Magazine // 2 via here // 3 via Menu // 4 via Arkpad